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Technology news around the world - Week 17, 2019

Corporate May 03, 2019

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Which public cloud approach is right for your business?

As digital transformation continues to create opportunities for businesses, companies are prioritizing transformation programmes to ensure continued growth. Many see this as the key to be more competitive, to keep up with a rapidly changing business environment and the cloud is critical to its success. The question here is re-host, re-platform or replace.

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Big benefits of Enterprise Mobility Management

What are the top benefits of Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) and why should enterprises deploy a mobility management solution in the first place? Here are the top 5 benefits of EMM.

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Barriers to effective data analytics

Digital data has been growing at such a fast pace. It has moved from big to massive to even gigantic. Despite all these advancements, there are some central problems with business analytics today.

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Microsoft brings Plug and Play to IoT

Microsoft announces to bring the ease of use of Plug and Play, which allows you to plug virtually any peripheral into a Windows PC without having to worry about drivers and IoT devices. This will greatly simplify the process and do away with the hardware and software configuration that are still needed today.

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Global e-commerce trends for 2019 and beyond

The rise of new technologies in the e-commerce sector has led to the paradigm shifts in recent years. The online sales graph itself has projected a huge augmentation until 2019 and is expected to grow exponentially till 2021. These advancements and high-tech innovations will transform the way people shop and businesses market a product/service.

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