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Transform Your Data Warehouse with Azure Synapse Analytics

Mohini Wable Oct 13, 2022

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Today, practically all businesses rely on data to run their operations, which raises the demand for enabling data-driven insights and decision-making at all levels of an organization.

The opportunity to effectively utilize data grows in tandem with its volume, diversity, and velocity. Data lakes and warehouses are two separate sorts of analytics streams but maintaining them involves more complexity. Additionally, analytics expands a variety of teams, tools, and systems; it is not just about DWs and DLs. Because everything from BI to AI is reliant on analytics data, it is difficult for all teams to design an analytics solution to fulfill all needs.

Clearly, the way in which data analytics is done needs to change.

Azure SQL Data Warehouse has been emerging as a key component of analytics strategy as more and more clients choose the cloud to run their businesses. Why: According to two independent benchmark evaluations, ADW leads the industry because it is up to 14 times faster and 94% less expensive than other cloud providers.

The introduction of Azure Synapse Analytics by Microsoft has now lifted the bar even further for enhancing your analytics environment.

Azure Synapse is an advanced data warehouse

Azure Synapse is a boundless analytics service that combines Big Data analytics and conventional Data Warehousing into one product.  In order to ingest, process, manage, and serve data for instant BI and machine learning applications, Azure Synapse unifies these two worlds.

Businesses may utilize Azure Synapse to continue running their current data warehouse workloads in performance right now, and they will automatically gain access to the preview features whenever they are made available to the public.

Powerful Insights: It is tightly connected with Azure Machine Learning and Power BI to substantially enhance the discovery of insights from your data and applies machine learning models to your intelligent apps. The time to value will be greatly accelerated by this.

Limitless Scale: Azure Synapse offers lightning-fast access to insights from your data, including big data analytics and data warehouse platforms.

Unmatched Security: Azure has the most advanced security and privacy features available on the market. These features, such as automatic threat detection, continuous data encryption, and fine-grained access control, are ingrained into Azure Synapse's core functionality.

Unified Experience: For data engineers, data scientists, and database administrators, Azure Synapse studio offers a unified experience for designing end-to-end analytics solutions. Business analysts may use Power BI to quickly create dashboards while securely accessing datasets through the same analytics service.

Azure Synapse Analytics breaks down data silos within your company by integrating your data warehouses and big data analytics programs. Since Azure Synapse Analytics brings together DBAs, analysts, data scientists, engineers, and experts into one analytics solution, various teams can effortlessly communicate, exchange, and analyze data using it.

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