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Navigating 2023 and Beyond

Athang Kale Dec 06, 2022

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Technology is evolving at a rapid speed; the economy is shifting right before our eyes and there’s a lot of change that businesses have to navigate as we think about business sustainability and growth beyond 2023.

It’s speculated that 2023 will be a year of recession for many global economies, that’s one headwind that businesses are confronting as they scope out 2023 and beyond. We at e-Zest, have been conducting collaborative “Digital Transformation” workshops with FTSE (Financial Times Stock Exchange) listed and impact-driven organizations to understand the appetite and challenges for large transformation initiatives primarily in Healthcare, Manufacturing, Logistics, Travel, Telecom, and BFSI domains. Such workshops have enabled us to get a better understanding of what’s possible, chalk out bespoke strategies that align with the business goals, and objectives followed by a rollout plan that teams can get working on. The following technology implementations have made accelerated digital transformation a success for all our partners (CDP & DevSecOps).

Trying to drill down to the basics, today every organization wants to build better products, sell more of them, and generate greater value. Most or rather all such businesses in the world today are run by software and the underlying data that is consumed by various software. Considering the rapid pace of change and the desired flexibility there has indeed been an upward adoption of the best-of-breed solutions that are purpose-built. These are either open source or platforms that enable to get more immediate value out of the initial implementations. While these justify short-term ROI (Return On Investment) they also raise issues revolving around interoperability. Most of the established organizations today are already deep into the Digital journey be it IT Uplift, Digitizing Operation, Digital Marketing, or New Ventures and it’s pivotal to effectively manage and architect the interoperability/integration and secure data exchange to ensure a successful transformation journey.

BI (Business Intelligence) applications consuming data from data warehouses or data marts to facilitate decision support need middleware to cope with the evolving complex data landscape. Similar to the customer-centricity journey wherein organizations transitioned from the historic ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) implementations to the state of art CDP (Customer Data Platforms) unifying customer data across multiple touchpoints to build a coherent view of each customer. Driving insights/intelligence from behavioral data, transactional data as well as demographic data. CDP enables businesses to provide a personalized service experience to their customers by eliminating isolated customer data sets. CDP implementations have facilitated effective data management and helped improve compliance with data privacy regulations. With the possibility of working in conjunction with the existing customer relationship management solutions, it enables organizations to piggyback on existing infrastructure and data storage architecture thereby avoiding data duplication and assuring need-basis authorized access to decentralized data.

Extending interoperability beyond applications and APIs (Application Programming Interface) is essential given the complex data mesh a business must manage and drive intelligence from. DevSecOps is proving to be instrumental in driving collaboration by expanding beyond DevOps. Integrating application security principles and practices into agile software development and processes.

Businesses are able to implement new solutions without compromising application security. Traditionally Security was an isolated topic and a concern addressed at the final stage of deployment. In the current culture of agile and DevOps wherein development-deployment sprints are smaller its essential to consider security as a shared responsibility throughout the cycle. This collaborative framework and mindset have ensured high-security implementations across applications and infrastructure without slowing down the DevOps workflows. The adoption of DevSecOps has fostered collaboration and powered innovation in the world of business automation.

To reimage your digital journey, we at e-Zest would be delighted to partner with you to understand what’s possible and chalk out bespoke strategies that align with your business goals and objectives followed by a rollout plan that teams can get working on.

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