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CMMI V2.0 Explained - Category 'Enabling'

Rajendra Babtiwale May 11, 2021

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This is my fourth blog in the series on the CMMI 2.0 model. My first blog talked about the structure of CMMI 2.0, explaining in some detail various categories mentioned in the model. The second blog, CMMI V2.0 Categories Explained is about the definition of Capability Category and related Capability Areas. I also discussed the first category in this blog, which is the "Doing" category. The third blog, explains the concept of Maturity and provides details of the "Managing" category. By now, we are familiar with a general understanding of Capability category, Capability area, Maturity and these two categories and capability areas underneath them.

To perform tasks, that is to 'Do' and 'Manage' it many times, we need our tasks to be made easier or possible. This act of making something possible or easier is called 'Enabling'. Various processes in the organization are responsible to smoothen out the gaps and provide necessary inputs for enhanced performance. These processes are called 'Enabling Processes'. Thus, this becomes the third category in CMMI 2.0 model, which is called 'Enabling'. We are going to spend some time on this category today.

The third category is "Enabling". We all know that while performing and/or managing any task, we need support. If that support is not available or is poor, then implementation and management gets hampered. This can cause quality degradation, delays and hence loss to the organization. These are enabling systems, which help the business engine run like a well-oiled machine. Without their presence or adequate help, this engine sputters a lot. Organizations need to identify these enabling processes while identifying their main processes, which add value.

Let us understand which capability areas fall under this "Enabling Category". CMMI Institute is in the process of developing a few capability areas and related practice areas under this category.

Out of these three capability categories, content is developed for supporting implementation for now. Rest two capability areas are under development as of now.

Let us spend some time on the "Supporting Implementation" capability area to understand what is expected out of various process areas under it.

While implementing and managing the implementation, mistakes or shortcomings do occur. If these mistakes or shortcomings are not analyzed, lessons are not learnt and resolved forever; they keep affecting business adversely. One needs to analyze such situations, identify causes responsible for them, determine root cause/s and take corrective actions to eliminate the root cause/s. Activities associated with this practice area greatly help in minimizing and eliminating in long run firefighting in the organization.

We make a lot of decisions while implementing and managing the implementations. Some decisions are extremely important and have a very long-lasting impact on the business. We are careful while taking those decisions and evaluate the number of options from available ones to select the best one. This is evaluation of decisions and has found a place in this capability category. Activities associated with this area help to take well-evaluated decisions to support 'Doing' and 'Managing' category activities.

Also, another support that is required is to maintain the integrity of work products that get created during implementation and management artifacts. If this integrity is not maintained, there will be chaos at the workplace and another non-value-added activity linking relevant work products and artifacts to the final product or service getting delivered to the customer. Adequate support in this area will help reduction in loss of work and enhance the ability to deliver the correct product or service to the customer.

We will talk in great details once we start discussing practice areas. In my next blog, I will spend some time explaining the last category, "Improving", which if not practiced, organizations cannot survive and excel.

Till then, stay tuned.

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