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e-Zestians Speak on Life in the Pandemic

Corporate Jun 26, 2020

e-Zest COVID-19 Pandemic e-Zestians

The COVID-19 pandemic and consequently the lockdown completely changed the world we knew. It presented a fresh set of challenges that we had never faced before, such as working from home, managing all the chores, not stepping outside and meeting friends, etc.

Since everyone is in a different situation, with different responsibilities to take care of, how each one of us has been affected by and coping with this temporary new normal is different too.

We asked some of our e-Zestians how life has changed for them during this pandemic and how each of them is adjusting to this change. Read on to know what they have to say:


Shambhavi Deshpande

"For me, the lockdown turned out to be the much-needed break to slow down and get my thoughts sorted.

I had planned on practicing Yoga and resuming painting for a long time, but I never really made it to that day. But these days in lockdown are those, where I have actually implemented that plan. Yes, I miss hanging out with friends, but then gossiping with Mom, watching movies and series with my Dad and sister is no less than that. Taking care of the plants of the terrace garden is my favorite part. Also, WFH doesn’t let me realize how lengthy the day was!

With all of this by my side, I would caption the lockdown as ‘Good times & tan lines’ instead of a challenge. Life is good!"


Teena Gupta

"The first thought I had when the government announced a lockdown was: 'What about domestic help?'. Those who are not familiar with me, a quick fact - I became a first-time mom to twin girls this January. So yes, I am not doing office work but the girls themselves have been keeping me on my toes till date. I was already struggling to manage my routine even with help of my family members. Slowly things got settled towards the start of March and then, the LOCKDOWN. Overnight, I was supposed to do all house chores, look after the babies, and what not. Thank God that I traveled to my native place in time and got tremendous support from family.

Despite all the hurdles, frustration, and sleepless nights, what is keeping me on the go are my kids. This lockdown is kind of a dream as well, since without this I am pretty sure my kids wouldn't have received this much attention from both the parents. My husband and I are becoming professionals at multitasking, managing the house chores with one hand and using the other to handle the little monkeys. To take a break from my routine, I am indulging in cooking by exploring how to cook food from different cultures one at a time."


Sunil Dane

"COVID-19 is really testing the grits of humanity! Despite lock downs and social distancing, every human is innately craving for that face to face time. We are trying to find ways using technology – Zoom, Skype, Whatsapp and more such tools to collaborate and huddle. But no technology replace that real human touch. To feel connected, fulfilled and to function normally as human, we all are really looking forward to that in-person interaction.

The situation is transforming us and the world around us. New avenues to work life revolution are getting formed. This unprecedented situation has taught us to go back to basics and to the absolute necessities. In the middle of all this, we need to find ways to be human, to empathize and be creative in a stress-free environment.

  • The derivation of being human currently is being empathetic while dealing with mental health and stress
  • We need to find a right balance between video/audio calls. Our screen time is breaking all our earlier records, but it’s important to avoid having “screen fatigue”
  • Stay away from rumors and negativity. Facilitate, appreciate and celebrate the smallest of your and your team’s achievements
  • Spend time with family. Stay closely involved in day today chores. Learn cooking and baking! Surprise everyone around you by your creativity!
  • Stay fit - it’s important that you spend at least 60 mins only on yourself. This is the best time to follow a restricted diet regime! Find your mojo, your music, your beats, do yoga, self-weight exercises etc. And this is the best stress buster

Most importantly- Stay safe! Follow all social distancing protocols."


Jayendra Khole

"As the fear of the Corona virus worsened in March, I came to my hometown one Friday evening. And soon after, the Government declared a lockdown. I had mixed feelings about this news, but being an optimistic person, I took the lockdown situation in a positive manner and followed a routine.

Having been away from the family for more than 7 years due to studies and the job, I considered this time as an opportunity to spend time with family. I helped around the house, gave free tuition to kids, and spent quality time with the baby we have at home.  

I tried to maintain an equilibrium in my work life. The lockdown gave birth to a new work fashion, it extended the working hours. So, it was a challenge to work efficiently for more hours keeping productivity intact. I took few necessary breaks in between and made my workstation as refreshing as possible.

Social media was distracting everyday with the news. To take care of my mental health, I stayed away from social media as far as possible and motivated other people with the help of positive quotes, calls and messages. At the same time, there was always a sorrowful feeling for those struggling to earn their bread & butter due to this situation. I contributed with funds to help from my end.

I kept reading different books and invested more time on share market studies & strategies, stocks and financial aspects. I wrote two blogs to educate people during such a crisis. I also used this time to learn new technical skills and on weekends, I resumed my cooking hobby with delicious continental cuisines as well.

I know this period is not easy for people to survive and cope up with, but I believe it's our duty to help in flattening the curve and bring everything back to normal."


Athang Kale

"Well its been more of #LivingAtWork for me, instead of #WorkfromHome. This lockdown I have successfully completed my apprenticeship for HomeWork, and I am super excited about my newly acquired skills to maneuver the hoover.

(That is, all I need are my HeadPhones, Playlist & Dyson and  I am all geared for the battle)
I just hope I don't have to write a thesis on this newly assigned KPA of household chores and start to fancy being a handy man."


Sonal Borkar

"The first thought that came to my mind when the lockdown was announced was: how will I stay away and alone from people I know.

Staying away from family and on your own is never easy for anyone. But as most of you, I have also got adjusted to this phase. Though I am someone who prefers meeting people instead of talking to them on the phone, one thing that has kept me going in the lockdown is talking to my parents daily on video calls. Like other parents they are worried too that my sister and I are staying by ourselves in this city. Thankfully, my sister and I shifted to my brother’s place and he has helped ensure that everything is taken care of and I can focus on my work.

Another positive thing that has come out of this lockdown is that I now have a routine that I am following, which is helping me focus and organize things better."

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