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Digital Transformation Powering Growth For Enterprises – 2022 & Beyond

Devendra Deshmukh Sep 15, 2021

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The last two years have presented us with some of the most challenging circumstances, right from being in the business to creating several disruptions in how business is done, some of which we continue to learn and grow from. Digital has been key to organizational success and has led to several new trends in the industry. Be it the shift to remote and hybrid work environments, or even the most traditional sectors adopting digital, the impact of COVID-19 has set in motion a revolution of sorts. The future of our workforce, our business processes, and our customer experiences have taken a radical shift, and businesses need to have a solid roadmap that helps them pivot in the right direction in these changing times.

In this fast-paced and dynamic environment, digital has been the strongest ally for leaders and decision-makers as they steer their enterprise on the path of growth and creating business impact. Digital transformation consulting is helping organizations formulate their digital strategy, identify & mitigate risks and gaps. All while analyzing the right infrastructure, technology, processes, and people for sustainable long-term improvement and high performance.

Consulting, especially in the digital space, has opened a number of avenues of increased agility, resiliency, and sustainability for organizations. Here is where organizations such as e-Zest are playing an integral role, having built capabilities at scale to help clients anticipate the future and capture the opportunity that comes with change by designing strategies to innovate, grow and create new value through transformation.

It takes a good mix of people to make a solid consulting team. This requires the combined strengths of experts who are well-versed with technology and have the essential domain expertise that is vital in these transformation projects. Getting this right mix is often the challenge, and I have seen organizations try the do-it-yourself (DIY) approach, which is evidently full of risks. 95% of digital transformation projects have failed to achieve their goals, primarily due to challenges faced with:

  • Alignment of their internal team on the digital transformation project
  • The inability of existing infrastructure to handle these growing demands
  • Inadequacy in terms of skilled resources and budget for these projects
  • The existing culture that is not open to change

In all these aspects, the risk of failure can be minimized with two simple steps:

  1. The leadership reinforcing its need and focus on innovation and helping their teams understand the 'Why' for shifting to digital
  2. The organization knowing its core objective from these digital initiatives to ensure consulting experts can provide advice that is focused on these values from the get-go

With digital transformation consulting, the enterprise can gain an asset via a team of experts who bring the unique combination of domain and technology expertise that is crucial for such endeavors. Consulting adds value by also providing an outside-in perspective to the organization, ensuring that the leadership has a holistic view of the path to be taken. These experts fully understand your business ecosystem and enterprise architecture, meticulously identifying problems, gaps, and opportunities for digital enablement. Not only can they help you in carving your digital roadmap but, more importantly, identifying critical success enablers, including organizational change management, program strategy and governance, giving your digital transformation initiatives a holistic perspective tuned for success.

Having worked with enterprises and ISVs of different sizes, segments and geographies over the past 21 years, our consulting approach is underpinned by an adaptive framework that understands the need and the technology that needs to be utilized to help the organization achieve its digital transformation goal. We have been working with clients around three fundamental tenets:

  • Transformative Consulting - that focuses on the present and desired business growth to identify avenues for digital enablement in your operations, strategies, and offerings
  • Restorative Consulting - assisting enterprises to go beyond by broadening their horizons of thinking, building strong cross-functional governance, and fostering meaningful collaboration for their digital transformation initiatives
  • Curative Consulting - that covers exploration and analysis of key areas like work streams, business processes, IT functions and technology landscape to provide recommendations that are driven based on impact and the strategic value streams of your business

Today, resilience and profitability are the key enterprise strategic priorities, but once the pandemic gets under control and some kind of normalcy returns, we anticipate that organizations will shift their strategic focus to innovation and growth. Organizations will require to partner with technology companies that have both end-to-end transformation with a broad and diverse portfolio of technology and business transformation capabilities.

With the right mix of functional and technical expertise, our digital transformation experts are ready to work with you to ensure that your goals are achieved and go beyond the traditional to drive future growth and success. For more details on our digital consulting services, do visit: https://www.e-zest.com/digital-transformation-consulting-services.

e-Zest is a leading digital innovation partner for enterprises and technology companies that utilizes emerging technologies for creating engaging customers experiences. Being a customer-focused and technology-driven company, it always helps clients in crafting holistic business value for their software development efforts. It offers software development and consulting services for cloud computing, enterprise mobility, big data and analytics, user experience and digital commerce.