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Top global technology trends to watch this week - Week 23, 2019

Corporate Jun 14, 2019

Digital Transformation Big Data Enterprise Mobility Enterprise Collaboration Cloud B2B Rivets Digital Commerce B2B commerce

Is your business taking a cloud-centric approach across all touch points?

The future of the cloud in the enterprise space is witnessing a transformation with business models undergoing massive shifts. The cloud adoption is reducing costs that increase efficiency. It's predicted by 2020, more than 80% of enterprise workload will be in the cloud.

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Why Enterprise Mobility makes sense for SMBs

Enterprise mobility has turned a new leaf for forward-thinking companies that seek to thrive and grow with consistency. It has changed the ways the new-age workforce engages with their work and collaborates with their subordinates.

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How companies are grappling over Big Data

Big data is considered as one of the most trending and emerging technologies of today. As the data is rapidly growing, industries are increasingly adopting this technology to obtain better insights from the data to stay competitive.

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Driving digital transformation in B2B e-Commerce

Things are evolving fast in the digital world of B2B commerce, making it hard to decide on the precise steps to take. But things are developing in unexpected ways, so it’s best to have a strategy and a platform flexible enough to go with the changes that best suit one’s customers.

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