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Improving Organizational Productivity via AI-driven Collaborative Process Automation

Corporate May 20, 2021

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Earlier this year, e-Zest hosted a webinar on 'Improving Organizational Productivity via AI-driven Collaborative Process Automation,' featuring COO & Founder Jaywant Deshpande & VP - Digital Transformation Mandar Garge. The webinar focused on the need for organizations to embrace a revolutionary new concept that leverages AI-driven collaborative process automation to help business owners make decisions on their own, remove human bottlenecks and increase the speed of execution.

Organizations have adopted several digital technologies and systems in their business processes and workflows. However, the addition of emerging technologies and tools to business processes has created a whole new challenge. Business processes nowadays leverage a combination of human and digital tools to perform specific actions. These processes can span multiple applications and require effort from multiple users, creating a complex and inter-dependent workflow. This complexity often leads to delays, longer execution time, bottlenecks to perform tasks or re-assign tasks while leading to missed deadlines.Business Apps and Decision Makers 3Founder and COO Jaywant Deshpande summarizes this, saying, "It takes a lot more time for a user to find which task is to be performed next than actually to perform the task. With decision-makers having to manage multiple such tasks across various business processes and via multiple touchpoints, the delay amplifies significantly. Moreover, organizations cannot measure the downstream impact on operational efficiency and cost due to these delays. It also lacks the ability to re-assign blocked tasks.

Managing business processes requires a fresh approach that breaks them down into events, actions, tasks, and intelligently distributes these tasks and actions to users, applications, and bots."

In the past, we have seen AI being used to automate processes and work with decision-makers to simplify processes. The next AI evolution will be about using organizational data and information to create a system that helps users identify critical tasks and allocate them to the right resource, which could be users, applications or a bot.

To help businesses navigate through this complexity and improve organizational productivity, e-Zest has introduced Acti-on (pronounced as Action), an event-driven, flow-based action engine that generates and distributes specific and personalized tasks to users. By combining multiple tasks and events into a single consolidated interface, the AI-based automation engine features:

  • Event-driven Actions & Processes: Enables using events from business applications to create scenarios and trigger workflows that produce the exact actions for users and systems
  • Task & Process repository: Creates Tasks and Actions from events and adds them to a repository
  • Dynamic distribution of tasks: Identifies task owners, task priorities and dynamically distributes them to these owners
  • Personalization & Prioritization of tasks: Identifies tasks per owner and prioritizes them differently for different owners
  • AI for Automation of Repetitive tasks: Identifies repetitive tasks per owner and (based on user-consent) offers to apply AI to execute those tasks automatically
  • Audit Trail: For all workflows and data transformations with immutable features
  • Integrate with existing systems using pre-built integrations and APIs to track, change and export data to your choice of BI tools to generate reports and perform further analysis

Acti-on in actionAs per VP - Digital Transformation Mandar Garge, "The goal of Acti-on and AI in organizational productivity is to provide businesses the ability to 'measure and track organizational productivity'. Managing business processes and measuring organizational productivity should be very easy. Acti-on helps businesses achieve this goal by organizing, personalizing, and prioritizing tasks and actions for all users in the organization via a single user interface. Additionally, Acti-on enables organizations to build new business processes in a step-by-step manner by creating automation and workflows incrementally, eliminating the need to buy new and costly workflow-based software applications."

For more details, you can watch the recording of the entire webinar here or read more about Acti-on and get in touch with us.

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