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Leadership values to manage the Covid-19 crisis successfully

Devendra Deshmukh Jun 16, 2020

Customer Experience COVID-19 Pandemic Leadership

As the working order of the world has been brought to a temporary pause in these past few months, we have seen Global Lockdowns being enforced for the first time ever, in order to help curb the spread of COVID-19. Once the unlocks begin, the world as we knew it will no longer exist, lifestyles will have changed dramatically, to include social distancing as a key practice, and consumer preferences and behavior are set to change likewise.

Businesses will have to focus and manage several digital initiatives as we come back in the New Normal. While this represents a unique opportunity to reinvent, the world needs leaders who are ready to make things happen. In a situation of added complexities and confusion, leaders must be prepared to provide guidance, strategize a new approach and provide reassurance on the path ahead.

Here are a few values that are helping us slowly get back to normalcy, and creating a supportive environment for our teams, partners and customers:

  • Foster the Spirit of Innovation

We must encourage our teams to come up with new ideas and suggestions in the business, with leaders laying the path and often hand holding the team. They must encourage and promote the culture of out-of-the-box thinking to everyday problems and embrace change to create better customer experience for clients. Very few organizations have been able to fully embrace innovation. In these trying times, to stay ahead in the game, we must embrace digital in unique ways to build a more influential and resilient organization.

  • Promote a culture of Learning within your Organization

The changes ushered in with COVID-19 has presented a golden opportunity to reinvent the way we do business. The only way to grow is to keep learning, whether it is from experiences or through books. The present crisis has created a fantastic opportunity for virtual learning, via webinars and online courses. Motivate your teams to leverage the time at hand to learn something new and grow in their chosen field. Stay updated on all the innovation and technologies that can help you and eventually the business grow.

  • Leadership that inspires Ownership

A vital leadership skill is the ability to take ownership of each task that is assigned. The present situation and remote work environment have created a fantastic opportunity for professionals to start showcasing their ability to get the job done. This means upscaling the teams to be more in charge of their tasks and responsibilities, while the leadership needs to take proactive steps to strategize and realign their goals.

  • Value Creation

Our vision defines the destination we want to reach, but values represent how we wish to reach there. The virtual environment may make our teams feel distant and at times, vulnerable. Create a culture of openness to send a strong message that you are always accessible. Now is the time to build a fantastic work environment and work as a team. Support your colleagues and offer help in times of distress. While it is recommended to have daily catch-up with your team to set expectations, create a support system through frequent communication. Our values in times of distress are ultimately what define who we really are.

  • Unwind and rediscover your Zest for Life

Finally, there is more to life than work. You may never get to have quality time to celebrate with the family and take time out for yourself. Put your physical and mental health on priority and make lifestyle changes to help you stay healthy to build resistance power. Many have also embraced or rediscovered their hidden talents in this time at home; from cooking, music, art, gardening and many others. The situation can be overwhelming and stressful, but with the right balance and a zest for life, you can make the most of this time!

We are living through tough times, which makes the need for strong leadership vital for every business. Customer requirements and behavior have changed, requiring a change in thought-process to align and serve them better. Organizations need to re-adapt and embrace digital transformation to not just grapple with the changes but create long-term sustainability. While this means several disruptions, be a leader who listens, provides support and inspires. In an environment of uncertainty, it is a more humane workplace with a higher level of empathy, adaptability and emotional connect that will push us forward.

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