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Top global technology trends to watch this week - Week 25, 2019

Corporate Jun 28, 2019

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Cloud computing: What's coming next and how you can help your organization?

We should all agree to the fact that cloud computing is the initiator of the digital transformation of the business world. According to Gartner, the worldwide public cloud revenue is expected to grow up to a solid 17.3% in 2019 which make it the fastest growing industry of this highly-technologized era and business sector.

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Enterprise Mobility: Bring Your Own Ideas (BYOD)

BYOD has turned into a buzzword with individuals and enterprises. Many have dabbled with BYOD for years, but the security and restricted access has put off both IT and users. According to recent research even though 72% of organisations have embraced BYOD and SaaS application adoption, only 54% of organisations have adopted formal BYOD policies.

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Barriers to effective data analytics

Digital data has been growing at such a fast pace. It has moved from big to massive to even gigantic. Despite all these advancements, there are some central problems with business analytics today.

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Microsoft brings Plug and Play to IoT

Microsoft announces to bring the ease of use of Plug and Play, which allows you to plug virtually any peripheral into a Windows PC without having to worry about drivers and IoT devices. This will greatly simplify the process and do away with the hardware and software configuration that are still needed today.

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Study reveals migrating to Magento Commerce drives revenue growth

When it comes to e-commerce and online shopping experiences, Magento has become the new normal for brands and merchants all over the world. Global brands use Magento to engage customers, react on the fly to changing consumer needs, and deliver commerce experiences that matter to customers. A recent study shows, migrating to Magento Commerce drives revenue growth.

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