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AWS IoT - Now Migration is Quick and Easy

Mohini Wable Nov 22, 2022

AWS IoT Migration Data Security

AWS can help make your migration quick and easy

Modern businesses employ Internet of Things (IoT) platforms to manage their dispersed IoT devices and connections, rather than developing software to expand their IoT activities. An IoT platform benefits data-driven industries by enabling -
  • Easy data flow
  • Seamless communication
  • Intelligent application functionality
  • Cloud-based device management

Businesses could develop and optimize their linked device architecture and frameworks for managing IoT devices as the IoT market evolves and new IoT advancements become available.

Numerous clients have moved their solutions to AWS IoT to benefit from the security, flexibility, dependability, and quality of AWS IoT services.

AWS allows you to move your existing connected devices fast, economically, and conveniently from legacy or custom platforms. Migration assistance is available from AWS Professional Services, AWS IoT Partners, or one can migrate independently.

All IoT platforms, however, differ from one another in terms of their business needs, geographic scope, connectivity possibilities, and hardware specifications. There is no one migration that works for all devices, thus AWS offers a variety of alternatives to assist you in moving your devices to AWS IoT.

Companies can develop smarter, quicker-responding, and more affordable IoT applications by using the flexibility provided by AWS IoT to gather data and operate in the cloud (and wherever information is generated). The goal of AWS IoT is to ensure that you can understand the status of everything and use that data to reason to solve business challenges.

Why switch to AWS IoT?

The features (Device bridge, Amazon sidewalk integration, Rules generator, Device advisor, Message Broker, Authorization and identification) provided by AWS IoT Core allow you to manage your smart devices efficiently. Additionally, by providing a completely secure environment, it prevents security breaches. You can improve maintenance schedules, reduce downtime, and make better forecasts using AWS IoT Core's analytics features.

1. Enhanced agility
From the edge to the cloud, AWS provides the IoT infrastructure needed to connect, operate, and add insight to IoT applications and devices. Thus, quickening the pace at which the company introduces new products.

2. Security on multiple levels
AWS IoT provides services for all security levels, including services to continually monitor and audit setups as well as preventive security measures like encryption and access restriction for device data.

3. Excellent AI (Artificial Intelligence) and voice
AWS merges AI and IoT to make gadgets more intelligent. Models can be created in the cloud and then deployed to devices where they operate two times faster than competing products. The Amazon Alexa speech service is quite simple to integrate into AWS IoT-connected devices.

4. Proven on a scale
AWS IoT is based on a reliable and well-proven cloud infrastructure and can expand to billions of devices and trillions of communications. One may create comprehensive solutions by integrating AWS IoT with other AWS services.

AWS IoT migration factors to consider

Here are some factors to consider, regardless of whether your firm decides to completely redesign its IoT solution or merely relocate its current platform to AWS:

1. Functionality
Think about the ways in which your new IoT platform can improve your business strategy and offer a seamless user experience from IoT edge devices to the cloud. Each connected device must have a set of communication systems, a strong security framework, an operating system, and supporting libraries, along with over-the-air update mechanisms with a maintenance plan for security and feature updates.

2. Maintaining data security and risk assessment
The foundation of an IoT solution must incorporate security throughout the process to prevent expensive recalls or retrofitting when inadequate security solutions result in consumer complaints or downtimes. Select a platform that offers dependable support for authentication and access control, as well as security and encryption of data.

3. Migration costs
It is critical to establish how much data is being migrated as well as the available capacity for data transfer. It is not necessary to evaluate every migration based on the costs involved up front; instead, you should consider the savings and efficiency that may be achieved by managing your devices in a scalable manner.

Whether your firm is trying to redefine new consumer communication channels or is changing business models, the IoT platform is a critical component of that shift. AWS IoT Core is at the top of the list of IoT services and solutions available today.

We understand that making the choice to move to a new IoT platform is not an easy one. However, with the assistance of AWS experts and AWS Partners, you can outsource some of the labor-intensive tasks. Thus, gaining access to a level of support that can help in developing and implementing a successful migration plan in accordance with your urgent business requirements.

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