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DARQ - The next big wave of Digital Transformation

Devendra Deshmukh Jun 10, 2019

Digital Transformation Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning DARQ Distributed Ledger Technology Extended Reality Quantum Computing SMAC

Businesses have been talking about digital transformation for almost a decade now, if not more. The inevitable question has begun to surface —when is the industry going to take its next big leap?

While we enter the post-digital era where, about 94% of organisations say they're going digital and $1.1 trillion is being spent on digital transformation, the obvious question remains, are you doing as good as your competitor? If so, how can you differentiate yourself going forward? Is being focused on ‘doing digital’ enough to stay relevant in this dynamic digital business environment?

Success will shortly be defined by enterprises who can master and engage better with emerging technologies —which Accenture have recently christened as DARQ technologies: Distributed Ledger Technology (D), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Extended Reality (R) and Quantum Computing (Q). In the post-digital era, DARQ becomes the new SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud).

So, will these technologies then act as a key differentiator for businesses? DARQ — the new stack offers answers to these pressing questions through tools that enable to do things more effectively and seamlessly.

A recent research suggests a fair degree of readiness among industries to operationalize these technologies. About 89% of businesses today are already experimenting with one or more DARQ technologies in some form or the other. These companies who have started to recognize the power of DARQ are substantially increasing their investments to position themselves as key differentiators.

Individually these technologies are already making waves of transformation across industries today. AI emerges as the holy grail of digital transformation, playing a crucial role in intensifying strategic decision-making. XR, an immersive technology, offers new and fresh ways to experience and engage with the world around them. Distributed ledgers, best known in relation to cryptocurrencies are expanding systems and capabilities by eliminating the need for third parties for a secured financial transaction. And quantum computing, though largely experimental, will bring in new approach to solve the hardest computational problems. DARQ will let the digital disruptors reimagine their businesses and lead the pack in the post digital era. This means beginning the journey today.

Over the years we, at e-Zest have gained deeper understanding of these technologies. Many of our customers shared business problems which today can only be solved using emerging technologies like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. The ability of these technologies to leverage Big Data Analytics and identify patterns offers a critical competitive advantage to today's businesses.

We are committed to harness and embed these technologies to help our clients create phenomenal value for customers and stakeholders and provide a competitive edge that keeps them far ahead in the marketplace.

The world of information technology has never been more exciting— for enterprises, customers, innovators and technology enablers. Though all this seems quite evident, it will need feet on the ground and a watchful eye of a hawk to spot the shifts as they occur.

Be prepared for surprises!

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