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Technology news around the world - Week 15, 2019

Why contextual commerce is retail's future now?

By Corporate Apr 19, 2019

Technology news around the world - Week 14, 2019

Global e-commerce sales grow 18% in 2018

By Corporate Apr 12, 2019

AI and ML for Leaders

In today’s blindingly fast world of digital innovation and data driven economy, it is imperative for every organization (irrespective of size) to become AI ...

By Devendra Deshmukh Apr 09, 2019

Convergence of AI and Blockchain

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been the most powerful technology which has fascinated a lot of people with its extensive capabilities. Blockchain, a new ...

By Yash Agrawal Apr 08, 2019

Technology stories handpicked for you- Week 13, 2019

How cloud computing is about to change in 2019

By Corporate Apr 05, 2019

Patient records digitization with Machine Learning

As computing power and technologies related to infrastructure are advancing – allowing users to handle the larger volume, velocity, and variety of datasets, ...

By Yash Agrawal Apr 04, 2019

Tech news doing the rounds- Week 12, 2019

Ensuring virtual machine security in cloud computing

By Corporate Mar 29, 2019

Technology stories around the world- Week 11, 2019

Edge Computing: Saving the Cloud from ephemeral data

By Corporate Mar 22, 2019

Creating outcome based transformative and disruptive technology solutions for the future

Change is the only constant and it inspires us to constantly move forward. We seek change—reimagine opportunities for businesses and societies to flourish ...

By Devendra Deshmukh Mar 19, 2019

Technology news around the world - Week 10, 2019

Cloud computing: Why Microsoft's open source data plan is a big step forward

Microsoft's RTL contributions move the Open Compute Project from servers and ...

By Corporate Mar 15, 2019

Technology news around the world - Week 09, 2019

Demystifying the multi-cloud strategy: The key steps organizations need to take today

The cloud industry is moving at lightning speed, with enterprise ...

By Corporate Mar 08, 2019

Tech stories handpicked for you - Week 08, 2019

How cloud computing will transform 2019?

By Corporate Mar 01, 2019

Hoisting in JavaScript

Generally, we all have heard of the term ‘hoisting’ with reference to flag hoisting.

By Ajit Sakhare Feb 26, 2019

Custom mobile platform to optimize sales operation cycle

Managing an end to end sales operation cycle has become one of the critical tasks in the present era. This could be one of the major challenges ...

By Aditya Dharmadhikari Feb 19, 2019

Digital Transformation trends in Healthcare 2019

Healthcare and technology are among the most crucial areas of human importance, and hence with each passing year, Healthcare is experiencing a huge shift ...

By Devendra Deshmukh Feb 18, 2019

Technology news around the world - Week 07, 2019

IBM marries on-premises, private- and public-cloud data

IBM is introducing Cloud Integration Platform so customers can better integrate data securely no ...

By Corporate Feb 15, 2019

The new-age term m-commerce and why it matters?

And when we say m-commerce, this is what it implies mobile commerce or m-commerce — a monetary transaction completed using a mobile device to buy any form ...

By Amol Pande Feb 14, 2019

Connecting Windows host to Ansible Engine

Ansible is a very useful tool. It is an open source IT configuration management, orchestration and deployment tool. It is better than Chef and Puppet as it ...

By Surbhi Agarwal Feb 13, 2019

How to apply .NET applications on all platforms?

What is your recommendation on developing an application using Microsoft platform, which is open source, supports cross-platform and is cost-effective?

By Sachin Katkar Feb 12, 2019

How to deploy Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)?

There are several commonly used DevOps tools and Kubernetes is one of them. Kubernetes is a portable, extensible open-source platform for managing ...

By Surbhi Agarwal Feb 12, 2019

Technology news around the world - Week 06, 2019

Edge Computing: Saving the Cloud from ephemeral data

Edge computing is rapidly gaining momentum. Last week’s Linux Foundation news on the launch of LF ...

By Corporate Feb 08, 2019

Overcoming the key challenges to your B2B e-commerce success

The technology behind e-commerce changed the way companies and consumers engage and do business. It's time for B2B companies to take the big leap forward ...

By Mandar Thosar Feb 07, 2019

How to enable SMS alerts in Nagios using AWS SNS

Nagios is a powerful management and monitoring system. It helps in identifying the IT infrastructure problems. It also helps in resolving the problems ...

By Anagha Thorat Feb 06, 2019

Technology news around the world - Week 05, 2019

Avoiding Cloud security threats

Enterprises across the globe are moving critical data workloads to the cloud. Businesses today are aware of the multiple ...

By Corporate Feb 01, 2019

PowerShell Script for migrating Azure Classic to Azure Resource Manager

First, install the latest version of Azure PowerShell. Ensure that you are an administrator for the subscription in Azure portal: To perform this migration, ...

By Surbhi Agarwal Feb 01, 2019

Retail and e-commerce trends to look for in 2019

We should be grateful for the opportunity of easy access to the internet and to the popularity and widespread adoption of the smartphone! What used to take ...

By Amol Pande Jan 31, 2019

Technology news around the world - Week 04, 2019

Global e-commerce sales grow 18% in 2018

Global e-commerce grew at a faster clip last year - 18.0% - than online sales in the more saturated US market, ...

By Corporate Jan 25, 2019

Technology news around the world - Week 03, 2019

Four ways in which cloud computing services are transforming small and medium enterprises  

With the advent of technology in the business world came a ...

By Corporate Jan 18, 2019

Data-driven agriculture for efficiency and yield

Modern agriculture has long been technology-driven. However, explosive population growth and relatively very less new land coming under cultivation will ...

By Girish Chandra Jan 17, 2019

Custom code to increase performance for retrieval of SharePoint large lists or libraries

SharePoint is no doubt one of the most trusted and a popular platform by Microsoft. From being a small list document management application, it has grown into ...

By Seshadri Tungala Jan 16, 2019

Technology news around the world - Week 02, 2019

Digital commerce and the changing trends in the Healthcare industry

Digital technology has changed how consumers shop for prescription drugs, healthcare ...

By Corporate Jan 11, 2019

How to simulate network bandwidth in JMeter?

The rise of the smartphone and easy connectivity to the internet has made access to information easier with most of them accessing websites and web ...

By Kishore Bhamare Jan 07, 2019

Tech stories handpicked for you- Week 01, 2019

Conversion rate - The most important e-commerce metric for B2B sellers

Conversion rate or the number of visitors to a website that become actual online ...

By Corporate Jan 04, 2019

Tech news doing the rounds - Week 52, 2018

Embrace the next wave of M-commerceToday, both mobile web and mobile apps are thought of as the ‘connective tissue’ between online and in-store ...

By Corporate Dec 28, 2018

Going from Raw Data to Graphical Dashboard

In this blog, I want to share my little experience with D3.js and DC.js.Let's start with D3.js.D3.js – Data-Driven DocumentsD3.js is a JavaScript library ...

By Dhevendhiran M Dec 27, 2018

Building modern intranet on SharePoint in Office 365

In any organization regardless of small scale or large scale, collaboration is a key aspect of its growth. Industry leaders always look for collaboration ...

By Sachin Katkar Dec 27, 2018

Technology stories that are worth- Week 51, 2018

AI is vital to revenue growth for digital commerce firmsDigital commerce is fertile ground for AI technologies, thanks to an abundance of multidimensional ...

By Corporate Dec 21, 2018

Building scalable and efficient data driven apps using Azure Cosmos DB

Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB (formerly known by Document DB) is Microsoft’s globally distributed multi-model database service. It is purely Platform as a ...

By Vikram Pendse Dec 17, 2018

Top Digital Transformation Trends for 2019 and Beyond

Right from the time, leading global research firms unveiled top technology trends for 2019, our team of technology experts has been busy predicting which of ...

By Devendra Deshmukh Dec 17, 2018

Tech news doing the rounds - Week 50, 2018

Personalizing the e-commerce buying experience

In 2017, B2C digital commerce accounted for $2.3 trillion in global sales. B2B e-commerce topped $7.1 ...

By Corporate Dec 14, 2018

Export Data from SQL Server to Azure Based Snowflake

The data export process can broadly be divided into 2 steps:Step 1: Export the data from SQL Server to Azure BlobStep 2: Bulk load the data from Azure Blob ...

By Nitin Gupta Dec 11, 2018

How I built my first Blockchain application

In this blog, I will share with you how you can build a simple blockchain application. But before that let’s get an idea about what is blockchain and one of ...

By Mohammad Ansari Dec 10, 2018

Tech news doing the rounds- Week 49, 2018

Why web design is important to online retailers' success?Few factors affect an online retailers’ e-Commerce sales more than the design of its retail ...

By Corporate Dec 07, 2018

Building a Skype for Business bot with Microsoft Bot Framework and LUIS

With the steady growth of chatbots, platforms like Skype, Facebook, Kik, Line etc. have all started supporting chatbots. The launch of the Microsoft Bot ...

By Anuj Singh Dec 05, 2018

Tech Stories Handpicked for you- Week 48, 2018

5 e-commerce technology trends that will shape the futureThe growth of e-commerce is expected as more consumers are shopping and making purchases online. ...

By Corporate Nov 30, 2018

Visualization of the time series data using Grafana

The organizations that can take quick decisions have the potential to lead the industry. The decision-making ability of the organization is highly impacted ...

By Anuja Vyavahare Nov 29, 2018

Working with Python for Streaming Music from YouTube

Python is a high-level interpreted language used for general purpose programming. It is not just limited for general purpose programming but it can also be ...

By Rajat Agarwal Nov 29, 2018

Integrating Hubspot and Custom ERP using SiddhiQL

What is Hubspot? Hubspot is a CRM tool for use by marketing and sales departments, which track and manage interactions between a company and its customers. ...

By Pranav Shah Nov 28, 2018

Integrating Magento with Marketo

What is Marketo? Marketo is a great marketing automation platform as we know. It is founded by Phillip M. Fernandez, David Morandi, Jon Miller. It focuses ...

By Rajesh Rathod Nov 28, 2018

Azure AzCopy- A very helpful tool

Azure is a leading cloud provider and it has many offerings that are very useful for ISVs and enterprises. Amongst the pool of useful tools, AzCopy is one ...

By Surbhi Agarwal Nov 27, 2018

How to read special characters from CSV in JMeter?

In performance testing, you may come across a scenario where you want to read data from CSV file and post that data in HTTP request which contains any of the ...

By Kishore Bhamare Nov 26, 2018

Tech Stories Handpicked for you- Week 47, 2018

Digital commerce growth opportunitiesThe most successful digital commerce companies over the next decade will be those best able to streamline the path to ...

By Corporate Nov 23, 2018

Just-in-Time Cloud Resources

To date, there exists many methods to schedule the start and stop of cloud resources for an application. If it can be known when an application is used and ...

By Sneha Sajjan Nov 22, 2018

How to upload images in JMeter?

In performance testing scenarios, you might come up with image file uploading-downloading functionality in any web application. In this blog, I will explain ...

By Kishore Bhamare Nov 21, 2018

Magento 2: Module Code Generation with Pestle

What is Pestle?The Pestle is a new PHP (5.6+) framework for creating and organizing PHP programs into Python like libraries of functions. Currently, Pestle ...

By Makarand Uparwat Nov 20, 2018

Global Day of Coderetreat 2018 at e-Zest: It was a Day of Diversity and Development

It was Saturday morning, not a very ideal time to force yourself out of your coding comfort zone and absorb in the day full of learning. Yet, 30 passionate ...

By Corporate Nov 19, 2018

Technology stories around the world- Week 46, 2018

How digital commerce is transforming the food industry?A leading US food-service distributor says 55% of its independent restaurant customers order from it ...

By Corporate Nov 16, 2018

Custom Sessions in Magento 2

Sessions play an important role in enhancing the user experience and they also help gather vital stats about the user visits. In simplistic language, the ...

By Pooja Pardeshi Nov 15, 2018

Install Docker on AWS EC2 (Ubuntu 16.04)

Docker is a program that can implement a virtualization on your machine and you can pull any image of Operating System and launch that very light weight ...

By Amit Tidke Nov 14, 2018

Technology stories that are worth- Week 45, 2018

AI is vital to revenue growth for digital commerce firmsDigital commerce is fertile ground for AI technologies, thanks to an abundance of multidimensional ...

By Corporate Nov 09, 2018

Creating your own Alexa skillset is quite exciting

The digital devices and gadgets are becoming more and more inseparable part of our lives these days. There could be several reasons to explain this high ...

By Yash Agrawal Nov 05, 2018

Tech Stories Making the Rounds- Week 44, 2018

What's hot in Digital Commerce?By 2022, at least 5% of online orders will be predicted and initiated by artificial intelligence, according to Gartner. AI ...

By Corporate Nov 02, 2018

Magento 2 - How to display CMS block in Checkout Sidebar

Using CMS blocks, site administrator can easily manipulate content of the vendor. CMS blocks can be used to display promotional banners, sale blocks, return ...

By Sejal Shah Nov 01, 2018

Installing and setting HDFS cluster through Ambari

Apache Ambari is an open source management tool/platform for managing, provisioning, securing and monitoring the Hadoop Cluster. It also allows to install ...

By Anagha Thorat Oct 31, 2018

Technology stories- Week 43, 2018

e-Commerce and the race for voice searchSmart speakers are presenting new opportunities for voice search. Since the market is still fresh, this is the right ...

By Corporate Oct 26, 2018

Page Object Model in Selenium

While writing automated scripts for our project, as a beginner in the Automation testing, I realized the ease of writing test scripts in POM structure. In this ...

By Kaveri Solapure Oct 24, 2018

#HackathonPune continues to inspire coders in its third-year

e-Zest and Fresco Capital took up the challenge of bringing together 71 teams of coders from around the country to code on the theme ‘Blockchain for Good’ ...

By Corporate Oct 23, 2018

Magento 2 Static Code Analysis

Quality of code plays an important role in application’s security, stability, and maintainability. There are different tools available to test the code ...

By Pravin Patil Oct 22, 2018

Technology news around the world - Week 42, 2018

10 trends will impact the future of Digital CommerceInnovations in customer experience, business models and technology will transform digital commerce in ...

By Corporate Oct 19, 2018

Maintaining Code in GIT

GIT has been the primary choice of version control system for a long time, and it should be, because of how the GIT system is designed to track changes and ...

By Sarang Bhantar Oct 19, 2018

Code validations using static-review library in Magento

Introduction:Magento2 comes up with some advance tools and plugins, which are really useful for developers to track some common errors during development; I am ...

By Shubh Sharma Oct 19, 2018

BlueFoot CMS Page Builder for Magento 2

Since Magento acquired the technology behind the BlueFoot CMS and Page Builder module it has made the BlueFoot CMS a core part of the Magento platform to ...

By Rohit Gupta Oct 17, 2018

How to create, attach, and mount a disk to Linux VM (Microsoft Azure)

Virtual Machine helps you to not only run several of your applications but it also gives you the liberty to allocate the storage of your choice to store your ...

By Sourabh Majali Oct 17, 2018

#HackathonPune 2018

The season three of #HackathonPune was all about building something that unleashes the limitless potential of people and organizations for the good of the ...

By Corporate Oct 13, 2018

Blueprint to winning #HackathonPune

With just two days to go, I am sure you are wondering what you need to do to prepare. Let me help you.

By Girish Chandra Oct 11, 2018

Blockchain for HR

In general, when we talk about blockchain, it is always associated with Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. Besides being the backbone of the world’s ...

By Sakshi Koul Oct 10, 2018

Working on LESS with Different Compilation Modes in Magento 2

OverviewMagento 2 includes LESS which stands for Leaner Style Sheets. LESS is a dynamic pre-processor style language used to extend the traditional style ...

By Rohit Gupta Oct 09, 2018

Ready-to-use steps to analyze the KPIs with Google Analytics data

If you run an online business, you need to continuously evaluate its performance to understand whether you are progressing in line with the revenue goal. ...

By Mandar Datar Oct 06, 2018

Tech Stories Handpicked for you- Week 40, 2018

Blockchain Hackathon in Punee-Zest in association with Fresco Capital is organizing an all-Blockchain 24-hours hackathon in Pune on October 13th.  Here's ...

By Corporate Oct 05, 2018

Magento 2- Integration tests with PHP unit

Magento 2 provides different types of PHPUnit tests.

  • Unit tests
  • Functional tests
  • Integration tests

By Kailash Lambe Oct 04, 2018

24-Hours Hackathon devoted to Blockchain for Good

{% video_player "embed_player" overrideable=False, type='scriptV4', hide_playlist=True, viral_sharing=False, embed_button=False, width='1920', height='1080', ...

By Girish Chandra Oct 04, 2018

KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) one can’t ignore to charge Magento performance

In the last blog we discussed the various aspects of e-commerce KPI metrics and why following the outward-driven-customer-centric approach is advantageous ...

By Mandar Datar Oct 04, 2018

What is Magento Business Intelligence and why you need it?

Recently Magento has come up with a new feature Magento Business Intelligence (aka Magento BI). In this blog post, I will run you through some of the most ...

By Shubh Sharma Oct 03, 2018

Magento 2 - How to add product's custom attribute to checkout summary

Adding custom attributes to Magento 2 Checkout is a complex task since the whole checkout is built up from a series of KnockoutJS components, which are then ...

By Sejal Shah Oct 01, 2018

Why e-commerce KPI should be outward driven and not inward?

To identify the metrics that help your online business grow is the key to improve your business and marketing decisions. Measuring those KPIs (Key ...

By Mandar Datar Oct 01, 2018

Nagios Continuous Monitoring Tool

Monitoring of the server is very important to save your project environment from any problems. It becomes the basic need to ensure that systems, ...

By Surbhi Agarwal Oct 01, 2018

Penetration Testing in Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure, one of the leading cloud platforms, offers individual customers, startups and large enterprises an easy way to manage and deploy applications ...

By Vikram Pendse Sep 30, 2018

Tracking Magento 2 backend orders in Google Analytics using Measurement Protocol

e-Commerce tracking is of immense importance and a significant number of merchants use Google Analytics for tracking all the transactions or order details. ...

By Sarang Bhantar Sep 29, 2018

Tech stories handpicked for you- Week 39, 2018

e-Commerce and the race for voice searchSmart speakers are presenting new opportunities for voice search. Since the market is still fresh, this is the right ...

By Corporate Sep 28, 2018

Digital Commerce in Healthcare

Successful digitization of consumer goods sale has brought in new avenues in healthcare e-commerce space which has been rather a closed market space and ...

By Abhinav Gupta Sep 28, 2018

How to setup Google Tag Manager or Google Analytics in Magento 2?

What is GTM (Google Tag Manager)? Google Tag Manager is a tag management system that allows you to quickly and easily update tags and code snippets on your ...

By Rajesh Rathod Sep 27, 2018

Hack the Blockchain at #HackathonPune 2018

India's first pure-blockchain hackathon eventThe third edition of #HackathonPune is set to take place in Pune on October 13. The event is being co-hosted by ...

By Corporate Sep 26, 2018

Reviews in Software Development Life Cycle

Review plays an important role in all the phases of SDLC cycle. It helps in minimizing the issues/defects in a particular phase and even in a subsequent ...

By Amit Mangrulkar Sep 26, 2018

e-Zest Mentioned in Gartner Digital Commerce Vendor Guide 2018

e-Zest Solutions, a leading digital innovation and technology services company specializing in Digital Transformation, announced that it has been recognized as ...

By Corporate Sep 25, 2018

Magento 2 Pipeline Deployment with minimum downtime

Magento 2.2.x has introduced a new way of deployment process called "Pipeline Deployment". Magento has recommended this deployment process for large sites ...

By Pravin Patil Sep 25, 2018

Tech Stories Making the Rounds- Week 38, 2018

Combining Blockchain with other technologiesThe Blockchain can seemingly accomplish the impossible by providing solutions to long-standing cyber-security ...

By Corporate Sep 21, 2018

What’s New in Apache JMeter 5.0?

A new Apache JMeter version has been released today, September 21, 2018 - version 5.0 (Revision: r1841526). 5.0 version has many impactful changes to user ...

By Kishore Bhamare Sep 21, 2018

phpDocumentor in Magento 2

What is phpDocumentor? PHPDoc is open source documentation generator written in PHP language. It automatically parses PHP source code and generates ...

By Darshan Khatri Sep 18, 2018

Magento 2- Create modules with composer

What is Composer? Why it is required? Composer is an application level package-manager for PHP and Magento 2. It provides a standard format to manage ...

By Yash Kothari Sep 17, 2018

Tech stories handpicked for you- Week 37, 2018

Deploying BlockchainAccording to Gartner 82% of use cases for blockchain were in the financial industry in 2017, but 2018 has seen a broadening out of use ...

By Corporate Sep 14, 2018

What is Headless Commerce and why it is growing in popularity?

“Headless Magento” is where front end and back end of a commerce platform is de-coupled that stand independently of one another, separating content ...

By Amar Dhuri Sep 14, 2018

Why E-commerce and Cloud go hand in hand?

An e-commerce business depends hugely on the data of its customers spread across the globe. Keeping the customers’ data safe and secure is hence the top ...

By Corporate Sep 13, 2018

Tech Stories making the rounds

Amazon uses its e-Commerce influence to transform Healthcare As Amazon enters healthcare for the second time, it brings several new strengths to the table. ...

By Corporate Sep 08, 2018

Delivering Omni-Channel Customer Experience with Magento

Organizations aspiring to either step into the world of omni-channel or transform their existing multi-channel into unified commerce should choose the right ...

By Sarang Bhantar Sep 06, 2018

Data Lake Archiving: On-premise vs the Cloud?

This is the stage of inquiry where most enterprises spend significant time - to choose the strategy which is best for their business. Building a Data Lake ...

By Corporate Sep 04, 2018

Actionable Business Insights — The Genesis of Archiving

Advances in computing and the advent of big data coupled with social media and many other communication platforms are generating an unprecedented volume of ...

By Corporate Sep 04, 2018

Omni-Channel vs Multi-Channel

When it comes to the world of commerce, omni-channel and multi-channel are the reigning buzzwords. In other words, while omni-channel and multi-channel are ...

By Sarang Bhantar Sep 03, 2018

Tech stories handpicked for you- Week 35, 2018

Survival of the fittest e-CommerceWith customer expectations rising, and cutthroat competition e-Commerce sites should be concerned. Let's find out how ...

By Corporate Aug 31, 2018

Tech Highlights - Week 34, 2018

Mobile Phones to be a major driver for e-Commerce
Online shopping has gained momentum thanks to many apps created to make shopping from homes and ...

By Corporate Aug 24, 2018

CSR Initiative: Making Healthcare Accessible through Telemedicine

e-Zest Solutions along with Neurosynaptic Communications have taken an initiative to provide quality healthcare to the The Bottom of the Pyramid (BOP) ...

By Corporate Aug 21, 2018

Tech news doing the rounds- Week 33, 2018

The global distribution of e-commerceEven though e-commerce is expected to become huge, outpacing sales through retail outlets like supermarkets, ...

By Corporate Aug 17, 2018

Being of age and commencing our digital adulthood

We have turned 18, and adulthood has commenced. We took a whole week to celebrate this milestone, to appreciate our team members and everyone else who ...

By Corporate Aug 13, 2018

Technology stories handpicked for you - Week 32, 2018

Shopping from the palm of your handThe future of retail isn’t e-commerce or omnichannel or pop-up shops. The future of retail is palm-sized. As social media ...

By Corporate Aug 10, 2018

Technology news around the world - Week 31, 2018

Growing e-Commerce trends in Latin AmericaLatin America’s bourgeois has doubled in size over the last ten years and the region is home to some of the ...

By Corporate Aug 03, 2018

Technology stories that are worth - Week 30, 2018

e-Commerce getting trendyAccording to a 2018 Internet Trends Report, online shopping makes up 13% of retail sales worldwide. Although e-commerce has ...

By Corporate Jul 27, 2018

Tech stories handpicked for you- Week 29, 2018

How technology is changing e-commerce?Shopping from home is more convenient than ever because of technological advancements and customer demands. ...

By Corporate Jul 20, 2018

Transforming Multi-channel to Unified Commerce

As per the recent Gartner's report, more than 50% of digital enterprises both B2B and B2C hold the ultimate responsibility for digital commerce to enable ...

By Devendra Deshmukh Jul 16, 2018

Tech news doing the rounds- Week 28

Your customers will determine the future of retailTechnology has reshaped the face of global retail. With billions of people spending more time online each ...

By Corporate Jul 13, 2018

Inspire-Ready at Microsoft’s annual partner conference of the year

My favourite time of the year is soon approaching and no it’s not ringing Christmas bells yet! For a chief evangelist of a technology company, conferences ...

By Girish Chandra Jul 09, 2018

Technology news around the globe - Week 27, 2018

Seven ways Big Data is influencing e-Commerce e-Commerce is based on huge volumes of information that would be impossible to analyze without help from big ...

By Corporate Jul 06, 2018

OSSEC-HIDS Installation & Configuration on Amazon EC2 Instance

OSSEC (Open Source HIDS SEcurity) is a host-based intrusion detection system. OSSEC actively monitors all aspects of Unix/Windows systems activity with file ...

By Serendra Birari Jul 06, 2018

Install and configure Jenkins in CentOS 6.8

What is Jenkins? In DevOps, continuous integration is very important where the developer merge their code into a central repository several times after ...

By Surbhi Agarwal Jul 05, 2018

Technology stories handpicked for you- Week 26, 2018

Shopping from the palm of your handThe future of retail isn’t e-commerce or omnichannel or pop-up shops. The future of retail is palm-sized. As social media ...

By Corporate Jun 29, 2018

Innovation stories making headlines

Is your e-Commerce compliant with PCI DSS revisions?e-Commerce has always been a target for swift cyber theft. You may not even realize that your technology ...

By Corporate Jun 22, 2018

Processing and Analyzing an IOT data with Azure Stream Analytics

In the era of digital transformation we have to deal with ample amount of data originating from various sensors/IOT devices, which in turn actually makes it ...

By Prasad Kulkarni Jun 22, 2018

Managing your future with a Technology Partner

This blog is meant to be an abridged guide to help you pick the right technology management partner. It is a no-brainer that digital is the way to go. Yet, ...

By Mariam Abuhaideri Jun 22, 2018

ASP.NET Core App using EF Core and SQLite database

INTRODUCTIONThe tutorial covers a basic example of how to build a simple API in ASP.NET Core using Entity Framework Core and SQLite as the database ...

By Md Shahzad Adil Jun 19, 2018

Taking your sensor’s data to AZURE IoT hub

Internet Of Things aka IOT is gaining its popularity ever since its inception as we can see. Everything is being IOTized now in order to centralize and ...

By Prasad Kulkarni Jun 18, 2018

Tech Stories Handpicked for you- Week 24, 2018

eCommerce can thrive without electricityWith rugged terrain, limited access to electricity and poor internet connection, Papua New Guinea faces challenges ...

By Corporate Jun 15, 2018

Is your e-Commerce compliant with PCI DSS revisions?

e-Commerce has always been a target for swift cyber theft. You may not even realize that your technology has been compromised by cybercriminals, until after ...

By Mariam Abuhaideri Jun 14, 2018

Three days of Microsoft OpenHack data and IoT

It is always an honor and great experience when we participate in a Microsoft event. Recently my colleague, Prasad and I from our office got an opportunity ...

By Pramod Farate Jun 13, 2018

e-Zest Solutions Becomes Oracle Gold Level Partner

e-Zest, a leading digital innovation partner for enterprises and technology companies, today broadcasted that it has attained the Gold Partner status in Oracle ...

By Corporate Jun 12, 2018

Microsoft organized App Innovation Workshops at e-Zest

It’s always a full house when Microsoft organizes workshops. e-Zest collaborated with Microsoft and Pune User Group (PUG) as a partner for the App ...

By Corporate Jun 11, 2018

Tech Digest Week 23


By Corporate Jun 08, 2018

GitHub acquisition: A tectonic shift in the global IT industry

Microsoft’s GitHub acquisition deal worth $7.5 billion is a groundbreaking shift in the global IT industry. Microsoft executives have confirmed that GitHub ...

By Rashmi Gupta Jun 07, 2018

Technology stories handpicked for you- Week 22, 2018

New PCI compliance requirements. Is your e-Commerce business ready?With June 30 rapidly approaching, it is time to start migrating to TSL 1.1 or 1.2. If you ...

By Corporate Jun 01, 2018

Build a ChatBot with Microsoft BOT framework and LUIS

The evolving Microsoft technologies are encouraging the developers to extend their ideas, scope of the BOT developing with BOT Framework SDK. While ...

By Alhad Alsi May 29, 2018

Blockchain and IoT form a formidable team

The security, identity, interactions, and transactions are fundamentals for any modern software application today. Incidentally, they form the core of ...

By Sneha May 28, 2018

Technology stories that are worth - Week 21, 2018

Get ready for e-CommerceThe bottom line is that retail is moving online, but simply investing in e-commerce will not offer brands respite from competition. ...

By Corporate May 25, 2018

The paradigm shift from manual to intelligent digital marketing

We live in innovative times where we do not attribute creativity only to the artist. In today’s times, every profession demands creative people and methods. ...

By Mariam Abuhaideri May 25, 2018

The complete round-up of SharePoint Server 2019

When SharePoint 2019 was first announced at Ignite last year, Microsoft didn't share many details with its curious followers. All that most of us have known ...

By Vikram Pendse May 24, 2018

Adobe buying Magento Cloud: What's in it for enterprises and developers?

One news that is making heads turn today is 'Adobe To Aquire Magento Commerce For $1.68B'. The Adobe stakeholders have liked this news as the gains are ...

By Ashish Gupta May 22, 2018

In the middle of the digital commerce wave

By the end of 2017, some thousands of brick-and-mortar stores were set to shutter, a number far greater than 2016. Comprised all categories surpassing the ...

By Sneha May 22, 2018

Highlights from App Innovation Workshop on Cloud

We kicked off the App Innovation Workshop series sponsored by Microsoft last Friday at the premises of e-Zest with a workshop on Cloud. Subject matter ...

By Corporate May 21, 2018

Technology news around the globe - Week 20, 2018

How to use AI in your eCommerce businessThis article lists practical ways that retail businesses are using AI in the world of online shopping.From the ...

By Corporate May 18, 2018

Role of Big Data in driving effective Employee Engagement

A significant number of HR professionals do not have a clear understanding of what big data is nor have much knowledge of its importance. They are clueless ...

By Sakshi Koul May 18, 2018

Basic Rundeck installation on EC2 Instance and configuration of nodes

Rundeck:Rundeck is open source software which helps you to automate operations on different environments. Rundeck have some features to reduce your time ...

By Mayur Pawar May 15, 2018

Tech Stories Handpicked for you- Week 19, 2018

Bring the power of Cloud into your data centerThough cloud is now considered a business imperative, some organisations are still holding back, trying to ...

By Corporate May 11, 2018

BIoT promising a secured and connected future

From the list of technologies that will transform our world in 2018, predicting the exact ones requires way too much confidence in knowing which of the ...

By Sneha May 11, 2018

Role of Artificial Intelligence in Human Resources

Human resources has seen a drastic change thanks to digital transformation in the IT industry. Artificial Intelligence is slowly growing in the domains ...

By Sakshi Koul May 10, 2018

Why bet on PWA for building your e-commerce?

Mobile internet traffic share had grown to 52.64% in 2017. This year it will grow further. So as an e-commerce marketer it makes sense to consider it as a ...

By Devendra Deshmukh May 10, 2018

e-Zest and SalesAgility announce SuiteCRM Partnership

A solid step in e-Zest’s aspiration to become a provider of high-quality, secure, and affordable CRM solution to complement its AI-driven sales productivity ...

By Corporate May 09, 2018

Tech News doing the rounds- Week 18

Secure the CloudWhile cloud has extensively improved the way we do business, BYOD and mobility have made sensitive data easily accessible and as such more ...

By Corporate May 04, 2018

Ghost Inspector- the Scriptless Automation

Automation testing comes with a fair bit of command over programing skills. The Test Engineer needs to be well versed with the basics of programming ...

By Kishore Bhamare May 03, 2018

Driving innovation possibilities with IoT and AI

IoT and AI are already transforming many industries, along with the mix of connectivity, big data, machine learning. And an increasing benefit is making the ...

By Sneha Apr 30, 2018

Highlights of Magento Imagine 2018

In our recent blog, we listed what to expect from Magento Imagine. What we are going to tell you today is the highlights of Magento Imagine 2018. Anyone ...

By Corporate Apr 30, 2018

Technology stories handpicked for you- Week 17, 2018

By Corporate Apr 27, 2018

RPA and IoT powered transformation

RPA or Robotic Process Automation is a technology that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities to handle repeatable tasks that ...

By Sneha Apr 24, 2018

Elasticsearch made easy with .Net

Let me put this in very simple words. Elastic Search is a database which stores the data in the document format (JSON) and facilitates a speedy search. In ...

By Rahul More Apr 21, 2018

Tech stories making the rounds - Week 16, 2018

Innovation with hybrid and multi cloud computingUsing cloud computing to formulate innovative solutions for enterprise requirements has catalysed the ...

By Corporate Apr 20, 2018

Applying GDPR to Marketing and Sales units

I am aware of the delay in delivering this blog, however it is for a good reason. Before I start explaining the second scenario let me clarify one ...

By Rajendra Babtiwale Apr 20, 2018

Role of HR in Digital Innovation

Today, organizations are progressively undergoing a phase of digital innovation, which is enough for the growth of business and even helps to redesign ...

By Sakshi Koul Apr 19, 2018

Connect - ReImagine - CoCreate @ Magento Imagine

As an e-Commerce executive or technology professional you must be excited about the upcoming Magento Imagine conference in Las Vegas (Apr 23-25). At the ...

By Girish Chandra Apr 19, 2018

Digital Innovation is the way forward

Today’s era is best known as the era of Digital innovation. Digital Innovation is the reinvention of methods or processes to operate business in order to ...

By Sakshi Koul Apr 17, 2018

Is your B2B e-Commerce customized for the buyer journey?

While B2B organizations have received their inspiration for e-Commerce from B2C websites, their sales cycle remains very different from that of B2C. This ...

By Mandar Thosar Apr 16, 2018

Technology news around the globe - Week 15, 2018

Business in the cloudWe can all unanimously agree that cloud has changed the way we communicate and work. Whatever we access on our mobile devices or on our ...

By Corporate Apr 13, 2018

e-Zest announces Gold level sponsorship for Magento Imagine 2018

e-Zest, a leading digital innovation partner for enterprises and technology companies, announces its presence at Magento Imagine 2018 as a gold sponsor. The ...

By Corporate Apr 12, 2018

7 reasons to use Vue.JS as your JS framework

Vue.js is an open source JavaScript progressive framework introduced to build user interfaces. Progressive framework refers to a buildable framework, with ...

By Uday Mahajan Apr 12, 2018

ABCs of Implementing Digital Experience Monitoring for your Enterprise

What is Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM)? Is it important for your business? Do you have a plan for it? How do you effectively plan for monitoring ...

By Sonal Borkar Apr 10, 2018

Tech stories making the rounds - Week 14, 2018

In-demand Cloud benefitsEmbracing the cloud helps businesses in a number of processes. As well as boosting data management processes, going on demand ...

By Corporate Apr 06, 2018

Company culture and growth

For success of any business or organization, its team and work culture play a very important role. Company culture is the fundamental step for success of ...

By Sakshi Koul Apr 03, 2018

Technology stories that are worth - Week 13, 2018

Multiple Cloud, multiple challenges

There is much buzz about the pros and cons of a multi-cloud strategy. Find out how you could find solutions to the ...

By Corporate Mar 30, 2018

Role of HR functions in implementing GDPR

EU will finally introduce GDPR in the month of May 2018. The main purpose of GDPR is to further synchronize higher level of protection of personal data. The ...

By Sakshi Koul Mar 30, 2018

The Digital Journey of Hospitality and Travel industries

As an avid traveler, I have a knack for the curious. Last evening, post work, I had a date with Google planning my next travel when my curiosity engulfed my ...

By Mariam Abuhaideri Mar 29, 2018

Customize your digital business experience by adoption of AEM and Magento

One differentiation that is very difficult for your competition to replicate is the experience. Experiences are built using tiny tidbits of activities and ...

By Mandar Thosar Mar 28, 2018

Application of GDPR in HR and Talent Acquisition processes

Since we have explored the depths of GDPR in my previous blogs, we are now equipped with the required knowledge, which would help us at looking at different ...

By Rajendra Babtiwale Mar 28, 2018

Brace your organization for GDPR compliance

The moment May 2018 dawns, your organization will have no room for excuses. GDPR can hit your organization like a Tsunami if your processes aren’t compliant ...

By Mandar Thosar Mar 27, 2018

An Inevitable Affair- Blockchains and eCommerce

After it was first adopted in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto to create a digital cryptocurrency Bitcoin, blockchain has now been adopted to create transparency ...

By Mariam Abuhaideri Mar 27, 2018

Let the robot test- RPA

Automation has been impacting the industry across the globe, and it is getting into the root level of products and services. Right from manufacturing to ...

By Yogesh Kale Mar 26, 2018

Tech Stories Handpicked for you- Week 12, 2018

Making hybrid work for your enterpriseWith continuous addition of virtualization, visibility, analytics, automation and agility, with required quality per ...

By Corporate Mar 23, 2018

GDPR- Time for a Marketing overhaul

The echo of GDPR can now be heard echoing in all corners of the world. If you are a marketing professional then there's a good chance that you have heard about ...

By Mandar Thosar Mar 23, 2018

GDPR - Not Rocket Science!

Several organizations that do business with EU citizens are in a panic mode as the day to enforce GDPR draws closer. Panic will only get us so far; ...

By Yogesh Kale Mar 22, 2018

GDPR - Key Terms Explained

In previous blogs, we talked about few key requirements of the GDPR. We explored the terms GDPR, controller, processor, personal data, legitimate ...

By Rajendra Babtiwale Mar 21, 2018

Tech stories making the rounds - Week 11, 2018

Best practices for securing your hybrid cloud environmentMore and more businesses are adopting a hybrid cloud but security concerns increase the urgency to ...

By Corporate Mar 16, 2018

Data Protection in the EU : Understanding GDPR

In my previous post, I briefly introduced GDPR, but there is so much more to it than what one article warrants. In today’s article, I begin to dissect this ...

By Rajendra Babtiwale Mar 16, 2018

e-Zest to exhibit enterprise CRM and customer experience solutions at the Sales Innovation Expo in London

e-Zest, a leading digital innovation partner for enterprises and technology companies, is attending the Sales Innovation Expo at ExCel, London on March 21st ...

By Corporate Mar 15, 2018

SharePoint provider hosted Add-in trust types

Introduction This blog is about SharePoint Provider Hosted Add-in Trust Types. It provides the details for kind of trust types to be used while deploying ...

By Suryakant Lokhande Mar 12, 2018

Tech stories making the rounds - Week 10, 2018

Five core building blocks underlying Cloud technologyWith a ‘software as a service’ based model of operations, there is an ever growing popularity of Public ...

By Corporate Mar 09, 2018

Celebrating International Women’s Day 2018 - Press for Progress

Women at e-Zest celebrated their day with gusto. HR ensured that female team members felt special by leaving a rose thoughtfully on their desk. Breakfast ...

By Corporate Mar 08, 2018

GDPR: Impact of EU's New Privacy Policy

Several technology organizations in the world have been successful in becoming compliant to various quality and security management standards. They have not ...

By Rajendra Babtiwale Mar 07, 2018

An Augmented Reality of the Environment

I have always avoided going to the movies to watch sci-fi films, because I could not imagine a future where we all function as robots or spacemen. It is not ...

By Mariam Abuhaideri Mar 06, 2018

Technology stories that are worth - Week 09, 2018

What can you expect from Cloud Computing in 2018?Cloud computing has played an integral role in the transformation of many businesses over the last decade. ...

By Corporate Mar 02, 2018

Subscription order management in Magento 2.0 EE

Customer loyalty via product subscription is a measure of enterprise success. Loyalty calls for an efficient system to create and manage catalogues and ...

By Ashish Gupta Mar 01, 2018

The new B2B e-shopping cart

If you are into wholesale e-commerce, you are probably responsive of the changing nature of online purchasing in order to keep your business thriving. A B2B ...

By Mariam Abuhaideri Feb 28, 2018

Technology news around the globe - Week 8, 2018

Availability of Google’s Cloud IoTGoogle’s New IoT Core platform is now released for general public. With IoT gradually gaining prominence in the market, ...

By Corporate Feb 23, 2018

GS1 Barcode: Why Barcode standards are necessary?

GS1 stands for Global Standards One. The GS1 system originated in the United States and was established in 1973 by the Uniform Product Code Council, known ...

By Pravin Bhakare Feb 23, 2018

How Digital Commerce is rewriting business models?

The last blog touched upon how the evolution of businesses and the confluence of technologies have accelerated the pace at which today’s businesses are ...

By Sneha Feb 21, 2018

How to configure Magento2 coding standards with NetBeans 8.0?

It goes without saying that the software we deliver to customers should be of high quality. Our products need to look great, and help customers run their ...

By Pravin Patil Feb 21, 2018

Tech Stories Handpicked for you- Week 7, 2018

Be secured or prepare to be exposed!Anonymous hackers have created a website that would allow anyone access to your unsecured sensitive data. Is this a call ...

By Corporate Feb 17, 2018

Workaround for iOS touch device issues

If you are facing unnatural behavior on latest iOS devices, there are ways to fix the bugs.

By Tushar Narwade Feb 14, 2018

3 Simple ways to a JMeter Script

The Apache JMeter is basically used to measure performance of web applications with static and dynamic resources. With the help of Apache JMeter we can create ...

By Kishore Bhamare Feb 14, 2018

Digital innovation driving transformation

In last the decade, a lot has changed around us- the pace of technology adoption at organizations, how internal people react to change, and generally the ...

By Devendra Deshmukh Feb 13, 2018

Why business model transformation matters?

Transforming your organization's business model and operations to achieve its desired business outcomes is a complex process of maximizing transition while ...

By Sneha Feb 12, 2018

Tech stories making the rounds - Week 06, 2018

How to face challenges while moving to cloud?Oracle being a new entrant in the public Cloud space has created buzz with capturing a huge market share in a ...

By Corporate Feb 09, 2018

Virtual Captives Outsourcing

If you are an enterprise owner, chances are that you want more for less. So you opted for a third party offshore outsourcing with the sheer intent to reduce ...

By Amol Pande Feb 09, 2018

System of engagement for a successful B2B e-commerce

Over the last couple of years, B2B buying cycle has changed significantly. The convenience and speed offered by B2C has permeated in the B2B commerce world, ...

By Mandar Thosar Feb 08, 2018

Easy steps to create jobs in Rundeck

We have a tendency to forget things when we have a bunch of things on our plate. Imagine the impact of forgetting crucial steps while deploying critical ...

By Pravin Patil Feb 08, 2018

Microsoft’s Azure Application Insights for WPF Desktop Application

What is Application Insights?Application Insights is an extensible Application Performance Management (APM) service for web developers who build and manage ...

By Arpana Singh Feb 06, 2018

Digital Commerce Hackathon 2018 - 12 hours of Innovation

e-Zest, a Pune based digital innovation partner for enterprises, hosted its first Digital Commerce Hackathon yesterday in Pune. The event brought together ...

By Corporate Feb 05, 2018

Technology news around the globe - Week 5, 2018

Do you have a hybrid cloud strategy?

By Corporate Feb 02, 2018

Dynamic Report Generation

Many times, we get a requirement to show multiple reports in the same manner. In that case, it will be feasible to create a generic screen to show all ...

By Suraj Adsule Feb 01, 2018

SQL Server 2017 on Ubuntu

As we know that SQL server is primarily used in a majority of Windows based systems worldwide. Due to its robust nature, it was a preferred database to be used ...

By Amey Chhatre Jan 29, 2018

Technology stories that are worth - Week 04, 2018

Cloud computing technologies you must know for 2018One look at cloud computing, and you will see the hottest areas of enterprise IT today. The cloud has become ...

By Corporate Jan 26, 2018

Monitor your workload using Azure Monitoring Service

Monitoring is very essential for every application and server and especially when you are running your application in Cloud. Considering that in cloud you ...

By Viresh Mathapati Jan 26, 2018

Technology stories that are worth - Week 03, 2018

Google adds more data centers, commits to grow its cloud businessGoogle leaps up by extending its cloud computing infrastructure with the introduction of five ...

By Corporate Jan 19, 2018

e-Zest is organizing Digital Commerce Hackathon

e-Zest Solutions, a leading digital innovation partner for enterprises, is all set to host its first digital commerce hackathon at its Hinjawadi premises on ...

By Corporate Jan 15, 2018

Technology news around the globe - Week 02, 2018

Mastering and Adapting Cloud Computing for your companyCloud computing is constantly evolving and it is no longer just used for storage of data. Researchers ...

By Corporate Jan 12, 2018

Ucommerce for Kentico Masterclass Training

Kentico and Ucommerce announced their new technology partnership that provides us one additional tool to create an enterprise-level eCommerce platform in ...

By Maitrik Soni Jan 12, 2018

Laravel 5 and WordPress Integration

WordpressWordPress is web software you can use to create a beautiful website or blog. We like to say that WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time.

By Prachi Ubale Jan 11, 2018

Fine tuning your e-Commerce with customer journey analytics

The customer journey is one of the most pivotal aspects of your e-Commerce setup. User experience designers spend months etching out the intricate details of ...

By Mandar Thosar Jan 11, 2018

SharePoint solutions with integration of Big Data Analytics

In the current technology landscape and evolution, SharePoint development and Big Data are getting merged with massive amount of data giving rise to more ...

By Sneha Jan 10, 2018

Hack the Digital Commerce Hackathon 2018!

Our industry is never static, but rather evolving. And you have to keep up or else you’ll be left far behind by those who are getting caught up!

By Corporate Jan 09, 2018

Tech stories making the rounds - Week 01, 2018

By Corporate Jan 05, 2018

Reducing Disparate Systems for Better Relationship Management

Isn’t that a loaded title? Loaded titles make me look smart but this one is really dumb at its core. Dumb, but very important. When companies started ...

By Abhishek Mishra Jan 04, 2018

e-Zest made it to Zinnov Zones 2017 Product Engineering Services in Enterprise software

e-Zest, a global product engineering & IT services company specialized in digital transformation with digital experience, analytics, cloud, enterprise ...

By Corporate Jan 03, 2018

Are you implementing a digital commerce solution for your enterprise?

My recent assignment was to revamp the eCommerce solution for a multinational giant. It was a sudden dead-end for the client enterprise as support for ...

By Bharadwaj Satbhai Dec 29, 2017

Tech Stories Handpicked for you Week 52, 2017

By Corporate Dec 29, 2017

Globalization and Localization in ASP.NET MVC application

Localization comes into play when you want the implemented application to run in a local language.

If your website targets users from different parts of the ...

By Snehal Patil Dec 29, 2017

Choosing between SharePoint 2016 vs. SharePoint Online

Given the varying data needs of enterprises, today the challenge of managing tons of digital content within the organizations, especially when different ...

By Sneha Dec 27, 2017

Implementing Scrum in fixed-price projects

Many organizations prefer Agile methodology for software development. These organizations may then not be comfortable in altering their approach in software ...

By Chaitali Salekar Dec 27, 2017

Digital matter in sales organization

Customers are rapidly evolving the way they learn about and buy products and offerings from various channels. At the same time, the tools, data, and ...

By Sneha Dec 26, 2017

Enable Tomcat server for Smart card Authentication

This article describes the process to access websites (on tomcat server) via the Common Access Card (CAC). CACThe Common Access Card is a secure identification ...

By Swati Joshi Dec 26, 2017

Digital Commerce Trends For 2018

The online sales market increases by more than 20% every year and it is predicted to grow from $2.8 trillion in 2018 to $4 trillion in 2020. According to ...

By Sonal Borkar Dec 25, 2017

Technology stories that are worth - Week 51, 2017

10 ways cloud computing will evolve in 2018It is evident, cloud is everywhere. Only a few years ago it was unclear as to how cloud adoption would unfold. ...

By Corporate Dec 22, 2017

Inserting multiple records simultaneously in a table in SQL Server

While developing applications, we may come across the situations where we need to insert/update multiple records in a database table at the same time. ...

By Sagar Damle Dec 20, 2017

How to test PHP code quality using SonarQube?

Introduction:We all know that the success of the project strictly depends on the quality of code. With the growth of the project and development ...

By Pravin Patil Dec 19, 2017

Technology news from around the globe - Week 50, 2017

By Corporate Dec 15, 2017

Workplace Decorum and Office Etiquette

Office etiquettes act as engine oil which smoothens the wheels of daily interaction within office. It is important to obey good manners and proper office ...

By Sakshi Koul Dec 15, 2017

Importance for Employee Appreciation

Employee recognition is informal or formal way to acknowledge hard work and activities of an individual and teams within an organization. It is important to ...

By Sakshi Koul Dec 15, 2017

Competency Mapping

In today’s competitive world, it is significant for organizations to grow at a significant pace to cope up with the latest developments in the market. And ...

By Sakshi Koul Dec 14, 2017

Meet Kentico 11

Christmas has come early this year as Kentico Software launched newer version of Kentico i.e. Kentico 11. It offers peace of mind for users through its GDPR ...

By Maitrik Soni Dec 13, 2017

Sign-on with Google OAuth2

In this blog we will see how to build an Asp.net MVC5 Web application that enables user to log in using OAuth 2.0 credentials from an external ...

By Snehal Patil Dec 13, 2017

Managing Azure VM-level Backup

Backups are very crucial in any IT related operations. They are your fallback mechanism, just in case things go southwards. In this blog, we will discuss ...

By Vikram Pendse Dec 09, 2017

Tech stories making the rounds - Week 49, 2017

By Corporate Dec 08, 2017

Azure Site Recovery (in Preview for Azure to Azure)

Azure Site Recovery provides Business Continuity solution by helping us to replicate Azure on-premises workload to Azure. It replicates workload to ...

By Vikram Pendse Dec 08, 2017

Using Protractor for AngularJS Automation Testing

In our application, which is built using AngularJS, we required to write an automated script that is supposed to run on headless browser (without invoking ...

By Kaveri Solapure Dec 06, 2017

Backup and restore database using SQL stored procedure

Many times we need to backup and restore our databases on daily basis. We do this all process manually which increases our repetitive work. For the same, ...

By Pranita Pendharkar Dec 05, 2017

Tech Stories Handpicked for you Week 48, 2017

By Corporate Dec 01, 2017

e-Zest wins ‘Most Innovative Company’ award at D&B SME Business Excellence Awards

e-Zest Solutions is proud to announce that it has received the prestigious Most Innovative Company from Dun & Bradstreet. e-Zest is a global IT services ...

By Corporate Nov 30, 2017

Getting ready for Cyber Monday - Scaling Digital Commerce technology backbone

Businesses want to sell more and always are on the lookout for more opportunities to sell. Cyber Monday, a brainchild of Ellen Davis of the National Retail ...

By Mandar Thosar Nov 27, 2017

Technology Stories you cannot miss - Week 47, 2017

The benefits of multi-cloud computingBusiness model using multiple cloud services to house business functions and features has an impressive list of ...

By Corporate Nov 24, 2017

Why world needs cloud-first headless CMS - Kentico Cloud

CMSs are in use for over two decades now. The technology landscape has changed vastly over these years. World needs a new type of CMS that will address the ...

By Maitrik Soni Nov 24, 2017

Language R: Vectors

In my last blog Beginner's guide to R, I have written about the data types, variable, arithmetic and logical operations and introduction to data objects such ...

By Abhay Wagh Nov 23, 2017

Creating PowerApps on SPO with 5 Steps

Microsoft has introduced a new technology for creating quick PowerApps for data analysis on desktop or mobile devices. PowerApps lets you connect, create ...

By Suryakant Lokhande Nov 23, 2017

Mongo DB: Documented oriented database

In a recent project, we had a chance to work with mongo dB, document oriented NoSQLdatabase. The problem statement was to provide generic search ...

By Mukesh Katariya Nov 22, 2017

The increasing role of AI in e-Commerce

The inclusion of Artificial Intelligence technology in e-Commerce has gone beyond the customary chat-bots that we see today. AI is expected to reduce the ...

By Mandar Thosar Nov 22, 2017

e-Zest hosts Coderetreat on the Global Day of Coderetreat 2017

e-Zest recently organized coderetreat on the Global Day of Coderetreat 2017 with an effort to improve software developer's skills and an aim to help out local ...

By Corporate Nov 20, 2017

Jquery DataTables

Jquery Datatable is a powerful plugin library for creating tables, listings similar to grid view. We can add   functionalities like sorting, paging and ...

By Rupali Patil Nov 20, 2017

Technology stories that are worth - Week 46, 2017

Cloud computing predictions for 2018 

By Corporate Nov 17, 2017

Techniques for code-based navigation in ASP.Net

In a world of desktop applications, where you build programs with multiple forms, you almost always end up calling one form from another and passing values ...

By Aarti Shinde Nov 17, 2017

How to read the spreadsheet (*.xls,*.xlxs and *.csv) and import into dataset using DotNet

Introduction In my previous blog, i shared details on how to generate the spreadsheet dynamically without using Microsoft interop excel dll and now in the ...

By Swapna Patne Nov 16, 2017

Why must you participate in the Coderetreat?

The general definition of coderetreat goes, ‘coderetreat is a day-long, intensive practice event, focusing on the fundamentals of software development and ...

By Corporate Nov 13, 2017

Technology stories that are worth - Week 45, 2017

Salesforce plans to use Google cloud for its core services  

By Corporate Nov 10, 2017

Sending email with EWS (Exchange Web Service) Managed API

Microsoft Exchange server provides web services which are called as EWS to provide access to Exchange server data. To communicate with this web services ...

By Abhay Wagh Nov 09, 2017

What is PCI DSS compliance and how to become PCI DSS compliant?

What is PCI compliance?

By Rohidas Bagul Nov 08, 2017

Beginner's guide to R

R is a Statistical Programming Language used for statistical computing, data analysis and graphics. It is an open source and widely used language by data  ...

By Abhay Wagh Nov 07, 2017

Importing data from excel made easy: Jxls library

Every application requires to upload or import data from an Excel sheet at some point of time. Different ways are used for importing data such as Apache ...

By Manasi Jahagirdar Nov 07, 2017

Compression and Decompression of files using Ionic DLL

There are many scenarios in which we need to deal with zip and unzip. This will decrease our manual work of zipping and unzipping. Using this, we can make ...

By Pranita Pendharkar Nov 06, 2017

Technology stories that are worth - Week 44, 2017


By Corporate Nov 03, 2017

Multi factor authorization

With evolving technologies, data is getting shifted from hard data to soft data and this transition from hard data (paper, physical data) to soft data (data ...

By Rupesh Agrawal Nov 02, 2017

How to generate the dynamic spreadsheet in DotNet

Introduction In this blog, I would like to share some of my interesting findings to generate the spreadsheet dynamically without using Microsoft interop ...

By Swapna Patne Nov 01, 2017

Doing powerful things with PowerApps

Wow! What an apt name – PowerApps. The itself signifies that it is something having powerful properties or functionality. PowerApps gives one a way to show ...

By Srinivas Gumma Nov 01, 2017

Internet of Things in the Automobile Industry

The Internet of things (IoT) will be pivotal in the future businesses and is already becoming an integral part of technological developments across industry ...

By Aniket Karade Oct 31, 2017

Dynamic Generation of PDF File Using iTextSharp

Many a times, we need to generate PDF files at runtime in our application. Here, 'iTextSharp' (a third party DLL) can help us to do the job. Generally, we ...

By Sagar Damle Oct 31, 2017

e-Zest hosted first ever Magento meetup in Pune

e-commerce is a growing business and has a huge impact on the whole IT infrastructure of a company. Magento 2 meetup was held to discuss this, and more ...

By Corporate Oct 30, 2017

IT plays a strategic role in Digital Business Transformation

Digital transformation has been going on since the merging of IT and business in the 1970s, or even before. But what is driving the latest, and most ...

By Sneha Oct 30, 2017

The best approach to SharePoint migration

The best approach to SharePoint migration 

By Sneha Oct 28, 2017

Technology stories that are worth - Week 43, 2017

Google and Cisco partner to build more efficient hybrid cloud solutions 

By Corporate Oct 27, 2017

The role and importance of CPQ in digital commerce

B2B commerce has overtaken B2C commerce in multiple markets. It is also worth noting that B2B continues to be inspired by the B2C trendsetters. The concept of ...

By Vinay Pandey Oct 27, 2017

Technology trends for 2018

As we enter the last quarter of 2017, we can assertively say, that it's been an eventful year in digital transformation. And while we come closer to the ...

By Corporate Oct 26, 2017

Routing in MVC

Routing is a pattern matching system that monitors the incoming request and figures out what to do with that request. At runtime, the routing engine uses ...

By Suraj Adsule Oct 26, 2017

Frictionless authentication for improving customer journey in digital commerce

The ThreatMetrix® suggests that if an authentication method is made non-intrusive, then it can boost online revenues by 2 to 5 percent. This is a welcome thing ...

By Satish Chavan Oct 25, 2017

How Machine Learning works?

What it is and why it matters for enterprises today   

By Sneha Oct 20, 2017

Enhancing your learning metrics for SCORM on mobile

SCORM offers an impressive set of tracking features in their specifications. The SCORM specs on the official ADL website show that there is a vast array of ...

By Ipsita Pattnaik Oct 20, 2017

Technology stories that are worth - Week 42, 2017

By Corporate Oct 20, 2017

Moving out from ‘Average Handling Time’ in the age of digital commerce

The first real end-to-end tech affair for commerce industry was 'call centers'. Some ten or fifteen years ago, the growth of your business meant that you had ...

By Mandar Thosar Oct 19, 2017

e-Zest organizes blood donation drive

By Corporate Oct 16, 2017

Technology stories that are worth - Week 41, 2017

The future of cloud 

By Corporate Oct 13, 2017

Making Payment Method Visible Only For Admin in Magento 2

Payment methods such as cash-on-delivery and check/money order need to visible in the admin-panel check-out section and not in the front-end for the ...

By Rajesh Rathod Oct 11, 2017

Have good UX to drive your Digital Commerce success

Digital commerce is changing the pace of accelerating with new innovation, intelligence and technologies that can have an effect on business. This ...

By Mandar Thosar Oct 09, 2017

The new age of digital commerce

Going by the current online shopping trends of a growing online customer base across the globe, technology is shifting the power from brands to consumers ...

By Mandar Thosar Oct 09, 2017

Salesforce Einstein delivers AI across the Salesforce platform

In the tech community, there’s constant talks about how dramatically AI is going to change not just businesses, but the very way we'll live in general. ...

By Sneha Oct 06, 2017

Technology stories that are worth - Week 40, 2017

Cloud computing, great for enterprise unity 

By Corporate Oct 06, 2017

Salesforce Einstein celebrates its first birthday with several new capabilities

In the last blog, we read how Salesforce Einstein delivers AI across the Salesforce platform and is leading the way in applying AI to advanced analytics.  

By Sneha Oct 06, 2017

With Ignite, Salesforce looks at Digital Transformation and design thinking

Salesforce.com, San Francisco-based cloud computing firm, has started 'Ignite' its consulting and design-thinking division in India as it looks to ...

By Sneha Oct 04, 2017

#HackathonPune 2017: In the quest of “Chasing A Billion Dreams”

Last week we concluded #HackathonPune 2017- second edition of national hackathon conducted by e-Zest Pune and Fresco Capital. The event theme revolved ...

By Girish Chandra Oct 03, 2017

The ultimate guide to iPhone resolutions

In today’s world of digitization, we come across a lot of devices in our day-to-day lives. We have advanced smart phones, smart watches, IoT enabled devices ...

By Jayendra Khole Oct 03, 2017

Technology stories that are worth - Week 39, 2017

Microsoft looks tthe cloud texpand its security offerings 

By Corporate Sep 29, 2017

How to add custom image attribute for customer in Magento 2?

Magento has a lot of core functionalities that we can we use for our project requirements. One of them has Magento 2 EE providing the custom customer ...

By Rajesh Rathod Sep 28, 2017

The coding marathon continues to Day 2 of #HackathonPune 2017

#HackathonPune Day 2

By Corporate Sep 24, 2017

#HackathonPune Day 1: The Beginning

It was delightful seeing the first participants walk in with smiling faces into the e-Zest premises. Months of planning, communication and implementation ...

By Corporate Sep 23, 2017

Technology stories that are worth - Week 38, 2017

By Corporate Sep 22, 2017

Microsoft to update SharePoint with personalized search support

Microsoft has readied itself to offer new smarter SharePoint search capabilities, as well as several other new features for its SharePoint customers.

By Sneha Sep 21, 2017

Technology stories you must not miss: Week 37, 2017

Cloud spurs hybrid adoptionCloud computing is yet again transforming the way enterprises approach IT. The shift which started with SaaS applications is now ...

By Corporate Sep 15, 2017

Achieving optimal speed & performance of AngularJS application

AngularJS, being one of the most famous modern web application frameworks, provides us various magic features like two-way binding, maintainability, and ...

By Ashwini Eksambekar Sep 14, 2017

Machine Learning DECODED

What is machine learning? Simply put, it's a software derived from data - A self-taught software system that learn from data to solve complex problems.As an ...

By Sneha Sep 14, 2017

Why migrating to SharePoint platform has lot of benefits?

AbstractAfter carrying out number of SharePoint migration projects, collecting the real-time experience and new learnings, now we are in very good shape to ...

By Suryakant Lokhande Sep 13, 2017

Steps IT leaders should take to develop digital commerce strategy

It's often seen that companies planning a digital commerce strategy launch their projects in haste, typically due to competition and peer pressure without ...

By Sneha Sep 12, 2017

Technology stories that are worth - Week 36, 2017

Massive expansion predicted for cloud globally

By Corporate Sep 08, 2017

LinkedIn - A powerful tool for improving enterprise sales

LinkedIn is one of the key tools or we can say the most helpful platform for the people who are into sales and business development. It is the world largest ...

By Vanashree Shegaonkar Sep 07, 2017

Automation of supply chain management for manufacturing organisations

In today’s world managing the supply chain including the day to day operations has become one of the biggest challenge for manufacturing organisations. The ...

By Aditya Dharmadhikari Sep 07, 2017

A crisp guide to the mobile AR landscape

The growth of ‘Augmented Reality’ is no longer tied to the adoption of smart glasses. Mobile AR led by Mobile Augmented Reality (MAR) apps and AR-enabled ...

By Ipsita Pattnaik Sep 06, 2017

Tracking images on social media with Salesforce AI

There are various tools available on internet that help in analyzing social media mentions for brands on social media. But do you know that searching ...

By Nidhi Thakkar Sep 04, 2017

PSD2: The banker’s story

The Payment Services Directive 2 is being hailed as the long-needed infusion of freedom and debilitation of banking monopoly. And, it truly is great. The ...

By Abhishek Mishra Sep 04, 2017

Technology stories that are worth - Week 35, 2017

Why cloud computing is vital?

By Corporate Sep 01, 2017

Social commerce in e-Commerce

Though internet has been around since 1990, the rise of technology has accelerated in recent times with the proliferation of mobile devices. This trend has ...

By Nidhi Thakkar Sep 01, 2017

SharePoint communication sites: Considerations for government organizations

SharePoint communication sites is one of the latest features introduced by Microsoft for Office 365 users. This feature was launched to help the ...

By Vikram Pendse Aug 31, 2017

Salesforce Einstein – Bringing the power of AI to CRM

Salesforce is one of the best Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms. Almost every business is leveraging Salesforce CRM technology to connect ...

By Nidhi Thakkar Aug 31, 2017

Importance of digital experience in digital commerce

Earlier, digital experience was just another notion but considering the present picture, digital experience must be the top priority for digital commerce ...

By Mandar Thosar Aug 30, 2017

5 key considerations for B2B e-Commerce

Digital commerce is becoming the key initiative for enterprise digital transformation. Cloud-first strategies, personalized user experiences, support for ...

By Satish Chavan Aug 29, 2017

The influx of VR, AR and MR technologies in enterprises

Virtual reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) are coming to the workplace sooner than you think. Are you prepared? It is no more a ...

By Sneha Aug 29, 2017

Visual Web Part for SharePoint 2016 - Large file(s) upload up to 10 GB

Existing version of SharePoint 2013 supports and allows to upload the files up to 2 GB. Now it is possible to upload larger files like more than 2 GB in ...

By Uday Gaikwad Aug 28, 2017

For IOT testing - you need to cook your own recipe!

Most of us start our day with an alarm clock, our cell phone gives us the appointments across the day, news from across the globe comes to your fingertips, ...

By Yogesh Kale Aug 28, 2017

Tech Stories Handpicked for you Week 34, 2017

What’s new in cloud computing?Are you a Managed Service Provider? If yes, then multi-cloud computing is the next option you should take into consideration. ...

By Corporate Aug 25, 2017

Alternative to Tin Can API Migration

Tin Can API arrived to deliver new features to augment the SCORM standard. Tin Can API or Experience API or xAPI (the terms are not used with complete ...

By Shrijeet Polke Aug 23, 2017

Microsoft introduces Teams in Office 365

A digital workspace for high performing teams

By Srinivas Gumma Aug 22, 2017

Winning is not everything: Making the most of your Hackathon experience

Hackathons are attended by people from almost every walk of information technology, but the event focuses around the developers that contend to win the ...

By Ipsita Pattnaik Aug 21, 2017

Technology Stories you cannot miss - Week 33, 2017

Check how cloud computing enables growing business

By Corporate Aug 18, 2017

Machine learning and its wide adoption in Healthcare

Machine learning

By Kirti Sharma Aug 18, 2017

Writing clean CSS

Writing clean CSS is essential for readability and helps in maintaining the code. In order to write clean CSS here are few of the rules you must keep in ...

By Tushar Narwade Aug 17, 2017

Beyond the Moodle Mobile App

Moodle Mobile has been around for a while. It offers features that enable learners to view courses, track their progress, receive notifications, post in ...

By Ipsita Pattnaik Aug 17, 2017

Headless CMS – Considerations before going ahead

As the Content Management aspect is gaining more momentum in today's highly connected world, so is the need to create digital experiences that are ...

By Sneha Aug 16, 2017

Impact of PSD2: JSON / API testing to be the asset

Payment Services Directive (PSD2) is gaining attraction and attention from everyone around the world. Every day we come across different articles which list ...

By Ipsita Pattnaik Aug 14, 2017

Tech stories making the rounds - Week 32, 2017

Here are the 15 cloud technologies that can help businessesIn the world of cloud, businesses are looking for services that provide automation, machine ...

By Corporate Aug 11, 2017

PSD2 impacts - What does it change?

While the financial services sector is moving towards adopting innovations at a rapid pace; the core banking has pulled up its socks to show its dominance ...

By Gaurav Kabra Aug 11, 2017

Taking digital commerce ahead with ‘Customer Engagement Hub’

A few years back, our customers were talking about customer satisfaction and hence the need of CRM where a 360-degree view of customers can be built. Fast ...

By Devendra Deshmukh Aug 11, 2017

Headless Systems - What Should You Make Of It?

As the Content Management discipline is evolving, it’s also driving the need to create digital experiences that are increasingly cross-platform and richer ...

By Devendra Deshmukh Aug 09, 2017

SCORM and Mobile: Making them work

SCORM’s most important promise lies in content portability. The idea was to have a standard that allows instruction designers, LMSs and learners to seamlessly ...

By Ipsita Pattnaik Aug 09, 2017

We turn 17!

It was a feeling of nostalgia, of satisfaction and of hope that engulfed us as our hands cut through the cake that said, ‘Happy Birthday e-Zest! We turn 17!' ...

By Corporate Aug 08, 2017

UX and Fintech: The road ahead

A few months ago, I had the privilege to look at and analyze a trading application, for purposes of feature listing and estimation. Now, it is not uncommon ...

By Abhishek Mishra Aug 08, 2017

Best Practices for QA Automation

Digitization and technology disruption has changed the way we manage the project lifecycles.

By Yogesh Kale Aug 07, 2017

Tech stories making the rounds - Week 31, 2017

What’s the future of Business Intelligence in Cloud? Enterprises today, while migrating to cloud, have fair idea of how to overcome the migration challenges ...

By Corporate Aug 04, 2017

VR, AR and touch-less gestures driving the future of UX

User experience has probably never been as exciting as today. The breakthroughs in technology have led to the advent of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality ...

By Ipsita Pattnaik Aug 02, 2017

Points to remember before you start working with SharePoint Communication Sites

Recently, Microsoft announced SharePoint communication sites. This fresh and dynamic sites are introduced to target wide-range audiences. They are compatible ...

By Vikram Pendse Aug 01, 2017

AR-Assisted Software Development

Software development has always been the meeting point for technology enthusiasts and process experts who endlessly opine about the best ways to go about it. ...

By Abhishek Mishra Jul 31, 2017

DevOps for improving productivity and software reliability

Now-a-days, DevOps is very popular buzzword in the IT industry and is gaining good traction by companies to adopt DevOps culture and practices to improve ...

By Shailesh Kulkarni Jul 31, 2017

Tech stories handpicked for you - Week 30, 2017

Most efficient cloud migration techniquesMoving huge amount of data to cloud can be risky and expensive. Enterprises who are struggling with cloud migration ...

By Corporate Jul 28, 2017

Understanding headless digital commerce

Digital commerce has been impacted by all the changes and trends in technology, ever since it took shape and form. The earliest entrants of digital commerce ...

By Devendra Deshmukh Jul 26, 2017

5 steps to enhance the reach of your SCORM content

The SCORM standard is still an important option that organizations consider while devising their training agendas. The courses that are then churned out with ...

By Ipsita Pattnaik Jul 25, 2017

Spark versus Hadoop and using them in collaboration

Now-a-days, whenever we hear the word “Big Data”, two words comes into our mind: Spark and Hadoop, and the question that arises is which one should we use. ...

By Rushikesh Garadade Jul 24, 2017

Tech stories handpicked for you - Week 29, 2017

How to make sure your cloud is secured?

Cloud computing offers lot of benefits that include cost savings, streamlined management for critical information ...

By Corporate Jul 21, 2017

How the world of e-Commerce payments is evolving?

When the first e-commerce transaction was made in 1994, little did we know that one day e-commerce would rule the industry! Today, it has become an ...

By Ipsita Pattnaik Jul 21, 2017

Accelerating your digital-transformation journey with Artificial Intelligence

The momentum in digital innovation in today's digital game is seen coming not only from newcomers born in digital era but also from the traditional biggies ...

By Sneha Jul 20, 2017

Best Salesforce tips to simplify the life of enterprises

Salesforce, a renowned customer relationship management software offers numerous features and capabilities that help enterprises to develop customer ...

By Nidhi Thakkar Jul 19, 2017

Conversational UX will drive next wave digital transformation

2016 witnessed what we call the ‘Big Bang’ of conversational services. Companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Facebook introduced a new paradigm of ...

By Devendra Deshmukh Jul 18, 2017

Elements of B2B ecommerce success

Today when we speak of ecommerce, we usually think of the conventional, consumer-based online shopping sites. Little do we know that these B2C ecommerce ...

By Ipsita Pattnaik Jul 18, 2017

Technology stories that are worth - Week 28, 2017

What are the best practices of cloud risk mitigation?

If you are considering cloud migration, it is essential to carefully choose a service provider. This ...

By Corporate Jul 14, 2017

A look into Salesforce IoT cloud

By Nidhi Thakkar Jul 14, 2017

Opportunities for organizations in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) era

Your journey in the AI era is determined by many factors, only if you are watching closely the many facets of AI, you can also see that AI brings with it an ...

By Sneha Jul 13, 2017

PSD2 is pushing European banks to innovate

The change that first triggered in 2007 is about to complete the circle soon in the form of Payment Services Directive (PSD2), disrupting how Europeans ...

By Jaywant Deshpande Jul 13, 2017

Strategically managing the governance

Corporate governance has become a buzzword in recent times, as the businesses are now paying more focus on balancing profitability with sustainability. It ...

By Padmaja Huprikar Jul 13, 2017

3 P’s of effective team engagement

In today’s team centric era, team members expect the talent management team to anticipate and meet their needs in real time.  At e-Zest, engagement is all ...

By Dr. Kshitij Deshmukh Jul 12, 2017

Making the Operational Excellence – Digital Transformation Story Real

How does your organization define digital transformation? Especially when your digital future is heavily tied to your workforce efficiencies. Many ...

By Sneha Jul 12, 2017

How blockchain will disrupt Digital Commerce?

In January, news broke of a card hack at Neiman Marcus where the hackers were able to access the debit and credit card information of customers who shopped ...

By Devendra Deshmukh Jul 11, 2017

Getting started with ReactJS

By Jeetendra Gund Jul 10, 2017

Big data in digital commerce

Introduction The evolution of big data and analytics have brought enormous opportunities for digital commerce industry. The large number of audiences ...

By Mandar Thosar Jul 10, 2017

Tech stories handpicked for you - Week 27, 2017

Enterprise cloud 2017 Today every enterprises are heavily investing into cloud market. Considering the year 2017, enterprises prefer Hyperconverged ...

By Corporate Jul 07, 2017

3Es to enable effective employee engagement

In today’s VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity) environment, trust and care are the buzzword. More predominately with millennials ...

By Dr. Kshitij Deshmukh Jul 07, 2017

The basics of how digital commerce works

No one is accurately aware of when mankind started trading! From horses to ships, from trucks to airplanes, the need to trade goods has shaped some of the best ...

By Ipsita Pattnaik Jul 06, 2017

Ways to develop an excellent SharePoint intranet

We were all excited about the recent SharePoint 2016 release including the innovations and enhancements offered by it. The hybrid search, cloud, new user ...

By Vikram Pendse Jul 06, 2017

e-Zest successfully sponsors the Global DevOps Bootcamp, 2017

The Global DevOps Bootcamp takes place once a year on venues all over the world. It is built on the foundation of local organizers and locals. This time the ...

By Corporate Jul 05, 2017

SaaSification for Big Data application

“Products as a Service” or “Software as a Service” models have innate abilities to potentially scale and be cost effective for both the service owners and ...

By Shailesh Kulkarni Jul 05, 2017

New technologies shaping new user experiences for digital commerce

‘Are you being served’, a popular sitcom in 1971 that ran for around 14 years, defined the shopping mall culture as we know it today. However, ‘are you ...

By Devendra Deshmukh Jul 05, 2017

Innovation updates from SharePoint Virtual Summit 2017

At the time of SharePoint Virtual Summit 2017, Microsoft shared latest developments for SharePoint and OneDrive that include powerful integrations across ...

By Vikram Pendse Jul 05, 2017

Microsoft Inspire - A place to be in every July!

Friends, last year I attended Microsoft World Partner Conference (now known as Microsoft Inspire) in Toronto. It was full of energy. Watching CEO Satya ...

By Girish Chandra Jul 04, 2017

Key payment trends enabling the digital commerce industry

Importance of payment in digital commercePayment is the fundamental need for any online transaction. Payment entails the exchange of monetary information, ...

By Nidhi Thakkar Jul 04, 2017

Ways to create a successful e-commerce strategy

Impact of dynamic e-commerce system on businesses

With the advent of digitization, the e-commerce system is transforming. Considering the past decade, the ...

By Nidhi Thakkar Jul 03, 2017

Installing Code Sniffer PSR2 standard for net beans

What is Coding standard?

By Dhanashri Desai Jun 30, 2017

Tech stories making the rounds - Week 26, 2017

Definition of Enterprise Cloud

By Corporate Jun 30, 2017

Being Truly Agile

The title itself is a bit pretentious. As if being agile today is some sort of dilution, and we need to aim for true agility by virtue of its slightly better ...

By Abhishek Mishra Jun 30, 2017

Salesforce: How the new sales PRM app will help partners to boost sales?

When we talk about Salesforce partners (channel managers), most of them are from non-tech background. These groups of users are highly dependent on their ...

By Nidhi Thakkar Jun 29, 2017

Salesforce presents AI-powered Einstein analytics platform for business users

Einstein Analytics is an extension to Salesforce CRM system. It is an artificial intelligence platform encompassing set of predictive tools essential for ...

By Nidhi Thakkar Jun 28, 2017

How to layout an effective digital commerce strategy?

In today’s age of digitalization, it is extremely essential for enterprises to implement constructive digital commerce strategy. This is because, it will ...

By Mandar Thosar Jun 27, 2017

Digital commerce: The only strategy to move forward for enterprises

In today’s business world, it is uncommon to witness two extremes happening simultaneously. On one hand, Amazon, an online venture, buys Whole Foods Market ...

By Devendra Deshmukh Jun 26, 2017

The need of data driven decisions for growth of the organization

A robust growth in opportunities to collect and leverage digital knowledge and information has led enterprises to change their decision-making process. They ...

By Ipsita Pattnaik Jun 26, 2017

Technology stories you cannot miss - Week 25,2017

Why considering cloud security is vital?

Generally, organizations while planning for cloud migration emphasize on migrating services, data and ...

By Corporate Jun 23, 2017

Distributed public data made easy by Satori

One common problem that we face every day is the availability of open/public data distributed on thousands of silos websites which are separate from each ...

By Shailesh Kulkarni Jun 21, 2017

Salesforce unveils Einstein Account-Based marketing solution powered by AI

What is ABM and why it is introduced? Salesforce on June 8th 2017 announced Einstein Account-Based Marketing (ABM) solution built using artificial ...

By Nidhi Thakkar Jun 21, 2017

How e-commerce industry can leverage augmented reality?

What technology has done? Today, a lot has been changed in the e-commerce world considering the past decade. The real reason behind this transformation is ...

By Mandar Thosar Jun 19, 2017

Technology stories you cannot miss - Week 24, 2017

How to accomplish the operating model transformation?

Cloud is not all about storing data, instead it can arm in building a robust cloud infrastructure. With ...

By Corporate Jun 16, 2017

Multiple websites or stores in Magento 2.0

One of the useful features of Magento 2.0 is the ability to create multiple stores/websites that share the same MBO (Magento Back Office). This allows ...

By Amol Asodekar Jun 15, 2017

Enable digital workforce through digital transformation

Long ago, when work place was a mere physical space, employees were seen occupied being busy during regular office hours. On the contrary, today's ...

By Devendra Deshmukh Jun 14, 2017

Benefits of Office365 newly added features

Introduction Today, there are millions of people using Office365. These users mostly belong to developer group as it offers various benefits to the community. ...

By Vikram Pendse Jun 13, 2017

Why Salesforce is the best tool for driving customer engagement?

How customer engagement has evolved? With the emergence of digital ecosystems, both customer expectations and communication channels have drastically ...

By Nidhi Thakkar Jun 12, 2017

Tech stories handpicked for you - Week 23, 2017

By Corporate Jun 09, 2017

Dynamic Expression Tree Builder

In enterprise when applications are developed using Entity Framework it is always essential to have a generic code which can be used in entire application. ...

By Alhad Alsi Jun 07, 2017

What’s new in SharePoint 2016 for business users?

Usually any discussion in regards with SharePoint 2016 is focused towards easing the life developers and enabling in developing better applications. Last ...

By Vikram Pendse Jun 05, 2017

Tech stories handpicked for you - Week 22, 2017

5 points to remember while securely storing the federal data?

The president of the federal agencies recently announced their move to cloud. Yes, cloud might ...

By Corporate Jun 02, 2017

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Einstein now enhanced with new capabilities

Why the new features are added? Salesforce, a global CRM leader, announced new innovative features for its Commerce Cloud Einstein. These new enhancements ...

By Nidhi Thakkar Jun 01, 2017

How SharePoint can enable a digitally connected workplace?

In the era of digitization, SharePoint has truly enabled enterprises to create a connected and collaborative workplace. However, there are few enterprises ...

By Vikram Pendse May 31, 2017

Where does drone fit in enterprise IT world?

Man has always been fascinated by the skill of flying. That is why the advent of airplanes was celebrated with much applause. Less than a century forward, ...

By Ipsita Pattnaik May 30, 2017

Applying cloud computing to healthcare industry

With the burst in the technological advancements, many hospitals have already undergone changes with legacy systems and simplified the operations at the ...

By Ipsita Pattnaik May 29, 2017

Technology stories you cannot miss - Week 21, 2017

How cloud is enabling business growth?

Cloud is a place where you store all  your personal data including documents and photos. But do you know, cloud can ...

By Corporate May 26, 2017

How visual commerce is transforming the e-commerce industry?

Why transformation is necessary?

By Mandar Thosar May 26, 2017

Best practices of SharePoint 2016 migration

As SharePoint 2016 is already here, many enterprises are heading towards its migration to leverage the features offered by it. Enterprises must be careful, as ...

By Vikram Pendse May 25, 2017

Microsoft adds online character support for SharePoint Online

Microsoft brings in support for two characters (# and % symbols) in its files and folder names for SharePoint Online and OneDrive for businesses this year. ...

By Vikram Pendse May 24, 2017

Steps to leverage for growth in the e-commerce industry

The last few years have seen a boom in the e-commerce industry, with increased competition, new ideas and trends among the entrepreneurs. Businesses have had ...

By Ipsita Pattnaik May 23, 2017

A take on SharePoint 2016 from business perspective

The SharePoint 2016 framework is a revolutionary innovation in SharePoint extensibility. Introduced by Microsoft, SharePoint framework is a mobile-friendly ...

By Vikram Pendse May 23, 2017

AI to transform digital health business in the fourth industrial revolution

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has a major role to play as a catalyst in the healthcare revolution. As we experience the fourth industrial revolution in this ...

By Abhishek Nag May 22, 2017

Microsoft SharePoint 2016 data security

Enterprises are on the verge of SharePoint 2016 migration. The way SharePoint 2016 is gaining momentum, its speed and accuracy are making administrators ...

By Vikram Pendse May 22, 2017

Technology stories that are worth - Week 20, 2017

7 best security practices for cloud

Cloud evolution has offered multiple growing opportunities to businesses such as accessing information from any location ...

By Corporate May 19, 2017

Advantages of Using Hadoop

Organizations that are majorly data driven and process large datasets are increasingly adopting Apache Hadoop as a potential tool. This is because of its ...

By Ipsita Pattnaik May 19, 2017

Growing popularity of native advertisement

A new wave of technological innovations has driven marketers to develop new initiatives for brand recall in order to keep pace with the customer ...

By Ipsita Pattnaik May 18, 2017

Augmented Reality and Customer Engagement

With the present era becoming more and more digital, every enterprise is planning on increasing their visibility through every available digital media. ...

By Ipsita Pattnaik May 17, 2017

Website or mobile app? The changing online business environment

Mobile apps have gained popularity in the recent business scenario because of their contribution to growth and development of any business. There is a ...

By Ipsita Pattnaik May 17, 2017

What's so great about Salesforce DX?

What is Salesforce DX?

Salesforce DX is a product for App cloud environment. It facilitates the developers to create and manage Salesforce apps with a ...

By Nidhi Thakkar May 16, 2017

Spend your marketing budget wisely

Ever heard of the term, “Survival of the fittest”? The economic crisis we all face today has defined this phrase. Businesses struggle to keep the doors of ...

By Ipsita Pattnaik May 16, 2017

Blockchain: Catalyst for digital transformation

What is Blockchain?

By Devendra Deshmukh May 16, 2017

Tech stories handpicked for you - Week 19, 2017

Build your cloud infrastructure

Cloud computing is not a new concept for us, it has become the norm in last decade. However, some organizations are ...

By Corporate May 12, 2017

Salesforce even more powerful with its High Velocity Sales Cloud

Salesforce, the CRM giant recently announced a new platform, the Einstein High Velocity Sales Cloud. This next-generation sales platform is driven by ...

By Mandar Thosar May 11, 2017

How IoT fits into digital commerce world?

The internet of things (IoT) is rapidly becoming vital for businesses. As web, mobile and cloud technologies have powered digital commerce, IoT is the next big ...

By Mandar Thosar May 10, 2017

Enhance your customer service with Salesforce LiveMessage

LiveMessage, launched by Salesforce, is an automated tool that drives business interaction in the same way we interact with our friends using messaging apps ...

By Mandar Thosar May 09, 2017

Chatbots - A great tool to support the buying journey

Chatbots, a latest buzz word in the tech-world are making waves. Businesses can leverage their pervasive nature to connect with their customers. They can be ...

By Nidhi Thakkar May 08, 2017

Technology stories you don't want to miss - Week 18 2017

Do you understand cloud?

By Corporate May 05, 2017

Technology stories that are worth - Week 17, 2017

Cloud storage solutions gaining popularity

By Corporate Apr 28, 2017

Digital Transformation and What it Could Mean for your Business?

Digital transformation has taken businesses all over by storm. However, there are still quite a few people who are unaware of the whole concept of digital ...

By Sameer Acharya Apr 28, 2017

Messaging Bots in Today’s Enterprises

Today, almost every knowledge worker suffers a software fatigue, which is experienced due to the inefficient task of using different applications at the same ...

By Ipsita Pattnaik Apr 27, 2017

Why should you stop using Access Services for SharePoint Online?

Access Service for SharePoint Online is all about developing applications with the help of Microsoft Access database management system. The applications ...

By Vikram Pendse Apr 26, 2017

Cross channel marketing: Boon for your business

Modern day marketers have a lot of work to do, with an ever increasing number of ways to reach their prospects and customers. With internet making an enormous ...

By Ipsita Pattnaik Apr 25, 2017

Magento Commerce brings B2B capabilities to its Digital commerce cloud

Magento, a specialist in cloud commerce solutions, recently announced major developments in their product Magento Digital Commerce Cloud. With this release, ...

By Mandar Thosar Apr 25, 2017

Health Cloud features introduced by Salesforce

Several interesting features were propelled by Salesforce for its Health Cloud, a couple of months ago. The announcement was made at the Healthcare Information ...

By Nidhi Thakkar Apr 24, 2017

Tech stories handpicked for you - Week 16, 2017

Mobile cloud computing paving the way for modern workers

Mobile cloud computing is an excellent approach to bridge the gap between legacy systems and modern ...

By Corporate Apr 21, 2017

Threat Intelligence and Advanced Data Governance to bolster security for Office 365

Last week, Microsoft released two Office 365 security products which included the Threat intelligence service and the Advance Data Governance solution ...

By Vikram Pendse Apr 19, 2017

Sales Metrics to Improve Customer Success

In most of the industries, it is always advisable to keep the current customers rather than to win new ones as losing a big account can impact the ROI greatly. ...

By Ipsita Pattnaik Apr 19, 2017

Tips for improving user experience for digital commerce

User experience is one of the vital aspects for any digital commerce business. It impacts user experience and helps in building the brand. However most of the ...

By Mandar Thosar Apr 18, 2017

Service cloud Einstein to integrate with Amazon Connect

Previously, enterprises were highly dependent on paper documentations. Later a huge computer revolution encountered, which toppled the traditional paradigm ...

By Nidhi Thakkar Apr 17, 2017

How to Manage Windows IoT Core Devices with Azure IoT Hub?

IoT devices have a much more restricted connectivity, less local resources as compared to desktops, laptops and phones. They also lack a UI in many cases. ...

By Ipsita Pattnaik Apr 17, 2017

Technology news from around the globe - Week 15 2017

By Corporate Apr 14, 2017

Windows 10 Creators Update is out with some coolest features

The latest update to Windows 10 is here – Windows 10 version 1703, popularly known as Creators Update. Microsoft has been really working hard for quite some ...

By Vikram Pendse Apr 14, 2017

Data Fuels Action: Data to Drive Enterprise Success

Most enterprises today aim to become data-driven companies. However, to be data-driven means cultivating a mindset throughout the fabric of the ...

By Devendra Deshmukh Apr 13, 2017

Technology stories you cannot miss – Week 14, 2017

New fads in cloud computing infrastructure 

By Corporate Apr 07, 2017

ServicePoint365 to bring project management capability to Office 365 SharePoint Online

ServicePoint365 is an Office365 and SharePoint app having an intuitive and excellent user interface design with a refined architecture and it is built to ...

By Vikram Pendse Apr 07, 2017

Salesforce Einstein is AI in business technology

Yes, every business has customers where they are supposed to be nurtured and taken care of. That’s the reason businesses make sure their CRM platforms are ...

By Nidhi Thakkar Apr 06, 2017

Digital Commerce to be pushed due to mobile growth

Considering last year statistics, digital commerce has grown by 19% whereas 52% of growth has been observed in mobile commerce industry. According to ...

By Mandar Thosar Apr 06, 2017

Setting up SFTP Server on Amazon EC2

SFTP also known as SSH File Transfer Protocol, enables a secured data transfer between SFTP server and client machine. SFTP encrypts both data and commands and ...

By Amit Tidke Apr 05, 2017

No wonder that Salesforce named a leader in B2C Commerce Suites

Salesforce have really worked hard to create Einstein by collaborating cloud and artificial intelligence technologies. Salesforce’s agenda to leverage these ...

By Nidhi Thakkar Apr 05, 2017

Office 365 – A way to modernize the work at enterprises

The technological revolution has surely made the world a better place and has simplified the way things are done. This revolution has even opened new doors for ...

By Vikram Pendse Apr 04, 2017

Digital Commerce, holistic e-Business view for enterprises

According to industry experts, by 2018 the landscape of market will advance considering the business paradigm and therefore enterprises must be prepared for ...

By Mandar Thosar Apr 04, 2017

Appreciation increases the productivity of organization

To empower an organization, you have to empower its people, and thus every superior should take it into consideration to talk and evaluate the performances of ...

By Jyoti Singh Apr 03, 2017

3 important points to remember while gathering requirements for finance applications

Requirement gathering is extremely vital for any development activity. Usually, clients share business processes, but the other surrounding aspects are ...

By Gaurav Kabra Apr 03, 2017

Algorithmic Content Creation for Creating Quizzes, Assignments

In the last blog we saw that algorithmic trading can open new doors in the world of e-Learning. The content can springboard into existence quickly and can be ...

By Abhishek Mishra Apr 01, 2017

Tech stories handpicked for you - Week 13, 2017

Upcoming trends in personal cloud technology

By Corporate Mar 31, 2017

Role of digital commerce in enterprise digital transformation

Today, enterprises are experiencing huge competition and therefore, they must stop scrutinizing digital technologies and alter themselves into a digital ...

By Mandar Thosar Mar 31, 2017

What Watson and Einstein can do together?

The most prominent leaders of the industry, IBM and Salesforce have collaborated together to encourage artificial intelligence platform. The ideology behind ...

By Nidhi Thakkar Mar 30, 2017

SharePoint hybrid’s contribution towards digital transformation

Very few cloud service providers offer “hybrid “integration services; Office 365 and Azure are one of them. They are well-experienced and have expertise to ...

By Vikram Pendse Mar 30, 2017

Comparison of enterprise digital commerce platform

With the advent of internet, digital commerce is gaining a lot of momentum wherein everyday new ventures are emerging. This has eventually, enlarged the ...

By Mandar Thosar Mar 29, 2017

Algorithmic Content Creation

Content creation has always been of the touchier subjects for organizations that are flexing up to enter into an endeavor of training themselves. What is the ...

By Abhishek Mishra Mar 29, 2017

Angular 4 is here!

By skipping the Angular 3 version, Google surprised everyone with the announcement of Angular 4, a latest advancement to mobile and desktop development ...

By Corporate Mar 28, 2017

Importance of implementing Key Account Management (KAM) practices in an organization

Key Account Management (KAM) is systematic process of engaging and managing specific group of existing customers. It assists to define, understand and achieve ...

By Aditya Dharmadhikari Mar 25, 2017

Technology stories you cannot miss – Week 12, 2017

What’s next for SaaS and smartphones? 

By Corporate Mar 24, 2017

Salesforce: How AI will impact the workforce?

With recent announcement of Einstein, Salesforce revealed, how artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies will mutually enhance the ...

By Nidhi Thakkar Mar 24, 2017

What’s the buzz about SharePoint Virtual Summit?

Technology giant Microsoft recently announced SharePoint virtual summit to be held on 16 May 2017. This free online event is all geared up to discuss on how ...

By Corporate Mar 23, 2017

Generate On/Off flip switch button with CSS3

Presently, generating flip switch button (on off) using CSS is very novel concept amongst designers. Therefore in this blog, I am going to explain how to ...

By Madhukar Kumbhar Mar 22, 2017

Why we acquired SmarterMe?

Previous week e-Zest proudly announced the acquisition of SmarterMe, a personal assistant driven by an intelligent mobile platform that enables sales ...

By Devendra Deshmukh Mar 22, 2017

Technology news from around the globe - Week 11 2017

Cloud Security is stronger than ever

By Corporate Mar 17, 2017

Future of e-commerce

While modern customer is increasingly expecting to have the right product or service with just a few clicks, online brands are jostling to reach these millions ...

By Devendra Deshmukh Mar 16, 2017

Digital commerce for dummies

The sheer growth of internet has given rise to digital commerce. Its popularity has forced industries, starting from hospitality to financial services to adopt ...

By Mandar Thosar Mar 16, 2017

Recommended practices for SharePoint migration

SharePoint has been quite popular technology amongst enterprises because of its functionality and delights. SharePoint is used for document management, ...

By Vikram Pendse Mar 15, 2017

Digital commerce challenges for 2017

With evolution of technology and internet, a significant rise has been observed in digital commerce industry. Though technology and internet are best thing ...

By Mandar Thosar Mar 14, 2017

Managing agile development through Salesforce

Enterprises usually seek innovation and flexibility while developing software projects. In addition, they continuously look for improving productivity of ...

By Mandar Thosar Mar 13, 2017

Tech stories handpicked for you - Week 10, 2017

Watch out for cloud security at every step of SAP migration

By Corporate Mar 10, 2017

When should you plan to use new SharePoint Framework?

SharePoint Framework is the latest buzzword making waves in the technology sector. It is mainly known for its client-side development features providing easy ...

By Vikram Pendse Mar 10, 2017

Role of Analytics in Martech

It is vital to get robust measurements of results or else analyzing and articulating business performance will be far out of reach. To measure these results, ...

By Nidhi Thakkar Mar 09, 2017

Migration from Adobe Flex to HTML5

Adobe Flex/Flash is a sinking technology, and due to its technical limitations many Flex application owners are now moving towards HTML5. Now the question ...

By Atif Haddadi Mar 09, 2017

Managing your learning objects for more effective e-Learning

Learning Objects (LOs) are units of e-Learning content that can stand on their own and deliver a certain portion of knowledge independently. LOs are intended ...

By Abhishek Mishra Mar 08, 2017

Technology news from around the globe - Week 9 2017

Digitization, a prime consideration in cloud-first world

By Corporate Mar 03, 2017

Installation of SVN

Subversion is software which help developers to work together and to maintain complete work history. Developers can modify, add and delete files/folders ...

By Priya Benade Mar 02, 2017

SEO Best Practices

Search engine optimization (SEO) is usually a bunch of rules followed by website owners to improve site rankings in search engines and also used to optimize ...

By Tushar Narwade Mar 01, 2017

e-Zest acquires SmarterMe - an intelligent personal assistant for sales people

e-Zest Solutions (www.e-zest.com) – Digital Transformation leader announces the acquisition of SmarterMe, a personal assistant for sales powered by an ...

By Corporate Mar 01, 2017

Is Salesforce Lightning right for your enterprise?

With recent announcement made by Salesforce, Salesforce Lightning is a platform to drive customer engagement program, which has made waves world-wide. It ...

By Nidhi Thakkar Feb 28, 2017

Why it is important to localize e-commerce experience and how to do it?

From last decade, a rapid growth has been observed in e-commerce industry, heavily impacting the way businesses operate and consumers shop. Important factor to ...

By Mandar Thosar Feb 28, 2017

SSL Encryption using Let’s Encrypt on AWS EC2 Amazon Linux

What is Let’s Encrypt:

By Anagha Thorat Feb 27, 2017

What’s the difference between SharePoint On-premises and SharePoint Online?

Utterly confused, what to choose when it comes to SharePoint On-premises and SharePoint Online? Are you looking for comparisons between the two platforms? ...

By Vikram Pendse Feb 27, 2017

Tech stories handpicked for you - Week 08, 2017

Why you should invest in cloud computing?

By Corporate Feb 24, 2017

Role of Artificial Intelligence in Martech

Years ago, artificial intelligence (AI) was just a notion meant to nurture and grow in future. But if we look at it now, artificial intelligence is leading the ...

By Nidhi Thakkar Feb 22, 2017

Roadblocks in SharePoint 2016 migration

With launch of SharePoint 2016, every single business is rushing towards SharePoint 2016 migration. In the past, there were many instances, where business ...

By Vikram Pendse Feb 22, 2017

Making Salesforce Lightning work for you

Absolutely, Salesforce is the CRM leader with millions of users. Owing to its popularity, expectation levels of customers are usually high. Salesforce, being a ...

By Mandar Thosar Feb 21, 2017

What is conversational commerce and how to make best use of it?

Lately, conversational commerce is been a highly trending topic among the business world. There are various prophecies, how conversational commerce is going to ...

By Nidhi Thakkar Feb 21, 2017

Importance of roll up tables in data aggregation

While working on small or moderate data sets, aggregation feature is measured as the best viable option. This is because, aggregation can be performed with ...

By Aniruddha More Feb 20, 2017

6 ways to best online customer survey platform

Online surveys are a significant way in the process of research and data collection. Not only they provide you the valuable customer feedback but they also ...

By Atif Haddadi Feb 20, 2017

Technology news from around the globe - Week 7 2017

Cloud Security

By Corporate Feb 17, 2017

Why move to Serverless Architecture?

My previous blog focused on the fundamentals of Serverless architecture, one of most imperative topics of discussion in the era cloud computing. Ideally, ...

By Shailesh Kulkarni Feb 17, 2017

Imagining SharePoint systems with wearable devices

From past few years, wearable technology is gaining momentum, especially at workplace. The ability of wearables is just not limited for seeing visuals or ...

By Nidhi Thakkar Feb 16, 2017

Utilizing agile development methodology for product engineering effectively

Agile methodology is a flexible and simple approach to manage product engineering in a collaborative environment. Agile development methodology is somehow like ...

By Sonal Borkar Feb 16, 2017

Rise of FaaS aka serverless cloud computing

IT ecosystem is majorly influenced by diverse cloud computing services. In addition, cloud computing has remained one of the major topics of research in the IT ...

By Shailesh Kulkarni Feb 15, 2017

Role of P2P payments in digital commerce

Technology inflation has propagated digital revolution. Emails, social media, digital devices, online shopping are enough proof, demonstrating how people ...

By Nidhi Thakkar Feb 14, 2017

Ensuring smooth transition to SharePoint Online

Every year, newer technologies or versions of technologies are released that are better from the previous ones. Newer technologies are built to simplify the ...

By Mandar Thosar Feb 14, 2017

Machine learning and its impact on Digital Commerce

Machine learning is being widely used by enterprises, owing to its popularity. Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence, being originated ...

By Devendra Deshmukh Feb 13, 2017

Benefiting through artificial intelligence with Salesforce


By Nidhi Thakkar Feb 13, 2017

The need for lean enterprise

Breakthrough innovations need a mindset change.

By Devendra Deshmukh Feb 13, 2017

Quick summary of Windows Developer Day – Creators Update

The October teaser of Windows 10 Creators Update has raised the curiosity and new possibilities that would greet world on Windows Developers Day. And February ...

By Corporate Feb 11, 2017

Tech stories handpicked for you - Week 6 2017

Utilizing the full potential of cloud

By Corporate Feb 10, 2017

What’s so great about SharePoint 2016 Framework?

The SharePoint 2016 is mobile-first and cloud-first framework allowing developers to build solutions using JavaScript languages on different platforms and ...

By Mandar Thosar Feb 09, 2017

Utilizing API thinking on Salesforce platform

API, known as application programming interface, enables software to interact with other softwares using a set of programmable instructions. In other words, ...

By Mandar Thosar Feb 09, 2017

Salesforce as an enterprise application platform

Successful enterprises, while choosing an application for internal management, look for features such as agility, flexibility and innovation. Yes, they seek ...

By Nidhi Thakkar Feb 08, 2017

Redefining supply chain with accelerated growth of e-commerce

E-commerce industry is flourishing on account of its ability to offer exciting opportunities to sell products online. Internet is another reason to drive the ...

By Mandar Thosar Feb 07, 2017

Preserving organizational knowledge with SharePoint and OneDrive

Cloud storage is all about storing massive amounts of data in cloud. It allows organizations to store and share documents and files anytime, anywhere with any ...

By Mandar Thosar Feb 07, 2017

Importance of building a digital marketplace on cloud

Considering current economic status, technology is vital to run a successful business. With propagation of technology, nearly everyone in tech industry have ...

By Nidhi Thakkar Feb 06, 2017

CSS3 sprite image animation

With emerging technologies and trends, CSS animations are gaining lot of popularity. Creating animated image using CSS3 is one of newest fad among the ...

By Madhukar Kumbhar Feb 06, 2017

Technology news from around the globe - Week 5 2017

A look into real benefits offered by cloud

By Corporate Feb 03, 2017

e-Zest’s TechCon 2017 Session on Architecting Azure Solutions and understanding New Azure PaaS

It is known to all that Microsoft is a technology leader that has made personal computing a reality and created a solid technology foundations for ...

By Corporate Feb 02, 2017

MongoDB Installation on Amazon Linux

MongoDB is an open source NoSQL database that uses a document-oriented data model. MongoDB is built on architecture of collection and document, whereas MySQL ...

By Amit Tidke Feb 02, 2017

Android Things


By Shrijeet Polke Jan 31, 2017

Utilizing SharePoint to increase business revenue

Microsoft SharePoint, a collaboration platform, is widely used as a digital tool, especially when it comes to enterprises. In addition, it is used by these ...

By Mandar Thosar Jan 31, 2017

SharePoint to simplify your marketing efforts

Microsoft SharePoint is preferably known for its collaboration tool and content management system. But are you aware that SharePoint can also help you in ...

By Mandar Thosar Jan 30, 2017

User authentication & access privilege checking in AngularJS application


By Ashwini Eksambekar Jan 30, 2017

Technology news from around the globe - Week 4, 2017

Cloud to be considered as topmost priority

By Corporate Jan 27, 2017

Insightful tips CIOs must not ignore in 2017

CIOs of enterprises are under tremendous pressure to innovate and evolve according to the ever changing business dynamics. CIOs have to constantly look for ...

By Nidhi Thakkar Jan 27, 2017

Smart Classrooms : Futuristic education in the present day with IoT

Classrooms were one of the places that stayed relatively untouched by technological revolution. Sure, there were computers and projectors that came along. ...

By Abhishek Mishra Jan 26, 2017

Google starts testing Instant Apps

Google at last made its much awaited announcement to take its first steps on what it had promised at last year’s Google I/O developer conference - the ...

By Bharadwaj Satbhai Jan 25, 2017

5 reasons enterprises should migrate to SharePoint 2016

On 4th May 2016, Microsoft announced the readiness of SharePoint 2016 server having an ability for on-premise content and collaboration. With the new release, ...

By Mandar Thosar Jan 25, 2017

Salesforce considerations for CIOs

Salesforce has been a real boon to businesses. Also, over the years Salesforce has improved and have taken the concept of CRM to another level. In the business ...

By Nidhi Thakkar Jan 24, 2017

Digital Commerce: 10 user engagement strategies

In today’s digital world, it has become highly essential for enterprises to implement wide-ranging strategies to engage with users in significant manner. ...

By Mandar Thosar Jan 23, 2017

Packer 0.12.1

What is Packer?

  • Packer is an open source, lightweight tool created by Hashicorp that runs on most of the major operating systems
  • It is used to create machine ...

By Nikhil Garge Jan 23, 2017

e-Zest to embark new beginning with Philia 2017

The celebration of vibrant event Philia continues! Philia, the annual event of e-Zest provides an opportunity for everyone to come together and celebrate ...

By Corporate Jan 20, 2017

Tech stories handpicked for you - Week 03, 2017

Cloud intelligence to unlock new aspects of cloud

By Corporate Jan 20, 2017

What’s next for SharePoint 2016?

After waiting for such a long time, SharePoint 2016 is finally out. If you have been using SharePoint 2013 for a while, you might wonder what’s so different ...

By Vikram Pendse Jan 16, 2017

Digital commerce: It’s time for enterprises to rethink!

Digital commerce has taken the world by storm and there is just no stopping it. However, digital commerce is also reshaping business models by discarding ...

By Mandar Thosar Jan 14, 2017

Tech story roundup - Week 02, 2017

Cloud to save cost and reduce stress of on-premise IT 

Cloud has been a real boon to businesses especially, the small and medium ones. Absolutely, a ...

By Corporate Jan 13, 2017

RethinkDB: Introduction

What is Rethink DB?

By Ajinkya Falke Jan 13, 2017

Mobile payments - Will this industry be able to cope with the digital commerce trends?

If we compare past decade with present, the actual retail markets gain their profit from digital stream instead of physically present stores, and this is going ...

By Mandar Thosar Jan 13, 2017

Points to remember by businesses while implementing Salesforce

Salesforce is for every business. Whether you are selling clothes, cars or pizza, Salesforce is required by every segment of the workforce. Over the years, ...

By Nidhi Thakkar Jan 12, 2017

Integrating Twilio in Azure Web App for Phone and SMS

In line of business apps or large enterprise apps you must have seen some automation for sharing feedback over email and connecting over Live Chat. Phone ...

By Vikram Pendse Jan 12, 2017

SharePoint - Simplifying the life of government

SharePoint is one of the widely used platform, especially in the government sector, because of its collaboration and content management features. SharePoint ...

By Nidhi Thakkar Jan 11, 2017

Mobile app security: Introduction

Mobile application security is nearly zero today.Mobile technology has been the next big innovation that has been driving tremendous benefit and value in IT ...

By Kuldeep Shinde Jan 11, 2017

Interesting Digital Commerce trends for 2017

2017 is finally here and the d-commerce business is already on rise. There is no harm in saying that digital commerce has a bright future and it is likely to ...

By Mandar Thosar Jan 10, 2017

How to develop a successful e-Commerce portal?

e-Commerce shops are starting at a rapid pace and shutting with a similar pace. Ever wondered why such initiatives fade away in competition? A simple reason is ...

By Gaurav Kabra Jan 10, 2017

Deploying SharePoint in Azure

Are you considering upgrading your SharePoint platform? Are you thinking which cloud environment will be a suitable option for SharePoint? The answer is ...

By Mandar Thosar Jan 09, 2017

Tech stories handpicked for you - Week 01, 2017

Focusing on bare-metal servers in cloud 

By Corporate Jan 06, 2017

Puppet for beginners installation and configuration in Ubuntu 14.04


By Rohidas Bagul Jan 06, 2017

Why Salesforce is considered as best CRM by the businesses?

Are you in some sort of business and you have to interact and connect with lots of people? Is it true, a lot of bustle is happening around you? You work hard ...

By Nidhi Thakkar Jan 05, 2017

Launching an e-commerce site

As per Forrester research B2B e-Commerce forecast, 2015 to 2020, the share of total B2B sales will rise from 8.5% in 2014 to 12.1 % in 2020. Many ...

By Teena Gupta Jan 02, 2017

Tech story roundup - Week 53, 2016

Cloud computing will continue to flourishAmazon Web Services is taking over the computing world including servers, data storage and also impacting the ...

By Corporate Dec 30, 2016

IoT and e-Learning

The Internet of Things has been taking almost every industry by a jolt. If Gartner’s prediction of 25 billion connected things by 2020 is anything to go by ...

By Abhishek Mishra Dec 30, 2016

Marketing and Sales collaboration results business through intelligence

Industries often faces challenges in identifying qualified prospects. This has been occurring quite frequently in this competitive market and the main reason ...

By Abhishek Nag Dec 29, 2016

SharePoint enabling corporate communications

Organizations usually consider SharePoint applications for complex internal purposes, because of the wide-range features offered by it. These features include ...

By Mandar Thosar Dec 29, 2016

Difference between various view libraries with their reviews

Every other week there is evolution of new JavaScript library taking the web community by storm! The web community is increasingly getting energetic, diverse ...

By Komal Thamke Dec 28, 2016

When is the right moment to rebuild your software product?

With the technological evolution, a lot of frameworks and languages are been launched and discarded simultaneously. Furthermore, various tools and techniques ...

By Shailesh Kulkarni Dec 28, 2016

Understanding the e-Commerce space

In the ongoing boom in the e-commerce industry, new players are joining the race every new day and several are shutting down as well. But the race is on, and ...

By Gaurav Kabra Dec 27, 2016

Switching to automation testing

Fruitful testing is the key for successful project. However, managing and running tests manually can be waste of time and money. That’s why many organizations ...

By Sachin Shinde Dec 27, 2016

Assistive technologies enabling specially-abled

For people with disabilities, assistive technologies can be extremely beneficial. Assistive technologies offer solution for disabled people by making them ...

By Abhishek Mishra Dec 26, 2016

Tech story roundup - Week 52, 2016

This Christmas, leverage cloud to manage your data

By Corporate Dec 23, 2016

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) - Making technology smarter

Robotic Process Automation is one of the emerging technologies in the digital era. It is an application of technology having proficiency in artificial ...

By Shraddha Nistane Dec 23, 2016

The Science of Managing Projects in IT

Organizations strive to achieve successful completion and implementation of the projects, while there are several hurdles and bottlenecks to be cleared while ...

By Gaurav Kabra Dec 23, 2016

4 reasons why hybrid SharePoint 2016 is best for your business?

Considering past conferences, Microsoft clearly supported its cloud-first strategy. Microsoft articulated that cloud will pave the way for innovation, ...

By Nidhi Thakkar Dec 22, 2016


OWASP ZAP is an open-source web security testing tool, used for detecting vulnerabilities in web applications.ZAP provides you with configured automated ...

By Kishore Bhamare Dec 22, 2016

Code Reuse – Why too much is too bad?

Reusable code is considered as an important entity in the world of programming. Not writing the same piece of code again and again, instead moving ahead with ...

By Shailesh Kulkarni Dec 21, 2016

How Compensation leads to Organizational Competitiveness

Compensation can be a two-edged sword if it is not managed properly

By Jyoti Singh Dec 20, 2016

Best practices which can boost SharePoint performance

SharePoint one of the widely accepted product by Microsoft which is an excellent collaboration platform. However, application performance is very vital for ...

By Mandar Thosar Dec 20, 2016

Responsive design driving the mobile learning industry

Considering the last decade, adoption of mobile devices has increased rapidly. There is hardly any industry not leveraging the benefits offered by mobile ...

By Abhishek Mishra Dec 19, 2016

Agile approach for Fixed Price projects

Agile today has become a key project management methodology across industries as it is convenient and beneficial for customers as well as vendors.

By Suryakant Lokhande Dec 19, 2016

Tech stories handpicked for you - Week 51, 2016

6 important things to consider for a seamless cloud migration

By Corporate Dec 16, 2016

SharePoint Non-HA Farm on Azure

This blog contains the information about setting up the infrastructure for SharePoint Non-HA Farm on Azure IaaS Virtual Machines (VM). SharePoint Non-HA ...

By Vikram Pendse Dec 16, 2016

Moving your SharePoint workload to Azure – Things you should know

SharePoint is the backbone of majority of enterprises today and has become an integral part of daily business for many. SharePoint is not just used as ...

By Vikram Pendse Dec 15, 2016

Introduction to TypeScript

IntroductionIn this article we are going to learn TypeScript. Definition of TypeScript its purpose and also a simple “Hello World” example.

By Jeetendra Gund Dec 14, 2016

Emerging Technologies That Will Drive The Next Technology Wave

Among the technologies that will drive the next big technology wave, we bring you emerging technologies that will change businesses and enterprises of all ...

By Devendra Deshmukh Dec 13, 2016

Points to contemplate before automation testing

In recent years, automation testing within software industry has transformed at all stages. Irrespective of its popularity, a lot of difference has been ...

By Kirti Mansabdar Dec 13, 2016

Mobile learning – Dodge misconceptions and welcome possibilities

Mobile learning is still a fresh concept to lot of people and hence they are bit skeptical about the benefits offered by it. The misconceptions are hampering ...

By Abhishek Mishra Dec 12, 2016

AngularJS Modularization & Dependency Injection

AngularJS provides a built-in dependency injection mechanism. Using dependency injection mechanism you can split your application into multiple different types ...

By Sudha Thorat Dec 12, 2016

Tech story roundup - Week 50, 2016

Cloud security: What advantages it has to offer?Considering the previous scenarios and survey reports, cloud security has always been an issue for ...

By Corporate Dec 09, 2016

Building the perfect healthcare web experience

There are mobile apps for a lot of healthcare products that do great things. There are desktop apps as well that run patient monitoring, clinic management ...

By Abhishek Mishra Dec 08, 2016

Moving your SCORM courses to mobile

SCORM is one of the popular standards widely adopted in LMS industry. However with propagation of new technologies, learners are keen to leverage mobile ...

By Abhishek Mishra Dec 06, 2016

SharePoint for making organizational learning more effective

Microsoft SharePoint is considered as one of the emerging collaborative and content management platform. However, utilizing SharePoint for learning and ...

By Mandar Thosar Dec 04, 2016

Why government organizations should embrace mobile learning?

Government organizations usually go through a lot of pressure because of the challenges faced in adopting technology and skills related to it. Furthermore, ...

By Sonal Borkar Dec 03, 2016

Technology news from around the globe - Week 49, 2016

By Corporate Dec 02, 2016

Demonetization impact on IT Industry

In an attempt to tackle counterfeit currency and the malaises it creates within the economy, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 8th November 2016 announced ...

By Devendra Deshmukh Dec 01, 2016

Organizational Psychology

No, it is not rocket science!!

By Padmaja Huprikar Nov 30, 2016

Jenkins: DevOps perspective


By Vishal Dorage Nov 29, 2016

Delivering Value along with SharePoint Project

Generally, when a client demanding SharePoint solution approaches a SharePoint solution provider, he is sceptical and have lot of queries such as - whether the ...

By Nidhi Thakkar Nov 28, 2016

Mobile technology advancing government organizations

The world is going mobile! It is now the reality that most population in the world is using mobile devices and it has become one of the primary way of living. ...

By Nidhi Thakkar Nov 26, 2016

Technology stories you cannot miss – Week 48, 2016

By Corporate Nov 25, 2016

6 points why government organizations should consider SharePoint solutions

SharePoint, an excellent collaboration platform is used by numerous organizations to manage their tasks and resources efficiently. It is considered as one ...

By Nidhi Thakkar Nov 25, 2016

The ObjectAid UML Explorer for STS/Eclipse


By Sandeep Patidar Nov 24, 2016

5 key advantages of applying mobile analytics to your app

With proliferation of apps in mobile marketplace, tracking number of app downloads might not be sufficient to measure success of developed app. Defining ...

By Nidhi Thakkar Nov 24, 2016

Troubleshooting with Nginx

  • Introduction

What is Nginx?

By Anagha Thorat Nov 22, 2016

Importing data from Excel to SQL database table directly

There are many instances where you might be developing an application, but you want some seed data or business data to be populated into a table in SQL ...

By Md Shahzad Adil Nov 21, 2016

Tech story roundup - Week 47, 2016

By Corporate Nov 18, 2016

How to get Agile right – Part 2

My previous blog was about, how agile beginners should follow rules to make agile right instead of implementing their own perceptions and concepts. Now let’s ...

By Nidhi Thakkar Nov 17, 2016

Role of augmented reality in mobile learning

Augmented reality, known as AR is one of the hot topics in software development paradigm. So what is augmented reality? AR is a concept which offers live view ...

By Nidhi Thakkar Nov 16, 2016

How to get Agile right?

Agile methodology is one of the most popular methodologies adopted by C-suite executives to meet the ever-changing development requirements. It is a method ...

By Nidhi Thakkar Nov 16, 2016

Modernizing IT systems should be every CIOs business priority

In the current times we are living in, one ought to maintain some awareness of what’s happening in the world of technology, especially in the world of emerging ...

By Sneha Nov 15, 2016

Tech stories handpicked for you - Week 46, 2016

By Corporate Nov 11, 2016

Boto3 with Python3+

Python3+:Python3 has released new version from core python. They have improved a lot of functionalities in Python3. I will not give a brief explanation of new ...

By Prasannasingh Bayas Nov 11, 2016

Why reusability of software components is essential?

While developing a complex software, programmers or software developers require immense knowledge and brain-storming. Absolutely, their natural tendency to ...

By Nidhi Thakkar Nov 11, 2016

Considerations beyond just connectivity for IoT

The speed with which IoT enabled connected things are proliferating, and companies willing to tap this potential, it’s no longer an assumption that an IoT ...

By Devendra Deshmukh Nov 10, 2016

Effective Routing & Navigation in AngularJS Application

AngularUI Router is a routing framework for AngularJS, mainly developed to improve as well as enhance routing capabilities. It allows us to well organize the ...

By Ashwini Eksambekar Nov 09, 2016

The promise of Blockchain in healthcare

The dream of any healthcare CIO is to have ubiquitous electronic health record system. But as we have seen in my previous blogs, the same is not easy on the ...

By Mandar Thosar Nov 07, 2016

Tech stories making news – Week 45, 2016

By Corporate Nov 04, 2016

e-Zest Reappraised At CMMI Maturity Level 3

Pune, 26 October, 2016 - e-Zest, a global software services company, announced that the company has been reappraised as fully compliant at Maturity Level 3 ...

By Corporate Nov 04, 2016

Hire the attitude, Train the skills

Yes, it is very well said that - You can’t build a successful company without great people. Now the question arises is - How do we categories or understand ...

By Jyoti Singh Nov 01, 2016

Technology news from around the globe - Week 44, 2016

By Corporate Oct 28, 2016

Accounts Receivables (AR) – A proactive approach

During discussion with my colleagues in finance and accounts function, I came to know about the issues faced by the organization due to payments not made by ...

By Rajendra Babtiwale Oct 25, 2016

Technology stories you cannot miss – Week 43, 2016

By Corporate Oct 21, 2016

IT innovations- enabler of 'Cure to Care' Healthcare transformation

Recent innovations in IT like internet of things (IoT), Sensors, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Big Data and Predictive Analytics all ...

By Devendra Deshmukh Oct 21, 2016

Importance of Positive & Negative Scenarios in Testing

Testing is a vital part of project delivery that it has become unthinkable to neglect or spend less time on it. There are so many ways to test an application; ...

By Kirti Mansabdar Oct 20, 2016

Thoughts on Microsoft Ignite 2016 Conference

When we talk about tech conferences, Microsoft Ignite always steals away the spotlight. This time the Ignite 2016 unveiled a lot of new things related to ...

By Girish Chandra Oct 19, 2016

Integration of AWS CodeCommit, Jenkins and SonarQube

What is AWS Codecommit?

By Chetan Zade Oct 19, 2016

Apache vs Nginx

Today, the two most amazing open source servers, Apache HTTP and Nginx are ruling the internet world. Apache being the oldest is being used on large scale ...

By Prasannasingh Bayas Oct 18, 2016

Installation of a JDK1.8 on Linux

We use JVM (Java Virtual Machine) for different tools in today’s technological world. Also, there are different versions of JVM released till now. JDK1.8.0 is ...

By Ajinkya Falke Oct 17, 2016

Tech story roundup - Week 42, 2016

By Corporate Oct 14, 2016

Patient matching strategies

For healthcare IT to function properly, it is very important that healthcare entities are certain about the patient data being referred while treating the ...

By Mandar Thosar Oct 14, 2016

AngularJS Custom Directives

AngularJs directives are used for extending HTML. AngularJS provides several built-in directives like ng-controller, ng-repeat, ng-app, ng-model, ng-show, ...

By Sudha Thorat Oct 13, 2016

AngularJS Routes

AngularJS routes allow you to create different URLs for different information and content in your application. Different URLs for different information and ...

By Tejaswini Jadhav Oct 11, 2016

Tech stories handpicked for you - Week 41, 2016

By Corporate Oct 07, 2016

Realising a dream - “Technology to enable affordable healthcare for masses”

Delighted that e-Zest’s strategic investment got series A funding, congratulations Neurosynaptic! This has been an exemplary contribution towards our dream ...

By Shrikant Shingane Oct 07, 2016

A quick low down on everything about Google hardware event

In a seemingly largest announcement on hardware, Google recently unveiled its interesting array of devices as well as services on October 4 in San Francisco. ...

By Sneha Oct 06, 2016

Windows Azure Backup

Azure Backup, a cloud based backup solution for Windows which lets the users to take backup of files and folders at offsite cloud storage in Windows Azure. ...

By Vikram Pendse Oct 06, 2016

Using AngularJS with Pentaho Dashboard

Pre Requisite: Knowledge of AngularJS is needed.

By Anuradha Bankar Oct 04, 2016

Equipping your mobile workforce

Gone are the days when workers functioned while sitting at the office desk. Nowadays, the scenario is totally contrasting because of the proliferation of ...

By Jaywant Deshpande Oct 04, 2016

Java Messaging Service (JMS)

Following JMS providers has been taken into consideration:

By Amit Zambad Oct 03, 2016

Tech stories making news – Week 40, 2016

By Corporate Sep 30, 2016

Setup Apache Basic Authentication for your website

Apache is most popular web server used nowadays. It is open-source software developed by Apache Software Foundation.

By Amit Tidke Sep 28, 2016

The quest of applying Agile in offshore software development world

Hackathon Pune 2016 was a rather exciting week for us at e-Zest. There has been such a huge response and so many cross pollination of ideas during our recent ...

By Corporate Sep 26, 2016

Automation using Selenium WebDriver Frameworks

Frameworks help to structure our code and make the maintenance process easy. Without frameworks we will place all our code and data in same place which is ...

By Uddhav Naik Sep 26, 2016

SharePoint UX - Why it is vital?

Today, ample of organizations are skeptical to adopt the SharePoint platform considering user experience (UX) as one of the main reasons. They are ...

By Nidhi Thakkar Sep 25, 2016

Migrate to seamless AngularJS 2.0

Based on the new creativities and innovations, lot of parameters have reformed the frontend world. Programming languages, newer versions and frameworks have ...

By Corporate Sep 24, 2016

Technology news from around the globe - Week 39, 2016

By Corporate Sep 23, 2016

M-learning to become primary way of learning

The transformation in the paradigm of learning methodologies has been intriguing. It started with blackboard learning moving to e-learning and then to ...

By Nidhi Thakkar Sep 23, 2016

Partners - Channels and Alliances Roles and Responsibilities

We have been discussing about partners – channels and alliances in my previous blogs posts. However, the question is who does what or rather how the roles ...

By Abhishek Nag Sep 23, 2016

Why Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plan is important in IT?

Business continuity and disaster recovery are essential measures of the risk management for an organization. Irrespective of the industry, any unheralded event ...

By Sonal Borkar Sep 21, 2016

Issues with patient matching

Ask a practitioner the importance of medical history of a patient. And a seasoned practitioner will tell you If as a practitioner you have access to complete ...

By Mandar Thosar Sep 20, 2016

Technology stories you cannot miss – Week 38, 2016

By Corporate Sep 16, 2016

Cloud Security Concerns for CIOs

Owing to the rapid developments in technology, cloud computing has become an integral part of the enterprises. Cloud offers enormous benefits like agility ...

By Amol Pande Sep 15, 2016

Implementing or Transforming Your Enterprise Architecture: Prioritization

I have been reading up on ways to go about enterprise architecture. A few links later, I stumbled upon a well-explained article from Microsoft on the same ...

By Abhishek Mishra Sep 14, 2016

Wearable health data and HIPAA

How many of us believe that data collected through wearable devices like Fitbit or Apple Watch is covered by HIPAA? How many of us think that it should be ...

By Mandar Thosar Sep 13, 2016

How to track and monitor enterprise project progress?

Enterprise software projects are difficult to manage under certain circumstances. Project managers should spend a significant amount of time in anticipating ...

By Sonal Borkar Sep 12, 2016

Why digitization value rest heavily on the cloud!

Gone are the days when cloud was a thing of future. Forbes estimates that by 2020, close to 62 percent of companies will have technology solutions that is ...

By Devendra Deshmukh Sep 12, 2016

Technology news handpicked for you - Week 37, 2016

By Corporate Sep 09, 2016

Interoperability is the cornerstone of modern healthcare systems

Healthcare customers constantly look for a breakthrough in capabilities which can bring competitive edge and higher efficiency of operations to their ...

By Mandar Thosar Sep 09, 2016

Big Data is profoundly changing business functions

Big Data is the latest buzzword in the business world and its benefits are being publicized by every business professional. It is being used extensively by ...

By Sonal Borkar Sep 08, 2016

Non-linear scale of growth with Big Data

The riddle most companies want to solve desperately is "how to increase margins while giving better services to clients?" And if they want to keep the ...

By Mandar Thosar Sep 07, 2016

Emotional Intelligence – Key Factor in Organization’s Success

Human Resource is an explicit part of any organization. HR attracts talent which also contributes towards the growth of the company. Humans are incredibly ...

By Priya Jadhav Sep 06, 2016

Tech story roundup - Week 36, 2016

By Corporate Sep 02, 2016

Tech Stories making the rounds - Week 35, 2016

By Corporate Aug 26, 2016

Strategic Alliances over Conventional Alliances

Alliances have become an integral part of IT service providers in order to achieve and sustain a competitive world. If two companies or entities join forces ...

By Abhishek Nag Aug 25, 2016

Patient education – A important component of patient care journey

Patient education in modern healthcare is a great tool to gain positive outcome from your patient’s care path. In this brief write up, I am sharing some of the ...

By Debanjan Purkayastha Aug 24, 2016

In Memory Cache Framework

What is In Memory Cache?

By Amit Zambad Aug 23, 2016

Bridging the Digital Divide Part II – Why is it so important to cross the Digital Divide?

In the previous blog, you read about the Digital Divide, its effects and why and how mainly it is increasingly becoming a social issue.

By Sneha Aug 22, 2016

Technology news from around the globe - Week 34, 2016

By Corporate Aug 19, 2016

Azure Security Center

Microsoft Azure is a public cloud computing platform which can create, deploy and manage applications over the internet or in a private network. It provides ...

By Vikram Pendse Aug 18, 2016

Bridging the Digital Divide Part 1 - The Global Digital Divide

Well! Before the beginning of 20th century, digital divide meant a gap between those with and without telephone accessibility; after the late 90s this was ...

By Sneha Aug 18, 2016

Patient Engagement – Key components of your strategy

With healthcare delivery expanding from clinics to homecare settings, the experience of patients is up for change. Globally whatever your delivery setting are, ...

By Debanjan Purkayastha Aug 15, 2016

Tech stories handpicked for you - Week 33, 2016

By Corporate Aug 12, 2016

Azure everywhere workshop by Microsoft and e-Zest

Are you looking forward to discover how Microsoft Azure can help in scaling your business and provide flexibility by making your IT systems productive and ...

By Vikram Pendse Aug 12, 2016

Rise of Premium Boutique IT firms

Digital technology is rapidly transforming the way industries function and how leaders and organizations can respond. Selling on value over price is therefore ...

By Devendra Deshmukh Aug 12, 2016

Celebrating Sweet 16!

On the same day 16 years back, little did we know that our passion for technology driven solutions would take us through such a wonderful journey. On this ...

By Corporate Aug 11, 2016

Myths of Azure Security & Privacy of Data


Microsoft Azure, one of the leading cloud platforms, offers individual customers, startups and large enterprises to manage and deploy applications and ...

By Vikram Pendse Aug 08, 2016

Technology stories you cannot miss – Week 32, 2016

By Corporate Aug 05, 2016

Automation testing from Selenium IDE to WebDriver

Scripts recorded in Selenium IDE can be easily transferred to and run from the WebDriver. You just have to export the test case from IDE in your preferred ...

By Uddhav Naik Aug 04, 2016

Value Based Care – A shift from traditional volume to outcome driven incentives

There is no apathy in the world bigger than not being able to serve a patient because of commercial reasons. The world of healthcare has evolved a long way, ...

By Debanjan Purkayastha Aug 03, 2016

Technology news from around the globe - Week 31, 2016

By Corporate Jul 29, 2016

Strategic Alliances – A modern sales approach for IT

Most of the IT companies usually follows the traditional sales pattern, starting with prospecting and ending with new customer referrals. But, understanding ...

By Abhishek Nag Jul 28, 2016

Revolution in e-Prescribing space

e-Prescribing has been gaining lot of momentum worldwide. While US has been the early adopters of e-Prescriptions, primarily because of the well-known ...

By Debanjan Purkayastha Jul 27, 2016

Tech stories making news – Week 30, 2016

By Corporate Jul 22, 2016

Cloud as a vehicle for India’s IT led development

There has been a major transformation in the Indian IT ecosystem, the adoption of cloud computing. Cloud computing offers a lot of business benefits like ...

By Amol Pande Jul 20, 2016

Tech story roundup - Week 29, 2016

By Corporate Jul 15, 2016

Will bots bring an end to Front-end?

Recently, everyone around is talking about “bots.” It’s the new paradigm in the world of technology. Though, we are in early stage of the bot technology, it ...

By Devendra Deshmukh Jul 13, 2016

Technology news handpicked for you - Week 28, 2016

By Corporate Jul 08, 2016

Application performance testing for modern world

Majority of applications today are designed and built to run over internet and in different browsers, across multiple devices. This creates many more reason ...

By Madhav Deshpande Jul 05, 2016

Why Should You Come to Microsoft WPC?

Why shouldn’t you? A world partner conference which is nothing short of a carnival where tech-enthusiasts hailing from Microsoft-partners come to make and ...

By Girish Chandra Jul 05, 2016

#HackathonPune 2016 by Fresco Capital and e-Zest Pune - A new beginning in the IT Innovation hub of Pune

#HackathonPune, a 24-Hours coding competition, received a thunderous response with hundreds of software geeks and start-up people across the country ...

By Corporate Jul 04, 2016

Technology news from around the globe - Week 27, 2016

By Corporate Jul 01, 2016

#HackathonPune Highlights – Day 2

Day one of our #HackathonPune was so much fun, thanks to the peppy band performance and enthusiasm of the participants.

By Corporate Jun 25, 2016

#HacakthonPune Highlights – Day 1

The Hackathon event on Friday, 24th June has moved full steam ahead this evening with lamp lighting ceremony and opening speech by Stephen Forte and Vishwas ...

By Corporate Jun 24, 2016

Tech Stories making the rounds - Week 26, 2016

By Corporate Jun 24, 2016

JMeter Plugins Manager

Apache JMeter Plugin community, recently launched JMeter Plugins Manager. The actual purpose of this is to easily install / uninstall JMeter plugins using ...

By Kishore Bhamare Jun 21, 2016

Technology stories you cannot miss – Week 25, 2016

By Corporate Jun 17, 2016

Tech stories for you – Week 24, 2016

By Corporate Jun 10, 2016

Why Hackathon is worth giving a shot?









e-Zest is hosting its #HackathonPune 2016. It’s giving an opportunity to the developers to explore and build amazing stuff.

By Nidhi Thakkar Jun 07, 2016

Continuous Performance Testing

Continuous Performance Testing is the process of executing performance tests, scripts as part of the software delivery to obtain immediate feedback on the ...

By Kishore Bhamare Jun 06, 2016

Tech story roundup - Week 23, 2016

Cloud - Integral asset for enterprises

By Corporate Jun 03, 2016

Hichert chart in MicroStrategy

What is HICHERT®SUCCESS?Prof Dr. Rolf Hichert wanted to make business communication most successful. He initiated the SUCCESS formula of the International ...

By Anuradha Bankar Jun 02, 2016

Your Journey from Flash to HTML5-and-mobile

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.

By Abhishek Mishra Jun 01, 2016

How to write/create Unit Test in Angularjs 2.0 using jasmine core

In this blog I have used Angular RC1 latest upgraded version to implement unit testing using jasmine core.

By Aarti Shinde May 31, 2016

Migrate Wordpress website to HubSpot

Already using HubSpot for Inbound marketing? If yes, this gives you all reasons to move over to HubSpot CMS.

By Faisal May 30, 2016

Tech stories handpicked for you - Week 22, 2016

Top considerations for choosing a cloud provider

By Corporate May 27, 2016

Migrating your WordPress blog to HubSpot

Migration of blog does not require any coding knowledge. HubSpot has made it so simple that even a naive can easily understand and migrate to HubSpot.

Here ...

By Faisal May 27, 2016

Connecting to Magento API with Pentaho ETL (Spoon)

Magento is a popular open-source e-commerce platform which is highly customizable and has all the features to build a shopping website. Quite often Magento ...

By Anuradha Bankar May 26, 2016

Preparing for WordPress-to-HubSpot migration

Before upgrading to HubSpot, I must tell you that WordPress is an amazing CMS. WordPress offers a great flexibility to deal with various functionalities ...

By Faisal May 25, 2016

10 most common mistakes while managing Azure cloud

The process of managing the Azure cloud can run smoother if enterprises or individuals avoid these 10 mistakes.

By Vikram Pendse May 24, 2016

10 most common mistakes you should avoid while managing AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a collection of cloud computing services, also known as web services that make up a cloud platform. AWS provides an amazing ...

By Amit Tidke May 23, 2016

Tech stories making the rounds - Week 21, 2016

By Corporate May 20, 2016

What’s new in JMeter 3.0?

The Apache Software Foundation has released JMeter Version 3.0 with several new features and improvements.

By Kishore Bhamare May 19, 2016

Big data for today’s organizations


Over last two decades organizations have moved from ‘hunch’ to ‘number crunch’. I have known some organizations who now stress more on social sentiment ...

By Mandar Thosar May 18, 2016

Bimodal IT or Business Technology

The role of CIOs is evolving owing to ever changing IT. Soon, the CIOs will have to take up new challenges in order to respond to ever-changing market ...

By Devendra Deshmukh May 17, 2016

Moving ahead with digital transformation

Digital transformation refers to the revolution associated with the process of digital technology. The transformation in the digital technology enables ...

By Nidhi Thakkar May 16, 2016

Technology news from around the globe - Week 20, 2016

By Corporate May 13, 2016

Will 4 inch screen become a starting point for mobile app development?

Steve Jobs believed that ‘phones should match the ergonomics of your hand’. That's the reason Apple started off with smaller screen but then moved to bigger ...

By Bharadwaj Satbhai May 11, 2016

Pass command line arguments from InstallShield/MSI installer to custom action EXE

With Visual Studio a lot of things have changed especially after they have dropped the support for setup projects and instead promoting InstallShield for ...

By Md Shahzad Adil May 10, 2016

How to move ARM Virtual Machine into Availability Set?

As per the Microsoft’s standard documentation "Availability Set" refers to two or more Virtual Machines deployed across different Fault Domains to avoid a ...

By Viresh Mathapati May 09, 2016

Technology Stories You Should Not Miss - Week 19, 2016

By Corporate May 06, 2016

Road ahead for SharePoint Server 2016

Microsoft announced SharePoint Server 2016 on May 4, 2016 at ‘Future of SharePoint’ event. New SharePoint boasts hybrid capabilities that allow on-premise ...

By Girish Chandra May 05, 2016

Android emulators for Windows 10

Virtualisation is a mature technology today. Hypervisor like technologies afford the guest OS to be agnostic to the underlying hardware. All hardware access ...

By Madhav Deshpande May 03, 2016

Tech story roundup - Week 18, 2016

By Corporate Apr 29, 2016

Technology stories you cannot miss – Week 17, 2016

By Corporate Apr 22, 2016

5 common reasons for SharePoint implementation failure

We all live in hyper content world. With digital revolution that has started since Turing machine has caught up everybody and every organization. The volume ...

By Girish Chandra Apr 21, 2016

The Journey of Quality Management System (QMS) towards Business Management System (BMS)

ISO 9001:2015 standard is now arrived and it is one more step towards revolution in the QMS implementation. Actually there are many transformations in the ...

By Supriya Acharya Apr 19, 2016

Offline Avenues for Vocational Training

Vocational training has always been at the forefront in empowering people with real skills. Skills that start winning the bread, soon after they are injected ...

By Abhishek Mishra Apr 18, 2016

Technology news handpicked for you - Week 16, 2016

By Corporate Apr 15, 2016

Office 365 Video- The next content wave!

With increasing camera pixels, 4k recording capability, declining storage cost and increasing bandwidth video is going to be the popular form of content. ...

By Girish Chandra Apr 14, 2016

IoT becoming mainstream

From time immemorial, “action at a distance” has attracted humans. All combat related developments have focused on maximizing the destructive impact of action ...

By Madhav Deshpande Apr 12, 2016

Connectors for Outlook Groups: Live connected world

The real value of enterprise applications is in its ability to integrate with other applications. This allows data to flow from one system to another ...

By Girish Chandra Apr 11, 2016

Technology stories you cannot miss – Week 15, 2016

By Corporate Apr 08, 2016

Technology news from around the globe - Week 14, 2016

By Corporate Apr 01, 2016

Microsoft Build Conference 2016 – Quick update

Microsoft's Build developer conference is an event which is looked up by every Microsoft professional across the globe. This is big and famous event from ...

By Mandar Thosar Mar 31, 2016

Technology news from around the globe - Week 13, 2016

By Corporate Mar 25, 2016

e-Zest shows the road to the digital future at CeBIT 2016

Hall 06, Stand B18 was buzzing at the recently concluded CeBIT 2016 at Hannover Germany. The e-Zest booth captured the interest of a lot of participants with ...

By Corporate Mar 21, 2016

Technology stories handpicked for you Week 12, 2016

By Corporate Mar 18, 2016

Give a new lease of life to Enterprise Systems

By Abhishek Mishra Mar 17, 2016

How to get started with Product Modernization for Healthcare?

Most healthcare companies today are thinking about reengineering their solutions for the digital era. However, they are not quite sure where to get started ...

By Debanjan Purkayastha Mar 14, 2016

e-Zest to showcase D!conomy offerings at CeBIT 2016

CeBIT is the place where you can truly appreciate the impact of digitization on the economy and society. Labelled D!conomy, the lead theme of CeBIT 2016 puts a ...

By Corporate Mar 14, 2016

Tech stories making news – Week 11, 2016

Three common cloud mistakes to avoid

Many businesses are embracing the cloud. However, it is important to perform due diligence and avoid common mistakes. ...

By Corporate Mar 11, 2016

Tech stories making news – Week 10, 2016

By Corporate Mar 04, 2016

e-Zest to showcase its Digital Experience Engineering prowess at CeBIT 2016

After successfully participating in CeBIT 2015, e-Zest is all set to showcase their digital experience engineering prowess once again at Europe’s biggest IT ...

By Corporate Mar 01, 2016

Tech stories for you – Week 9, 2016

By Corporate Feb 26, 2016

Control your costs with Microsoft Azure

There are many public and private cloud computing platforms available today. While you evaluate the features and abilities of each of these platforms for your ...

By Girish Chandra Feb 24, 2016

Achieve Digital Transformation with Azure Cloud

According to a recent survey by IDC, two-thirds of CEOs across the world will have digital transformation as a key agenda for their business. And why not? ...

By Girish Chandra Feb 24, 2016

Why should CEOs invest in Microsoft Azure?

Azure, Microsoft’s cloud computing platform, has truly set the cloud game on fire. Offering an increasingly growing collection of integrated services, ...

By Girish Chandra Feb 20, 2016

Technology stories handpicked for you – Week 8, 2016

By Corporate Feb 19, 2016

Integration of Jasper Report – PHP CodeIgniter Web Framework

If you are dealing with billing or management projects where reporting is required with simple pdf formatted files, you need a quick way to interact with ...

By Archana Mulye Feb 18, 2016

App Transport Security: A Primer

App Transport Security has blocked a cleartext HTTP (http://) resource load since it is insecure. Temporary exceptions can be configured via your app's ...

By Amey Jagtap Feb 17, 2016

e-Zest successfully showcases SCORM Offline Player in Learning Technologies Exhibition 2016

e-Zest successfully participated in the recently held Learning Technologies (LT) Exhibition and Conference 2016 in Olympia, London. The event is the largest, ...

By Corporate Feb 16, 2016

Technology stories you cannot miss – Week 7, 2016

By Corporate Feb 12, 2016

e-Zest celebrates Bloggers Party 2015

In order to celebrate the spirit of blogging, e-Zest celebrated the annual Bloggers Party today. Themed on The Justice League, the event recognized the ...

By Corporate Feb 11, 2016

How to get started with Digital Experience Engineering at your company?

Businesses are increasingly relying on technology for daily activities. Digital solutions can help businesses align with their customer needs and devise newer ...

By Shashank Venkat Feb 08, 2016

Learning Technologies Conference Day 2

The second day of the Learning Technologies conference was marked with more ideas about mobile learning and mobile content delivery. Day 2 was packed with ...

By Corporate Feb 05, 2016

Technology stories you cannot miss – Week 6, 2016

By Corporate Feb 05, 2016

e-Zest sees great traction on Day 1 of Learning Technologies Exhibition

Day 1 of Learning Technologies Exhibition at Olympia, London saw some of the best players in the learning industry, proudly display what they had for the ...

By Corporate Feb 04, 2016

e-Zest to showcase SCORM Offline Player at Learning Technologies conference

e-Zest is set to showcase its SCORM Offline Player at Learning Technologies Conference held in Olympia, London on February 3-4, 2016. The conference is ...

By Corporate Feb 02, 2016

Tech story roundup - Week 05, 2016

By Corporate Jan 29, 2016

Multitasking in iOS 9

Prior to iOS 9, app switching was a tedious task. Earlier, if you were working on one app in the foreground and wanted to open another one, you had to ...

By Swapnali Shinde Jan 28, 2016

Technology stories you cannot miss – Week 4, 2016

By Corporate Jan 22, 2016

Tech story roundup - Week 3, 2016

By Corporate Jan 15, 2016

e-Zest paves a grand beginning to the year with Philia

In what marked a tremendous start to the new year, e-Zest celebrated its annual foundation day fest Philia in grand style at our Hinjewadi premises. The ...

By Corporate Jan 08, 2016

Technology News from around the Globe - Week 2, 2016

By Corporate Jan 08, 2016

How to Build SharePoint Workflows?

By Girish Chandra Jan 07, 2016

Odyssey to the Offshore Development Center (ODC)

By Abhishek Mishra Jan 04, 2016

Your Big Data Future is Safe with Pentaho

In today’s business world, Big Data has become a very key part of strategic business decisions. To make the most out of the available data sources, companies ...

By Shashank Venkat Jan 04, 2016

Tech Story Roundup - Week 01, 2016

By Corporate Jan 01, 2016

Say hello to the new brand e-Zest!

As we all begin the journey towards an exciting new year, e-Zest has also started a journey of its own. We have seen a lot of change over the past 15 years ...

By Devendra Deshmukh Jan 01, 2016

Tutorial: Setting up Cron Job/Task scheduler in Windows

Task scheduler or cron jobs are one of the most efficient ways to automatically make updates in systems or execute specific workflows within a particular ...

By Archana Mulye Dec 31, 2015

Security mechanisms in Azure

AWS offers a security group for virtual machines/subnets. These security groups follow rules which allow/deny access to certain IPs and ports. Similarly, ...

By Kunal Patil Dec 31, 2015

Fiddler for Mobile Application Testing

If you are from the software industry, chances are that you are already familiar with Fiddler which is used for analytics and debugging purposes. The tool ...

By Surabhi Deshpande Dec 31, 2015

Offline Avenues in Blended Learning

Time. Place. Path. Pace.

By Abhishek Mishra Dec 31, 2015

Openfire Server Configuration

What is Openfire?

By Manasi Jahagirdar Dec 31, 2015

Leveraging Agile Expertise for Lean Product Development

In this dynamic world, the requirement for developing software keeps on fluctuating. To match with this changing nature we need to use an approach which ...

By Teena Gupta Dec 30, 2015

Tech story roundup - Week 52, 2015


By Corporate Dec 25, 2015

Mobile Testing: A Primer

A lot of non-IT folks are aware of mobile application development but very few know about the nitty-gritties of mobile testing. With mobile apps growing in ...

By Shruti Mangalvedhe Dec 23, 2015

SSL installation in Tomcat

How to generate a CSR in Tomcat

By Priya Benade Dec 23, 2015

e-Zest awarded the Best Tech Brand 2015 in Enterprise Mobility and Digital Transformation Solutions

e-Zest, a global IT services company, was recently awarded the ‘ET Best Tech Brand 2015 in Enterprise Mobility and Digital Transformation Solutions’ by ...

By Corporate Dec 22, 2015

New Mobile App? – strategize its roadmap

The world has become so technology dependent that one cannot even imagine a minute without any gadget. The electronics are now so well knitted in our daily ...

By Gaurav Kabra Dec 21, 2015

Technology news making the rounds - Week 51, 2015


By Corporate Dec 18, 2015

SEO Primer: Tags Developers should know

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process used to improve the search engine rank of a website. It is done by providing information to search engines ...

By Aarti Shinde Dec 17, 2015

Optimize sql query by using Sql-server Clustered and nonClustered indexes

To store information in sql server we created table and kept information in that table but many times we forget about to create index and due to this it ...

By Manojkumar Soni Dec 17, 2015

e-Zest Ranked Number 421 Fastest Growing Technology Company on the Deloitte Technology Fast 500™ Asia Pacific 2015

Attributes its 107% revenue growth to its use of unique technology for digital transformation

By Corporate Dec 17, 2015

Custom date picker for selecting date range in Ext JS

Ext JS has many fascinating features and components and it continues getting better with time. The interesting part is its ability to create customized ...

By Rupesh Agrawal Dec 16, 2015

Tech story roundup - Week 50, 2015

By Corporate Dec 11, 2015

e-Zest brings you Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends For 2016

As we have seen with social, mobile, cloud, analytics, and big data, enterprise technologies along with innovation and spending constantly evolve. It moves ...

By Corporate Dec 10, 2015

Difference between Azure VM states - Stopped and Stopped (Deallocated)

By Kunal Patil Dec 09, 2015

Tech stories making the news - Week 49, 2015

By Corporate Dec 04, 2015

e-Zest’s SCORM Offline Player nominated for prestigious e-learning awards

It was a moment of pride for e-Zest as one of its leading innovations – SCORM Offline Player was nominated for the prestigious 2015 e-learning awards. The ...

By Corporate Dec 03, 2015

How SEO Practices correlate with life?

Having worked in the field of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for about five years, I have seen the field expand very rapidly. Every new search engine ...

By Faisal Dec 03, 2015

Tutorial: Log management on Azure

Microsoft provides a useful service called Azure management service on the old Azure portal (manage.windowsazure.com). Under the Azure management service ...

By Kunal Patil Dec 02, 2015

Three ways to optimally utilize SharePoint 2013

Microsoft SharePoint 2013 is a single platform which solves many business needs of its users. Typically, business problems are solved by creating ...

By Girish Chandra Dec 01, 2015

Combined Engineering – a new perspective in agile execution

In a typical software product lifecycle, people with multiple roles and different skills are involved. The development of the product involves UI/middle ...

By Mandar Joshi Nov 30, 2015

Technology news handpicked for you - Week 48, 2015

By Corporate Nov 27, 2015

AMP HTML and its steep goal

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) HTML has re-stirred some interesting discussions around everyone’s favourite punching bag: the performance of mobile ...

By Abhishek Mishra Nov 27, 2015

Qlik Sense - GenX of Qlikview

We all are familiar with QlikView, the leading data visualization tool. Qlik community has recently introduced Qlik Sense 2.1 as new generation of QlikView. ...

By Nilam Mahajan Nov 26, 2015

SharePoint DMS Implementation: Things you should know

Having worked closely with enterprise customers implementing SharePoint Document Management Systems (DMS) in their organizations, I have learned some ...

By Girish Chandra Nov 20, 2015

Technology news from around the globe - Week 47, 2015

Future of Hybrid Cloud Hybrid cloud is seeing a surge in consumption and interest. Companies are now better understanding the difference between public and ...

By Corporate Nov 20, 2015

Tech Tutorial: Select2 with ASP.NET MVC

  • Why Select2:
    • Using this jQuery plugin for dropdown lists, you can implement features such as option grouping, searching, infinite scrolling, tagging, ...

By Yogesh Kulkarni Nov 19, 2015

Mobile Web Development using Sencha

Before starting how to use sencha for web development let’s understand what is Web Development and it’s advantages.

By Rupali Bhangale Nov 19, 2015

Creating Static Notifications with Custom Templates

Notifications have become very common place today. Notification systems provide a way of sending messages to users whenever certain changes happen. For ...

By Mandar Kamate Nov 18, 2015

Building Brand = Happy Employee

A thought occurred to me while we were in the initial stages of having a new brand logo and by the time the logo was launched this thought was more lucid.

By Kishor Kulkarni Nov 17, 2015

Tagging in Microsoft Azure

If you are familiar with AWS tags, Azure tags will not seem alien to you. Tags are used to identify Azure resources. A tag has two fields - key and value.

By Kunal Patil Nov 16, 2015

Trello Vs Jira – Tools for effective project management

Which project management tool to opt is a choice as difficult as “to be or not to be” for managers. After paying for the tool, instead of managing the ...

By Aditi Bidre Nov 16, 2015

Technology news from around the globe - Week 46, 2015

Microsoft taking data centers to Germany Reacting to the increasing demand for customer information, Microsoft has taken its data centers to Germany. The ...

By Corporate Nov 13, 2015

Twitter for Business: A primer

Social Media:

By Rupesh Gaikwad Nov 09, 2015

Technology Digest - Week 45, 2015

By Corporate Nov 06, 2015

Heard about Fog Computing yet?

Transmitting the exabytes of data that all the devices generate each day to the cloud for analytics in the Internet of Things is almost certainly unviable. ...

By Madhav Deshpande Nov 04, 2015

SharePoint2016: The new age Search & Discovery Platform

The preview launch of Microsoft SharePoint 2016 has left the enthusiasts very excited. The all new SharePoint 2016 has opened up new and exciting ...

By Girish Chandra Nov 02, 2015

e-Zest Solutions Recognised as Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Winner

e-Zest, a global IT services company focused on experience driven product engineering for start-ups, ISVs and crafting digital transformation solutions for ...

By Corporate Nov 02, 2015

Technology news from around the globe-Week 44, 2015

By Corporate Oct 30, 2015

Bug Life Cycle

As software professionals, we are familiar with the word ‘bug’. It refers to the flaws in the program that make it to behave in ways it is not supposed. In ...

By Kirti Mansabdar Oct 29, 2015

Integrating SAP and SharePoint: Compelling business cases for CFOs

Before I get jump to talking about business cases for integrating SAP and Microsoft SharePoint, I wanted to share an interesting observation. Our team has ...

By Girish Chandra Oct 27, 2015

Technology news from around the globe-Week 43, 2015

AWS now generating $7B in sales every year

By Corporate Oct 23, 2015

Why customer segmentation is extremely important for SMEs?

Customer is key to success for any business. But which type of customers are we talking about? Organizations, which engage with customers, convert them and ...

By Rajendra Babtiwale Oct 22, 2015

What is Azure StorSimple?

Azure StorSimple is a new way of keeping cloud data more secure and available. Before StorSimple, cloud users faced many challenges such as:

By Kunal Patil Oct 21, 2015

Object Oriented Design Principles for Organization Structure and Design

While using object oriented design principles and patterns for architecture and design of software projects, I realized that some of these patterns and ...

By Satish Chavan Oct 21, 2015

Cloud Computing for Support Function

Cloud is enabling digital transformation across many major functions, one of them being the support function. Customers are increasingly demanding and you ...

By Corporate Oct 20, 2015

How CFOs can leverage SharePoint?

Today’s digital economy has changed the way CFOs think and work across organizations. Apart from traditional financial work, a typical CFO drives work in ...

By Girish Chandra Oct 19, 2015

Technology news handpicked for you - Week 42, 2015

Dell-EMC merger aimed at the cloud

By Corporate Oct 16, 2015

Are you in control of your cloud?

CIOs are happily adopting the cloud today. However, all of them have one common concern – “How do I know if I am in control of the cloud?” Typically, this ...

By Ashish Gupta Oct 15, 2015

The Successful SharePoint User’s Primer

Microsoft SharePoint presents an exciting way to work among teams. Many business owners have adopted or want to adopt the platform for the business. ...

By Girish Chandra Oct 14, 2015

SCORM Offline Player for Mobile

e-Learning anytime & anywhere

Digital has the power to transform how learning is provided and consumed. To make optimum use of the new and exciting ...

By Corporate Oct 13, 2015

The age of wearable

It's just the beginning

There has been a lot of attention given in the past year to wearable devices. Now, the focus is shifting to issues of secondary ...

By Corporate Oct 13, 2015

Technology news making headlines - Week 41, 2015

Amazon announces slew of product offerings at AWS re:Invent 2015

By Corporate Oct 10, 2015

AWS re:Invent Day 2: IoT and Big Data become the key focus

By Corporate Oct 09, 2015

Stop your IT Projects from being ‘Redzoned’

IT project management is often viewed as a circus of sorts. With project managers grappling with the triple constraints of time, scope and costs, projects ...

By Shailesh Kulkarni Oct 09, 2015

Amazon announces slew of product offerings at AWS re:Invent 2015

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a big priority for Amazon. If there were any doubters to this fact, it was all laid to rest at the first keynote of re:Invent ...

By Corporate Oct 09, 2015

Guide to Usability Testing

Usability testing involves checking the ease with which an end user can understand a product. It ensures that the end user of the app will get the ...

By Akshay Topre Oct 06, 2015

Guide to Usability Testing

Usability testing involves checking the ease with which an end user can understand a product. It ensures that the end user of the app will get the ...

By Akshay Topre Oct 06, 2015

Technology news making the rounds-Week 40, 2015

Microsoft Azure beating AWS and Google Cloud Platform in India

By Corporate Oct 03, 2015

Technologynews making the rounds-Week 40, 2015

Microsoft Azure beating AWS and Google Cloud Platform in India

By Corporate Oct 03, 2015

Delivery management – it’s my baby, quite literally!

The recently gained motherhood has taught me heaps of management lessons that I think any course or certification wouldn’t provide. I also happened to read ...

By Anjali Kondhare Sep 30, 2015

Evolving role of a marketer

Marketers have existed right since the days of barter trade exchange. This was a period when you didn’t have to promote your goods or services or prepare a ...

By Mandar Thosar Sep 29, 2015

Technology news making the rounds - Week 39, 2015

One year of ISO 27018 - The cloud computing privacy standard

The International Standards Organization (ISO) along with the International Electrotechnical ...

By Corporate Sep 25, 2015

Elasticsearch vs Graph Database

Recently, I worked on a project which involved building a genealogy portal to gather information about individuals and their genealogical/family links. ...

By Anuradha Bankar Sep 24, 2015

Why DevOps?

Building software is a team game. It requires collaboration of various stakeholders from business and technology functions. Even when the software is ...

By Satish Chavan Sep 23, 2015

Aurora RDS vs MySQL RDS

Amazon Aurora is a relational database engine that delivers the speed and reliability of commercial databases with the benefits of open source databases. ...

By Manish Rangari Sep 22, 2015

Technology News from Around the Globe - Week 38, 2015

Public cloud generates $20 billion revenues for IT firms

By Corporate Sep 18, 2015

So, what is cloud computing?

I was first introduced to the concept of cloud back in the fourth grade. For most of us, the word cloud meant those little balls of cotton that exist in the ...

By Chaitanya Sep 14, 2015

Technology in the News- Week 37, 2015

Microsoft acquires cyber security startup Adallom

By Corporate Sep 11, 2015

Suitable engagement model to ride high growth

I have often observed, if you are bidding on a large project and if the client asks for a fixed fee pricing model, the development team would like to have a ...

By Kishor Kulkarni Sep 11, 2015

Thinking Solutions

Most IT service providers talk about offering holistic solutions instead of pure play technology services to their customers. However, from my previous ...

By Corporate Sep 08, 2015

Mobile Apps for Medical Device Companies

Means of selling have evolved radically over the years. From the traditional barter system to door-to-door selling to commercials, social media and now ...

By Ruchika Mohite Sep 07, 2015

Stories from the World of Technology - Week 36, 2015

Why Hybrid Cloud is important?

By Corporate Sep 05, 2015

Offline Avenues for the Energy Sector

Last time around we looked at offline avenues turning the tides in favor of charitable organizations. In this blog, I am back with the argument that the ...

By Abhishek Mishra Sep 03, 2015

To create remote Azure VM with PowerShell (automation)

Create the VM with pre-configuration such as installed windows features and roles.

By Kunal Patil Sep 02, 2015

Automating Your App Build Processes with Autobuilder

Sometime ago, I had written about Offline Avenues and making your SCORM Offline. That’s pretty powerful in itself. The benefits that are reaped from these ...

By Abhishek Mishra Sep 01, 2015

Tech news that’s exciting us - Week 35, 2015

Intel leads $100 million investment in OpenStack Company

By Corporate Aug 28, 2015

Rise of Healthcare Experience 3.0

Healthcare Experience is one of the hot topics within the healthcare industry. This blog is my reflection on how HX is geared to take the healthcare ...

By Debanjan Purkayastha Aug 25, 2015

Deployment of MongoDB Sharding

A recent project that I worked on required us to store millions of records along with low memory and processor usage. The system worked well for the first ...

By Anandkumar Jadhav Aug 24, 2015

Tech stories handpicked for you -Week 34, 2015


By Corporate Aug 22, 2015

How to select a mobile app development partner/vendor?

A quick search on how to select a mobile app development partner will reveal tons of results. However, there are a few key aspects that you must evaluate to ...

By Bharadwaj Satbhai Aug 20, 2015

UX- Roadmap for your mobile-first strategy

With growing mobile users and the wake of Responsive Web Design, many companies are starting to align themselves to mobile-first strategy optimized by User ...

By Devendra Deshmukh Aug 17, 2015

Tech stories making the rounds - Week 33, 2015


Oracle Cloud gaining popularity in Eastern Europe

Oracle is set to become a cloud-centric company. The company has steered more than 90% of the Oracle ...

By Corporate Aug 14, 2015

How to accelerate Enterprise Business Process Management (BPM)

Process improvement in any organization is challenging as the businesses today have complex and dynamic business network. The key is to have the right ...

By Ameet Aug 13, 2015

e-Zest - Fifteen years and going strong

It gives me great pleasure to announce that e-Zest has now completed 15 years. At the outset, let me express my gratitude to all our partners who have ...

By Devendra Deshmukh Aug 08, 2015

e-Zest celebrates 15 years of spreading digital

It was a day of pride for team members as e-Zest celebrated its 15-year anniversary today. Formed in 2000, e-Zest completes 15 years on August 8, 2015. The ...

By Corporate Aug 07, 2015

Tech stories making the rounds - Week 32, 2015


By Corporate Aug 07, 2015

e-Zest becomes Oracle Silver Level Partner in Cloud

e-Zest, a global IT services company offering digital transformation solutions in the cloud, became a Silver Level Partner in Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) ...

By Corporate Aug 06, 2015

Value of Talent Sharing in Professional Services

The use of contract staff has been a fact of life for many companies. This started over half a century ago when Information Technology was called Data ...

By Ameet Aug 06, 2015

Sample - How To Post


Your “how to” blog post should teach the reader how to do something by breaking it down into a series of steps.

Begin your blog post by ...

By Sample HubSpot User Aug 04, 2015

Tech stories making the rounds - Week 31, 2015

Alibaba will invest $1bn in Cloud Computing

By Corporate Jul 31, 2015

Are your mobile technology strengths evenly matched to win?

A giant with a mountainous left half and shriveled right, won’t stand a chance against the tiniest hurdles. The perfect experience for your precious ...

By Abhishek Mishra Jul 29, 2015

Effective Communication for Change Management

Our company is poised towards a big growth phase. I began to think how I can assist in implementing transformative changes without disrupting the workflow ...

By Ameet Jul 28, 2015

Why is Documentation Important in Software Testing?

When we hear the term documentation, several questions arise in our mind:

By Kirti Mansabdar Jul 27, 2015

Tech stories making the rounds - Week 30, 2015

Leverage the cloud for business benefits

By Corporate Jul 24, 2015

Microsoft making the right moves with WPC 2015

“Cloud-first, mobile-first world,” – That was the premise on which Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella painted the roadmap for the future of Microsoft at the ...

By Girish Chandra Jul 23, 2015

Offline Avenues for Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit organizations do some of the most painstaking trench-work to uplift the world at the grassroots level. Part of their work sometimes involves ...

By Abhishek Mishra Jul 21, 2015

e-Zest on Business Today 2015

e-Zest recently found a mention in Business Today, one of the leading business magazines in India. The article was about the use of social media to drive ...

By Corporate Jul 20, 2015

Tech stories making the rounds - Week 29, 2015

Microsoft Azure increasingly gaining popularity

By Corporate Jul 17, 2015

How to Continuously Improve Test Release Process

Based on my experiences, here are some quick tips to improve test release process continuously:

By Sanjukta Sengupta Jul 16, 2015

Hearables - Moving beyond Wearables

Heard about Hearables? Yep, that’s the newest bubble extending from the wearables space. While most wearables are designed for the wrist, this new category ...

By Shashank Venkat Jul 14, 2015

Tech stories making the rounds - Week 28, 2015

Device Farm will make it easier to test apps in AWS

At the recently held AWS Summit, Amazon launched a new service that will help developers to test mobile ...

By Corporate Jul 11, 2015

Video tutorial: Storm Server Setup

This video blog showcases installation of Storm on M3.large EC2 instance with 7.5 Gig of memory and 2 vCPUs Single machine installed Storm. The blog explores ...

By Aniruddha Jawanjal Jul 10, 2015

Predictive analytics for driving business performance

This article explains and analyzes two fundamental business scenarios of how data and predictive analytics are used to drive business performance.

By Arunkumar Nair Jul 07, 2015

What’s new in Cloud Computing?

This is a simple question, deserving a long answer!

By Ashish Gupta Jul 07, 2015

Enterprise applications need more ‘gray’ thinking

Before we jump to discuss the topic, let us know some fundamentals about "black and white" and "Gray" thinking and how they are different from each other!

By Kishor Kulkarni Jul 05, 2015

Is PHP mainstream?

History of PHP

By Kunal Pingalkar Jul 04, 2015

Important Aspects of Efficient Project Management

As we all know, the right mix of planning, monitoring and controlling can go a long way towards completing projects in the desired time and budget with ...

By Kishor Kulkarni Jul 04, 2015

e-Zest will help spread the Digital India movement

It was exciting to hear Narendra Modi’s thoughts on the Digital India initiative. His thoughts on technology playing a leading role in realizing the dream ...

By Devendra Deshmukh Jul 03, 2015

Tech stories making the rounds - Week 27, 2015

Cloud will become a $127 Billion market by 2018

Cloud is basically composed of many servers, some pieces of networking hardware and software which is ...

By Corporate Jul 03, 2015

“Should we go for MEAP or wait for the right time?”

Enterprises thinking on these lines, I must say, are already late in the game and would be losing the stupendous benefits that mobile revolution has to ...

By Bharadwaj Satbhai Jul 03, 2015

Best approach for Product Lifecycle Management

Turning PLM into business success

PLM is slowly becoming recognized as a credible innovation enabler. Until recently, PLM was practiced only by a handful of ...

By Shailesh Kulkarni Jul 02, 2015

Find your passion and boost your profession

Many people today find themselves trapped in their jobs. Either they want to do something else or they think that their skills are not utilized properly. ...

By Sakshi Koul Jul 02, 2015

How to be happy at your workplace?

Working at Google sounds like a dream job for many, thanks to the employee benefits that come with a job at the company. At other Fortune 500 companies as ...

By Sakshi Koul Jun 29, 2015

Tech stories making the rounds - Week 26, 2015

Trends in Cloud Strategy

Cloud Computing forms a key part of IT strategies across enterprises today. This year, many enterprise workloads will move to the ...

By Corporate Jun 26, 2015

How cloud is impacting mobility?

The mobile revolution has completely shaken up the business ecosystem. A huge part of the success of the new-age mobile platforms goes to the cloud. Without ...

By Shashank Venkat Jun 25, 2015

AD user migration from Local DC to AAD

I have written this blog detailing processes to sync your local active directory with Azure.

By Kunal Patil Jun 23, 2015

Tech stories making the rounds - Week 25, 2015

Cloud Computing with Alibaba

Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba is entering the cloud computing fray in the US through strategic partnerships with domestic ...

By Corporate Jun 20, 2015

Offline Avenues to Further Your Application Reach

The potential reach of businesses has been transformed with the advent of affordable mobile devices. Customers, previously unreachable, are now showing up ...

By Abhishek Mishra Jun 17, 2015

Implementation of ETL testing in BI software applications

Nowadays, many organizations are use Business Intelligence (BI) to make strategic decisions with expectations of achieving competitive benefits for their ...

By Chaitali Salekar Jun 16, 2015

e-Zest organizes blood donation drive

e-Zestians are known for commitment towards their work. However, yet another facet of e-Zest team members is their commitment to social causes. Keeping up ...

By Corporate Jun 13, 2015

The Best Tech Stories – Week 24, 2015

Marriage of DevOps and PaaS

The PaaS market is growing rapidly and is estimated to hit $14B by 2017. PaaS was predicted to replace DevOps but both of them ...

By Corporate Jun 12, 2015

Tutorial: Elasticsearch Integration in a Java Application

The whole world relies on search to get access to relevant information and data. Handling this large amount of data presents a huge challenge. To get relevant ...

By Jyoti Agrawal Jun 11, 2015

Enabling agile engineering with Big Data

Analytics has the potential to transform your business for it will tell you how high to throw the ball for that winning shot in business. Big Data ...

By Sneha Jun 11, 2015

Apple WWDC: Mac OS X El Capitan, iOS 9 make their debut

Apple made a lot of announcements at the recently held World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC). While there were no big surprises, the company had a lot of ...

By Shashank Venkat Jun 10, 2015

Tech stories we picked for you - Week 23, 2015

Cloud a cheaper way of storing data

By Corporate Jun 05, 2015

e-Zest attains Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform Competency

e-Zest, a global IT services company spread across continents, recently attained the Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform Competency. e-Zest has always been very ...

By Corporate May 29, 2015

Tech stories you should read - Week 22, 2015

Tapping the full potential of cloud

Forward thinking businesses have migrated close to two-thirds of their workload to the cloud. For most companies, ...

By Corporate May 29, 2015

The IoT-Big Data Symbiosis

The Internet of Things (IoT) has got the entire world excited. A connected ecosystem is throwing up interesting opportunities. Possibly, this is the first ...

By Shashank Venkat May 28, 2015

Your Friday Dose of Tech News - Week 21, 2015

Businesses should think about the hybrid cloud

Hybrid cloud model offers immense benefits and cost savings. Businesses across sectors are adopting the ...

By Corporate May 22, 2015

Seven Biggest Mobile Trends in Play Right Now

A recent mobile development trends and price benchmark report by ContractIQ has thrown light into some interesting trends in the mobile space. The sector is ...

By Corporate May 19, 2015

e-Learning: Today and Tomorrow

The e-Learning space continues to grow strongly and attract students and businesses to its stables. A recent Docebo report has predicted that “The worldwide ...

By Abhishek Mishra May 18, 2015

Transforming business models

The common point of discussion in the corporate board rooms mostly revolve around transformation.

By Sneha May 16, 2015

Tech stories of the week - Week 20, 2015

ContainerShip making infrastructure portable with Cloud

By Corporate May 16, 2015

Tech stories handpicked for you - Week 19, 2015


By Corporate May 09, 2015

How to Fail SCRUM?

If you do a poll among project team members in the software industry to find out the most talked about area, the probability of Agile (SCRUM) emerging as ...

By Aditya Kaole May 07, 2015

e-Zest receives HNIMR Industry Award for Technology Innovation

By Corporate May 07, 2015

An evening of celebration with e-Zest partners

To celebrate the valued relationship with its business partners in India, e-Zest held a party on April 25, 2015 at Westin, Pune. The celebration was ...

By Corporate May 05, 2015

Docker Tutorial: Using it as a server Migration Tool

Public Cloud (e.g. AWS, Azure) <-> Private Cloud (e.g. Openstack) <->physical servers

By Kunal Shah May 04, 2015

Technology Stories from Week 18, 2015

Microsoft Commercial Cloud to hit $20 billion run rate by 2018

By Corporate May 01, 2015

Material Design Simplified

Today, Android phones are extremely popular. The user base of Android is well over one billion people. The Google platform has seen great improvement in ...

By Abhijit Kurane Apr 30, 2015

Technology stories handpicked for you - Week 17, 2015

Adobe launching cloud based document management service

By Corporate Apr 25, 2015

DevOps a game changer in enterprise mobility

The boundaries between mobile app development, mobility management and mobile infrastructure is getting merged by the day. Until recently, the concept of ...

By Sneha Apr 22, 2015

Innovation: The Refine Phase

By Abhishek Mishra Apr 21, 2015

Technology stories that you must read - Week 16, 2015

Power of Cloud and SaaS for Enterprise Businesses

By Corporate Apr 17, 2015

e-Zest is now a Hortonworks Hadoop Partner

e-Zest, a global IT company providing Big Data, Analytics, BI and reporting solutions, is now a Hortonworks Hadoop Partner. This partnership enables e-Zest to ...

By Corporate Apr 12, 2015

Technology stories that you must read - Week 15, 2015

Impact of Cloud on Businesses

By Corporate Apr 11, 2015

Transforming customer experience through 'Phygital'

The irreplaceable element for any business success is their customers or users, regardless of their complex consumption patterns. The nexus of digital ...

By Sneha Apr 10, 2015

Tutorial: How to vertical center align a login form or container DIV?

Often times, HTML developers are faced with a task of developing a login page where the form has to be horizontally and vertically aligned. To tackle this, ...

By Guruling Kumbhar Apr 09, 2015

e-Zest showcases digital offerings for Industry 4.0 at Hannover Messe 2015

e-Zest, a global digital innovation partner company, will exhibit its range of product innovations at the upcoming Hannover Messe in Germany from April 13-17, ...

By Corporate Apr 08, 2015

How to Handle File Upload with Node, Express 4.0 and jQuery

This post is a continuation of my previous post with a similar name, (except the added inputs on jQuery) and is a response to the feedback received for the ...

By Nikhil Wanpal Apr 07, 2015

Simplifying DevOps

The days that followed after DevOps gained attention from customers and industry veterans, it has started to mean different things to different people. Many ...

By Sneha Apr 06, 2015

Technology stories that you must read - Week 14, 2015

Amazon Cloud Drive for everyone

By Corporate Apr 03, 2015

How Tech Is Improving Healthcare!

The marriage of technology and healthcare has never been so mature. Technology innovations across mobile, tablets, wearables, sensors and micro-technologies ...

By Tushar Khirid Apr 02, 2015

Will Node-RED accelerate the Internet of Things?

Internet of Things (IoT) has opened up a lot of exciting possibilities for businesses. However, building code for myriad devices and application frameworks ...

By Shashank Venkat Apr 01, 2015

What’s new in JMeter 2.13?

Apache Software Foundation has released a new version of JMeter ‘Version 2.13’.

By Kishore Bhamare Mar 31, 2015

Tech Stories You Should Read - Week 13, 2015

New Azure Backup and Recovery Services launched by Microsoft

By Corporate Mar 27, 2015

Connected Cars: The Future of Automobile?

It is an exciting time for the automobile industry. While the industry had been relatively passive for a long time, the industry is seeing a lot of digital ...

By Shashank Venkat Mar 27, 2015

Why Joomla! is my Favourite CMS?

My passion for Joomla! drove me towards the first blog about this technology. There are tons of material available on technical topics online and I wanted ...

By Rajat Tripathi Mar 25, 2015

How Pareto chart helps in continuous process improvement?

The Pareto chart is a test reporting tool. The Pareto chart graphically shows where significant problems and causes are in a process. Pareto Chart is one of ...

By Aparna Mohod Mar 24, 2015

Risk Management – A proactive approach in Project/Process Management

Risk Management is going to be a mandatory requirement for all ISO standards. Until now, risk management was a requirement of CMMI Level III and above, and ...

By Supriya Acharya Mar 23, 2015

D!Conomy: The coming future

“By the end of the decade, everyone will be connected.” - Eric Schmidt

By Corporate Mar 21, 2015

A memorable CeBIT 2015 for e-Zest

It was a great five days for e-Zest at CeBIT 2015 held at Hannover, Germany from March 16-20. Making its presence felt for the eighth time in the largest IT ...

By Corporate Mar 21, 2015

Technology News Roundup - Week 12, 2015

Cloud Computing Forecasts for 2015

By Corporate Mar 21, 2015

Internet of Things gets the eyeballs at CeBIT 2015

While Edward Snowden’s talk yesterday might have been the top headline for CeBIT 2015 participants, Internet of Things (IoT) has garnered the most amount of ...

By Corporate Mar 20, 2015

CeBIT Day 3: Of Snowden, Cloud and Big Data

Today, the big buzz was all about Edward Snowden’s live remote interview. The world’s most famous whistleblower’s work had led to a worldwide debate on ...

By Corporate Mar 19, 2015

Two words underline CeBIT 2015: Digital Transformation

It would not be wrong to say that CeBIT 2015 is an important chapter in the evolution of digital transformation. While earlier no one was really sure of ...

By Corporate Mar 18, 2015

Innovation: The Invention Phase

“An idea can change the world”

By Abhishek Mishra Mar 17, 2015

Enterprise Mobility a key talking point at CeBIT 2015, Day 1

Businesses understand the important role enterprise mobility plays in the digital transformation mix. At the first day of CeBIT 2015 in Germany, one of the ...

By Corporate Mar 17, 2015

Tech stories you must read in Week 11, 2015

Google vs AWS cloud war just got more interesting

By Corporate Mar 13, 2015

Grey Areas in IoT

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)? It is a scenario where objects, persons or even animals are provided with a unique id which helps them transmit data ...

By Trupti Khobragade Mar 13, 2015

e-Zest will showcase its Big Data prowess at CeBIT Hannover 2015

e-Zest, a globat IT services company specialized in bringing digital transformation with new-age technologies, is going to present its Big Data capabilities at ...

By Corporate Mar 11, 2015

Enabling Digital Transformation through process excellence

By digitizing operations and standardizing processes globally, organizations can become more responsive to changes in the marketplace and agile.

By Corporate Mar 11, 2015

ResearchKit will Digitally Transform Medical research

Apple’s March 9 ‘Spring Forward’ event has excited the fans with Apple Watch and the beautiful new slim MacBook announcement. But the most important ...

By Corporate Mar 10, 2015

Celebrating Women’s Day 2015 with Zest

e-Zest recognizes the importance of the International Women’s Day. It’s a way to celebrate women's social, economic and political achievements while ...

By Corporate Mar 10, 2015

Tech Stories making the rounds in Week 10, 2015

Cloud Computing ideal for startups

By Corporate Mar 07, 2015

Colors of Life at e-Zest

It’s raining colors at e-Zest. The festival of Holi saw different colors of e-Zest team members, quite literally this time! The celebrations began as early ...

By Corporate Mar 07, 2015

e-Zest will exhibit its Enterprise Mobility competency at CeBIT 2015

e-Zest, a global digital innovation partner company , will showcase its enterprise mobility capabilities at CeBIT 2015. CeBIT is the world’s biggest Business ...

By Corporate Mar 06, 2015

The Benefits of using ViewerJS

In our projects, one of the ad-hoc requirements that come in quite often is to display PDF files on a website. This sounds pretty easy in today’s web world ...

By Mridulla Sorkaar Mar 05, 2015

How to install S3cmd and command to use s3cmd

s3cmd is a command line utility used for creating s3 buckets, uploading, retrieving and managing data to Amazon s3 storage. Let’s see how to use install s3cmd ...

By Priya Benade Mar 03, 2015

e-Zest exhibiting cutting-edge cloud solutions in CeBIT 2015

e-Zest, a global digital innovation partner company, will be showcasing its cloud computing competency at CeBIT 2015, which is being held at Hannover Germany ...

By Corporate Mar 03, 2015

EHRs quickly becoming Indispensable in Medicine

EHRs (Electronic Health Records) were introduced to reduce the paper work of physicians and nurses and help them to concentrate more on their practice. But ...

By Tushar Khirid Mar 03, 2015

Why you should use Sitecore CMS?

Content management system (CMS) is one of the most important and popular systems in the web world. CMS provides the facility of adding, editing, deleting, ...

By Dinesh Gabhane Mar 02, 2015

A Fun Day at Garudmachi

The last day of February turned out to be a memorable one for e-Zestians as they descended to Garudmachi - High Places located about 75 kms away from Pune. ...

By Corporate Mar 02, 2015

Tech Stories making News in Week 9, 2015

The Hype around Cloud Computing justified, say enterprises

By Corporate Feb 27, 2015

Creating Freeze pane in Flex Advanced Grid

When we have to show huge chunks of data, we tend to go with Grid structures. But even with grid structures, scrolling creates problems as all the columns ...

By Aditi Bidre Feb 26, 2015

Why test cases are so important?

Test case writing is a major activity and considered as one of the most important parts of software testing. It is used by the testing team, development team ...

By Aparna Mohod Feb 25, 2015

Quick setup of ZF2 on Linux/Ubuntu OS

ZF2 (Zend Framework 2) is an open source, object oriented Framework designed for building secure, reliable, high performance and robust web applications and ...

By Deepti Raina Feb 24, 2015

Exciting Technology Stories from Week 8, 2015

Which Cloud do Enterprises want – Public, Private or Hybrid?

By Corporate Feb 20, 2015

My thoughts on e-Learning

Today, e-Learning is the need of the world. In this digital era, many sectors, departments, industry, regions, and countries are following the e-Learning ...

By Dinesh Gabhane Feb 20, 2015

How should an organization transform digitally?

As businesses are changing along the way, digital transformation is getting embedded in every area as well as technology. Digital transformation in a very ...

By Corporate Feb 19, 2015

How to Use Google Maps in ASP.net MVC Application


By Kirti Bodekar Feb 19, 2015

Windows 10 on Mobile

Software giant Microsoft has released their new OS named “Windows 10” which is also called as “Win10” for desktop and mobiles. Mobiles with Windows 8 and 8.1 ...

By Mugdha Mundhe Feb 17, 2015

Three JS – 3D objects on web

When the task of rotating a tetrahedron on the web came to me, I was thinking about ways to achieve it. I knew it was possible having seen it on one of our ...

By Geetanjali Pukale Feb 17, 2015

e-Zest CEO Devendra Deshmukh featured in Times of India

The Times of India's Education Times recently interviewed e-Zest CEO Devendra Deshmukh. The publication was doing a feature on career in mobile application ...

By Corporate Feb 16, 2015

Analogy between ISO 9001:2008 standard and routine life

I have been working on the ISO 9001 standard since the past 8 years. Establishing processes, preparing new templates and mechanisms is a great experience. ...

By Supriya Acharya Feb 16, 2015

Technology Stories You Should Not Miss - Week 7, 2015

Cloud Computing Boosting the Airline Industry

By Corporate Feb 13, 2015

How to Implement SQL Server Replication

SQL Server replication is a set of technologies for copying and distributing data and database objects from one database to another and then synchronizing ...

By Swapna Patne Feb 13, 2015

e-Zest is all set to participate in CeBIT 2015

e-Zest, a global IT services company will be participating in CeBIT Germany 2015 in Hannover from March 16th – 20th in Hall 06 and stand A29 to showcase its ...

By Corporate Feb 11, 2015

Exploratory testing assistant for Chrome- Bug Magnet

In exploratory testing, testers follow an approach that allows them to apply their abilities and skills in more influential fashion. Testers have to understand ...

By Aparna Mohod Feb 10, 2015

Technology Stories you Might have Missed- Week 6, 2015

SAP moves to the Cloud

By Corporate Feb 06, 2015

Contribution of CMMI in software testing

The Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) is a process model that provides a lucid definition of the process improvement approach which examines whether ...

By Chaitali Salekar Feb 04, 2015

How to run JMeter in Non GUI mode

Apache JMeter is an open source testing tool. JMeter functions to analyze and measure the performance of web applications with a variety of other services. ...

By Kishore Bhamare Feb 03, 2015

Odoo: Beyond Traditional ERP

Formerly known as OpenERP, Odoo is a web application which focuses on ERP Business Logic and stores data through a user friendly GUI.

By Vaibhav Bagal Feb 03, 2015

Technology Stories Everyone’s Excited About - Week 5, 2015

AWS leading the Cloud Race

By Corporate Jan 30, 2015

The ‘Discovery’ Phase of Innovation

“As life plays along with its enormity and bliss, we must observe and soak all we can”

By Abhishek Mishra Jan 29, 2015

The Best Technology Stories from the Week - Week 4, 2015

Cloud Computing has Eased the Life of Users

By Corporate Jan 23, 2015

Agile Testing Helps Make Testing Visible

When we say agile, two terms comes to mind immediately - Extreme programming and Scrum. Extreme Programming is a software development method or framework that ...

By Aparna Mohod Jan 22, 2015

What are the best use cases for smartwatches?

Going by the status quo, its pretty clear that smartwatches are leading the wearables baton. While tech giants, geeks and entrepreneurs are experimenting ...

By Shashank Venkat Jan 21, 2015

Connected Global - Intercloud

As the world is moving to cloud at great pace. It has forced to rethink the traditional model of data center based information and application hosting to a new ...

By Corporate Jan 20, 2015

10 Mobile App Trends Sweeping The Globe in 2015 and Beyond!

As the year comes to an end, trade pundits take to analyzing the trends that were and will be. Experts at e-Zest have collated a list for mobile app trends, ...

By Corporate Jan 19, 2015

Must Read Technology Stories - Week 3, 2015

Cloud Computing is Transforming Businesses

By Corporate Jan 17, 2015

How can Businesses Benefit from SharePoint?

As an HR team, you can use SharePoint as a gateway to information. If HR teams provide the business users a portal which looks like Yahoo or MSN with access to ...

By Vivek Iyer Jan 15, 2015

Innovation: Service or Process?

The number of books and articles that talk about talking innovation from the famed designer’s clay models to the world all around, is not to sneeze at. More ...

By Abhishek Mishra Jan 15, 2015

It’s Technology, not Apple, which helps keep your Doctor Away!

Technology is playing a crucial role in the healthcare industry today. Technology, which is improving by the day, is helping physicians to diagnose their ...

By Tushar Khirid Jan 13, 2015

How Home Healthcare Solutions can bring down Healthcare Costs?

Imagine a world you don’t have to worry about large healthcare bills because you get treatment at home or early diagnosis of disease. Some may argue that the ...

By Debanjan Purkayastha Jan 13, 2015

Internet of Things (IoT) - Turning Connectivity on its Head

The Internet of Things (IoT) is beginning to grow significantly, as consumers, businesses, and governments recognize the benefit of connecting devices to the ...

By Corporate Jan 12, 2015

What did 2014 bring for Microsoft?

Microsoft was at its zenith in 2014. There were many strategic moves they had taken in 2014 which are going to impact the business and developer community.

By Corporate Jan 09, 2015

The coming of pervasive and invisible analytics!

What is the relationship between Beer and Diapers? What role did Analytics play in finding the co-relation between beer and diapers? How did business benefit ...

By Corporate Jan 09, 2015

Fast and Flexibility will be the game changer in Product Engineering

A lot is talked about what kinds of products are being made, current and future investment trends, which technologies are scaling and which are going down. ...

By Corporate Jan 09, 2015

Technology Trends You Should Not Miss - Week 2, 2015

Hybrid Cloud Computing to Rule the Roost in the Future

By Corporate Jan 09, 2015

An Evening Out with our Bloggers

“Good writing is clear thinking made visible,” writes Bill Wheeler. And that element of clear thinking is visible every time our bloggers pen something. The ...

By Corporate Jan 09, 2015

Technology Week in Review – Week 1, 2015

A Throwback to Cloud Computing in 2014

By Corporate Jan 03, 2015

IoT- Making the Web Wiser

Every cash withdrawal at an ATM, every voice mail recorded and received, or a card swipe at the corner of the street; each of these transactions and many ...

By Ruchika Mohite Dec 31, 2014

What is Memcached?

In the web world, every user prefers applications which are really fast. To make the web application faster and equipped to handle more users at the same time, ...

By Manojkumar Soni Dec 31, 2014

Transforming healthcare with IoT

Even if the Internet of Things (IoT) is present from years in various forms, it’s gaining more traction and relevance now due to advances in sensor and ...

By Devendra Deshmukh Dec 31, 2014

Have You Tried Drupal Yet?

About Drupal

1) Drupal is a free software package that allows you to easily organize, manage and publish your content.

2) Drupal is an open source content ...

By Amit Lokulwar Dec 31, 2014

Why Learning and Development teams should use SharePoint? Part 1

Many enterprises face a tough time understanding what a business user needs to learn in order to perform his/her role better and grow within the organization. ...

By Vivek Iyer Dec 30, 2014

Why Manual Testing is better than Automation Testing?

Most of the people from the technology world rate automation testing as more effective and efficient. I, however, do not conform to that view and feel manual ...

By Shruti Mangalvedhe Dec 30, 2014

Full-Text Search in SQL Server

In this blog I would like to share some of my interesting findings in Database with Full-Text Search using C#.NET (You can substitute it with any technology ...

By Amit Vengurlekar Dec 30, 2014

e-Zest featured in Yahoo!

Yahoo! Finance has featured e-Zest's Strategic Technology Trends for 2015. The trends which are released every year are produced by our business research ...

By Corporate Dec 30, 2014

Introduction to ASP.NET Web API?

Web API provides you a platform where you can build and consume HTTP services. We can get and post data in XML and JSON format. It is good for mobile and iPad ...

By Trilok Sharma Dec 30, 2014

Conversion of Para-virtualization (PV) to Hardware-assisted Virtual Machine (HVM)

Let me jump to the topic straight here. I will begin with a few lines on why to convert Para-virtualization (PV) to Hardware-assisted Virtual Machine (HVM), ...

By Kunal Shah Dec 30, 2014

How to do software testing efficiently?

Software testing is the process of finding defects in the application and meeting the requirements of end users. Simply saying ‘we do software testing’ does ...

By Sayali Khapare Dec 30, 2014

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