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Tech Stories Making the Rounds- Week 38, 2018

Tech digest e-Zest
Combining Blockchain with other technologies

The Blockchain can seemingly accomplish the impossible by providing solutions to long-standing cyber-security and efficiency issues. But it is best utilized when combined with other technologies and tools such as AI and IoT.

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Topics: Big data Enterprise Mobility Cloud Blockchain Digital Commerce

What’s New in Apache JMeter 5.0?

A new Apache JMeter version has been released today, September 21, 2018 - version 5.0
(Revision: r1841526). 5.0 version has many impactful changes to user experience and bug fixes.

Below are the new and most significant features that have been added and what we need to know about the JMeter 5.0 version:
Topics: JMeter For Developers JMeter 5.0

Basic commands for mongoDB

1. Install MongoDB On Windows

To install MongoDB on Windows, first download the latest release of MongoDB from https://www.mongodb.org/downloads. Make sure you get correct version of MongoDB depending upon your Windows version.
Topics: MongoDB For Developers

phpDocumentor in Magento 2

What is phpDocumentor?

PHPDoc is open source documentation generator written in PHP language. It automatically parses PHP source code and generates readable API and documents, which enables us to provide insights of source code.
Topics: Magento 2.0 For Developers phpDocumentor

Magento 2- Create modules with composer

What is Composer? Why it is required?

Composer is an application level package-manager for PHP and Magento 2. It provides a standard format to manage dependencies of Magento 2 application and required libraries.
Topics: Magento 2.0 For Developers Composer

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