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Top global technology trends to watch this week - Week 20, 2019

Corporate May 24, 2019

big data analytics cloud computing Enterprise Mobility Digital Commerce digital customer experience

Experimentation has increased due to cloud computing, says AWS

One of the top executives in AWS says the level of experimenting has increased because of cloud computing. He says, cloud Computing has offers tremendous flexibility of experimentation with capabilities that allow them to move faster and also reduce their costs to operate.

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Challenges to enterprise mobility

Enterprise mobility is responsible for increasing flexibility in the workplace. But, organizations face multiple challenges during the implementation of enterprise mobility. Is there a way to solve this crisis? Here’s an attempt to analyse and solve these challenges.

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Steps towards regulating Big Data Analytics in FinTech

To settle the tensions between the value of data-processing technology and public trust, HKMA (Hong Kong Monetary Authority) recently issued a circular to encourage authorised institutions to adopt the “Ethical Accountability Framework” (EAF) for the collection and use of personal data issued by the Office of the PCPD (Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data).

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Enterprise collaboration will drive the future of work

As innovation in cloud-based video conferencing gathers momentum, more enterprises are enjoying the freedom and flexibility to interact more efficiently and seamlessly. With more enterprises expanding their collaboration initiatives, markets that offer enterprise collaboration tools are growing exponentially year on year.

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Keys for driving commerce in B2B markets

today’s technology provides a way to delight customers more quickly and efficiently than ever before. Today’s savvy marketers are focused on delivering a great experience across various customer touchpoints with these key customer experience elements.

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