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Top Six Strategic Technology Trends for 2023

Devendra Deshmukh Jan 31, 2023

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Now that 2023 has begun, we see a shift in how applications, connectivity, and security are delivered and utilized. We envision a world where immersive experiences are "sustainable by default," necessitating the development of new technologies and new economic structures. We believe that providing outstanding, dependable digital experiences is now the gold standard of business success.

Digital evolution and acceleration are fueling development across the globe, transforming customer experience and industries. Digital acceleration is enabling businesses to flourish in this highly competitive world of apps and digital platforms where the only constant is change. Here are the top six strategic technology trends that will drive acceleration and innovation in 2023 -

  • Sustainable Technology
  • Adaptive AI
  • Platform Engineering
  • Industry Cloud Platforms
  • Applied Observability 
  • Superapps
1. Sustainable Technology

Sustainable technology is a framework of digital solutions that generate ESG outcomes. In addition to driving environmental, social and governance (ESG) outcomes such as boosting well-being and providing the traceability required to maintain ethical business practices, sustainable technology is becoming more and more crucial from an operational standpoint, such as for optimizing costs, energy performance, and asset usage. Also, allows for the development of new business models and technologically enabled products that better serve clients. 

2. Adaptive AI

Adaptive Artificial Intelligence (AI), unlike conventional AI systems, has the ability to modify its own code in order to account for changes in the actual world that weren't anticipated or known at the time the code was originally developed. When adaptability and resilience are included in an organization's architecture, it can respond to crises more rapidly and successfully.

By 2026, Gartner projects that businesses that have embraced AI engineering techniques to develop and oversee adaptive AI systems will outperform their competitors in terms of the number and pace of operationalizing AI models by at least 25%.

3. Platform Engineering

Platform engineering is a cutting-edge technological strategy that can quicken the pace at which applications are delivered and generate economic value.

It is a new trend that seeks to modernize the supply of enterprise software, especially for digital transformation. A specialized product team creates and maintains the engineering platform, which is meant to suit the demands of software developers and others by offering standard, reusable tools and capabilities and interface to complicated infrastructure.

By 2026, platform teams will be established by 80% of software engineering firms as internal suppliers of reusable services, components, and tools for application delivery. The fundamental issue of collaboration between software developers and operators will be resolved by platform engineering in the long run.

4. Industry Cloud Platforms

Industry cloud platforms are a remarkable new trend since they benefit businesses by providing flexible and pertinent industry solutions.

It blends typical cloud capabilities with adaptable solutions to assist specialized industries including manufacturing, retail, finance, and insurance. Your company's capabilities can gain a great deal from these adaptable solutions. They allow you to eliminate redundancy and instantly capture the value and encourage speedier innovation.

Also, it goes beyond the standard cloud and provides value by utilizing cutting-edge technologies and methodologies, such as packaged business capabilities, industry-aware data fabrics, and composable tools. As per research by Gartner, businesses will expedite over 50% of their crucial business initiatives by 2027 using industrial cloud platforms.

5. Applied Observability

The key to the future is preparation, not a prediction. Since it is founded on verified stakeholder actions rather than intentions, applied observability is more about clarity than innovation.

Data allows us to observe the actual results even if we don't know what the decision was or if it was carried out differently than we had intended. We can establish a feedback loop that enables a company to make future decisions more quickly and accurately by integrating the context in which that data was collected and then using AI to analyze and offer recommendations.

In short, to determine future judgments, applied observability examines actual data produced by enterprise processes. It offers a singular chance to achieve business advantage through lower latency of decision-making and time to market, proactive customer centricity, and accuracy by basing judgments on actual stakeholder behaviors rather than theoretical predictions or intentions.

6. Superapps

The platform can be used to consolidate and replace several apps for consumer or employee use, as well as to support a modular business environment. Like a Swiss army knife, a Superapp has a variety of component tools (miniapps) that the user can use and remove as necessary. It is based on a platform that offers a wide range of app services, such as messaging and payment. By choosing and installing their preferred miniapps, Superapp users can create customized user experiences (UXs) (focused on performing a single task). In the future, this platform will develop to accommodate chatbots, IoT technology, and immersive experiences like the metaverse.

What is considered cutting-edge technology today is quickly becoming common practice tomorrow. More than at any other point in history, consumers now anticipate a seamless fusion of the real and virtual worlds. The time is now to add value, forge lasting connections, and determine your future. We can seize the initiative and drive innovation as a team. Together, we can fulfil the true requirements of the businesses. The winners in 2023 will be the people with the skills and the guts to break through organizational barriers across domains and disciplines and work together without restrictions to effect real, permanent change.

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