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Future of Collaboration: Insights Defining Tomorrow with Real-Time Dynamic Data

Athang Kale Mar 15, 2021

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2020 undoubtedly was a historic milepost, not merely considering the virus and global lockdowns but rather as the year of engineering innovations. These innovations have accelerated the transformation roadmap across all sectors Healthcare, Education, Financial Institutions, Travel as well as the Retail sector. With countries such as the UK, Switzerland, Sweden, Netherlands and US topping the Global Innovation Index, harnessing these innovations to collaborate, brings in a wide sea of opportunities for 2021 and beyond. The inevitable challenge of rethinking the value of data and how we can design mechanisms to give more thrust towards delivering intelligent analytics to drive complete transformation continues to exist.

Gartner predicts that the foundation pillars of the organizations of today, that need to build highly efficient and resilient operational models with remote capabilities are:

  • People Centricity
    • Total Experience
  • Location Independent
    • Distributed Cloud
    • Anywhere Operations
    • Cyber Security
  • Resilient Delivery
    • AI Engineering
    • Hyperautomation

Organizations today are focused on transforming to Intelligent composable businesses and are turning towards harnessing such engineering innovations. DIGITAL being fundamental to such strategies, Governments and Businesses are enduring to go beyond hyperautomation towards modernized Bigdata driven self-governing data solutions. Digital data-driven ecosystems have started driving progress and change, be it a new strategy to how organizations revisit their purpose, adopt and adapt to the uneven demand across industries, or a complete business transformation.

The future of work is inclined towards location independent operations. This new format necessitates smarter remote work mechanisms that are agile, fast and secure. DataOps is appearing to be a reliable methodology to solve this by avoiding critical bottlenecks and minimizing the complexity involved in the conventional data engineering paradigms. Transforming the Data Analytics landscape by empowering organizations with complementary continuous delivery capabilities. Driving the desired agility and the performance of what may be essential for Big data success. Data science and DevOps streams are exceptionally important, but for ensuring their successful collaboration in today's new world, to create a resonating impact on-demand data service is the first step towards such capacity building.

Organizations are increasingly applying deep learning techniques to a vast array of data spanning across multiple data lakes, data warehouses. DataOps orchestrates data, tools, processes and people providing organizations an easy to use, easy to manage, reusable data ecosystems. Accelerating data delivery by transforming and mapping data from raw forms to more meaningfully structured formats that can be consumed by modern analytic processes. The connectors provision for the core concepts of data mining (discovering, structuring, cleaning, enriching, validating and publishing) DataOps is proving to be a catalyst in delivering a paradigm shift from “ Assembling highly successful analytics team to Roadmap for building a highly effective data landscape”.

Today’s world CIOs and CXO have indeed started to shy away from the conservative business analysts towards the data citizens who leverage DataOps methodologies that have proven to mitigate the skill gaps in the big data success stories. Further data engineering and automation tools such as eZeDataOps and Act-ion AI are enabling organizations to achieve business operations – anywhere and everywhere.

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