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The role of AI in the Future of Work

Devendra Deshmukh Nov 17, 2020

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The pandemic has led to rapid technology adoption and digitization. Digital transformation is playing a crucial role in a sustainable and future-ready business model. As this evolution continues, the future of work will be Remote, Digital, and Automated. We can already see the changes happening all around us; our workforce is working remotely, technology is increasingly being leveraged to enhance business processes, and all our face to face meetings/ events, etc. are now virtual.

The future workforce will lean more on technology than ever before, which will result in more automation, more savings, and faster processes. But as automation and the use of AI increases, people will begin to work more on using AI to their advantage. The future of work is agile and will use AI to enhance processes. With manual and repetitive processes getting automated, AI will indirectly encourage creativity and innovation, giving workers more fulfillment in their job roles, thereby becoming an enabler rather than a replacer. Employees won't just need to work with AI but also create more interconnected experiences. The modern workforce will be one of added collaboration while leveraging AI and other emerging technologies to guide and improve productivity. As AI evolves, organizations are growing, and workforces will thrive alongside.

Organizations are leveraging AI to automate processes that require manual and repetitive actions. AI-based solutions help organizations save costs and reduce the time taken to accomplish activities, thereby increasing efficiency. Leaders need to understand that although the impact of these initiatives on the workforce may be inevitable, this is the time to work with the teams and help them upskill leverage human intelligence along with AI for more demanding and creative opportunities.

Given the trying times ahead of us, we are helping our customers look at the following use cases -

AI for transparency: AI in recruitment or performance management can help evaluate workers in an unbiased, fact-based manner. This, in turn, promotes fairness and diversity.

AI for efficient delegation: The combination of human + AI is the right approach in the digital age, and many companies are already using it to their advantage. AI bots are being used for handling initial interactions with customers. This helps AI to take care of basic queries while humans can intervene in critical situations.

AI for SMART decisions: The large volumes of data and real-time analysis required nowadays are hard to do manually. But with AI, we can analyze millions of data points in a matter of seconds, improving our quality of decision-making. AI is being used in several sectors to understand risks, patterns, and make smarter decisions based on data-specific facts.

With the increasing use of data and personalization to create better customer experiences and drive higher efficiencies, AI is a necessity than a good-to-have! To help organizations leverage AI for improving productivity and effectiveness, e-Zest is proud to introduce Acti-on AI, an event-driven, flow-based action engine.

Acti-on AI has three main components: Events collection, Action Generation, and Action Distribution.

Event Collection- The Acti-on engine integrates with existing applications seamlessly. It captures events in real-time and triggers flows for Action Generation

Action Generation- This is a web-based flow design interface that can generate process flows in which users Actions and Tasks can be generated as a part of processes along with business rules and programming logic when required. Integration with the existing system using APIs or asynchronous events is also possible

Action Distribution- This is a web interface for users to perform Actions and Tasks. These tasks are personalized and prioritized based on the algorithm or using an AI-based model to maximize effectiveness.

AI is moving fast. For success, as leaders of growing organizations, you will need to anticipate and position for the future to achieve a competitive advantage, understand the AI trends that could benefit business now, and recognize its impact in the times to come.

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