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e-Zestians Speak From Around The Globe

Corporate Aug 08, 2020

OLIVZ e-Zestians Foundation Day 2020 20 in 20 People at e-Zest e-Zesticious

As e-Zest spreads it's wings to expand to new geographies, e-Zestians around the globe share their experiences and insights.

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Rajashree Jog

e-Zest. What does e-Zest actually mean?

When I first joined this company 5 months ago, I was extremely intrigued by the simple yet mystifying name of our company. Does e-Zest stand for 'Easiest Solutions' or does it outline the fact that each member of our team has an unflinching 'Zest for e-Solutions'? I thought that I would find out the "answer" to my question when I attend in-person planning meetings, explore and learn more with in-person interactions, but 2020 had some very different plans. I haven't been able to meet my new team in person, unfortunately.

As the world reels from the devastating impact of a global pandemic, we have all been forced to adapt to a new normal, one in which meetings take place not in a café or conference room but on glowing rectangles and our "work-life "balance creeps toward a phase called 'non-existent.' I have come to realize that e-Zest is not just a company but rather a warm, loving family, each member of which fully demonstrates the OLIVZ culture, which has been thoroughly imbibed in our very identity. On a global landscape of technology - We, the small but inalienable cogs of an e-Zestian Machine, are marked not only by our unique culture, enthusiasm, and Digital-At-Heart Passion but also because we have the potential and the freedom to chart our own paths. The new thought process and Initiatives like "Ideation Factory" suggested by a new member are not only welcome enthusiastically but are fully supported and executed wholeheartedly. While for an outsider, an external customer organization or an individual, it would be easy to think that e-Zest, a relatively small company of around 750 – would face seemingly insurmountable challenges in these turbulent times, the fact of the matter is that our strength lies precisely in our small number.

We are all entrepreneurs in our own right, mini-CEOs that can work independently like bees but are ultimately contributing towards a larger beehive. Our hive is marked by members whose incredible balance of IQ, EQ, and CQ make e-Zest a simple but powerful organization, a David capable of taking on any of the world's Goliaths. So, does e-Zest stand for Easiest Solutions, or does it highlight our zest for e-Solutions? Who says it cannot be both 😉 ?

Wishing my e-Zestian team all the very best on its 20th birthday, very proud to be a part of the team who only knows how to "Up The Game"!


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Vanessa Grignon

As someone who has gotten in front of the camera for a marketing video and shared that video publicly, I'd have to say I feel proud and honored to represent and expose e-Zest globally! I stand behind e-Zest and believe in the services we offer – wholeheartedly. What has been the experience? We rise by lifting others, and it's a wonderful thing.

The team culture cannot and has not been matched. We may not all work under one roof, but we all work for one team and one goal – and I feel this every day. Each of us brings our own unique value and zest for life!

I come from a very small town in Northern Michigan, so I'd have to say I genuinely enjoy surrounding myself with a broad range of people and celebrating diversity. An experience I have often is when we just so happen to sidetrack during team calls to educate me on a language or current festival/holiday, it's increased awareness and helps me appreciate other areas of the world and traditions apart from my own.

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Athang Kale

Last Foundation day (2019), our very own CEO - Devendra Deshmukh had announced of our expansion plans to the UK. This announcement indeed was based on the strong fieldwork done by Amol Pande. I remember their words of wisdom "Start with awareness & aim for empathy."

Thankful that I was considered eligible to latch on to this opportunity. Definitely, a sense of pride prevails when you are representing a hard-working team striving to build a vibrant future that works for everyone.

We at e-Zest, make technology work for organizations, may it be enterprises, Impact organizations or Governments. While working remotely and being the face and voice of e-Zest here in the UK, it was/is also essential to Champion the voice of the customer, balance their & e-Zest's business needs in order to build and maintain a long-lasting partnership.

The journey so far has been exciting and full of learnings, working in partnership with leading technology innovators, non-profit agencies, and other businesses to meet the challenge of building the solutions on which their digital future depends.

e-Zest is a leading digital innovation partner for enterprises and technology companies that utilizes emerging technologies for creating engaging customers experiences. Being a customer-focused and technology-driven company, it always helps clients in crafting holistic business value for their software development efforts. It offers software development and consulting services for cloud computing, enterprise mobility, big data and analytics, user experience and digital commerce.