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Six key Takeaways from Satya Nadella’s speech at Inspire 2019

Corporate Aug 12, 2019

Microsoft Azure Microsoft Windows Digital Technology Microsoft Inspire 2019

Microsoft Inspire is an event that truly honours the joint success of Microsoft and its partners every year. What remained distinctly different at Inspire 2019 was Microsoft didn't want to stop at just celebrating the success – the focus clearly was on the fast forward to the future and the opportunities for innovation.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s keynote at Inspire 2019 started with these numbers – the 100,000 and the 17 million Microsoft employees and partners to empower the 7 billion people on the planet.

Satya’s speech offers many fascinating and important strategic insights into the technological possibilities and the impact this can have on the 7 billion people on the planet.

Here are some excerpts and key takeaways from his speech:

Azure, the world’s computer

90% of the data that we have today was created in the last two years. Over a billion users of Windows, a couple of billion smartphones are all connecting to the cloud. The cloud and cloud applications are taking center stage, this is complemented by an innovative, event-driven, serverless app model that ensures optimal workflows that is constantly getting stored and shared, and this is what is driving Microsoft to build out Azure as the world's computer.

Taking the cloud to the edge

For Microsoft, the next frontier of technological change is cloud leading to intelligent edge era which lies beyond the cloud. Today, the major global players successfully rely on Microsoft Azure Stack which is the only consistent stack that allows complete operational control. With AI & ML getting infused deeply within multi-tech and multi-sense, which is going to grow phenomenally in the years to come, computing in many ways will get embedded in the world’s computer (read Microsoft Azure), distributed in the cloud, in the edge.

Microsoft Power Platform with its PowerApps

500 million is the total number of apps Microsoft expects to develop within the next 5 years. What's unique is these apps, is that they will be built by Citizen Developers – end users who develop applications within their system themselves. This momentum will drive the domain-specific development by citizen developers made possible by the Microsoft Power Platform expanded with PowerApps. Built on Azure services, it has connectivity back to Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365 which will be available for any PowerApp developer as microservices. This initiative may well be the best composition from Azure to citizen developers.

AI-induced Dynamics 365

AI-first modules are the harbinger of many new possibilities across all of the functions and Microsoft is fully committed to it. Dynamics 365 and AI-first modules getting deployed for all of the functions right from sales, finance, operations, support at scale, means enterprises can now be more ready to predict their sales pipeline and drive sales efficiency, improve customer service because of the enhanced insights the AI-supported modules for Dynamics 365 portfolio will provide. The improved forecasts and insights will bring the best opportunity for enterprises to grow their strategic business.

Mixed Reality Cloud

Mixed reality cloud offers a new opportunity in bridging the business process and applications across virtual and physical. Microsoft now also builds applications right into Dynamics 365-layout and out-of-the-box applications that take advantage of this new medium of Mixed Reality. Whether in industrial automation or architecture – the fusion of Dynamics 365’s mixed reality apps with the virtual capacities of HoloLens 2 enables visualizations, instructions, remote assistance and many other futuristic-looking features in the mixed reality cloud is ushering opportunities to mash-up a string of innovations into Azure cloud offerings.

Microsoft 365

95% of the Fortune 500 are using Microsoft 365. Windows 10 and its adoption in the enterprise is constant upward surge. AI is getting infused into all of the Office applications. Globally it is estimated there are 2 billion first-line workers, and 77 % of these workers feel they don't have the right tools to empower themselves. With Microsoft 365, Microsoft plans to bring knowledge workers and first-line workers together to empower companies and people. It is Microsoft’s mission to empower people and global workforce around the world to achieve more – not just knowledge workers but also front-line workers with tools for positive developments.

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