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Data-driven agriculture for efficiency and yield

Modern agriculture has long been technology-driven. However, explosive population growth and relatively very less new land coming under cultivation will aggravate the global food shortage. Various reports suggest a need for a sustainable increase in food production by 2050. This means efficiency across the entire value chain and precise use of all resources.

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Custom code to increase performance for retrieval of SharePoint large lists or libraries

SharePoint is no doubt one of the most trusted and a popular platform by Microsoft. From being a small list document management application, it has grown into an application development platform many developers prefer to use to develop applications. It has been around for almost a decade to be now in the top content database and management platforms. It sits on top of ASP.NET using its own API to manage content in the SharePoint.

Technology news around the world - Week 02, 2019

Digital commerce and the changing trends in the Healthcare industry

Digital technology has changed how consumers shop for prescription drugs, healthcare equipment, and supplies online. The past few years have seen a revolution in the buying behavior of consumers around the world. They expect the superior user experience from web merchants. Are web and omnichannel healthcare merchants delivering on those expectations?

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How to simulate network bandwidth in JMeter?

The rise of the smartphone and easy connectivity to the internet has made access to information easier with most of them accessing websites and web applications from their smartphones.

Topics: JMeter Apache Jmeter apache

Tech stories handpicked for you- Week 01, 2019

Conversion rate - The most important e-commerce metric for B2B sellers

Conversion rate or the number of visitors to a website that become actual online buyers is a fundamental e-commerce metric that is well understood by many online retailers. More than half of B2B sellers say it’s important for them to know the percentage of visitors to their e-commerce site who convert to buyers, according to a new B2BecNews survey.

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Tech news doing the rounds - Week 52, 2018

Embrace the next wave of M-commerce

Today, both mobile web and mobile apps are thought of as the ‘connective tissue’ between online and in-store experiences. And as m-commerce gains momentum, democratizes shopping and receives widespread support as a necessary arm in omnichannel success, a ‘new normal’ or second wave of mobile commerce adoptions is agitated.

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