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20 Apps to Make the Quarantine Life Easier

e-Zesticious May 12, 2020

mobile app Learning COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the very foundation of how the world works. The sudden change in lifestyle of being restricted indoors has left most of us confused and anxious. For those that aren’t able to spend this time with family or friends, it’s even harder to manage. To help you in this unpredictable time, we have compiled a list of apps that can make the quarantine life easier and more manageable:

  • Productivity

It’s easy to be distracted or lose focus while working from home, which affects our productivity. These apps can help you be on track and streamline your activities to ensure you don’t lose out on productivity. You can also use these apps to help support you as you either build new habits or try to overcome bad ones.

ToDoist Forest Done
ToDoist Forest Done
iOS & Android iOS & Android iOS

ToDoist: It is a task management tool that makes complex to-do lists easily manageable. It helps you create and prioritize tasks, set goals and track progress.

Forest: This simple app helps you focus on the task at hand by encouraging you to plant and cultivate virtual trees which grow if you don't touch your phone. Forest donates money to its partner who then plants trees in the real world.

Done: It’s a habit-development app with an easy and engaging interface. It helps you set goals, track progress and view streaks over time.

  • Mindfulness and Wellbeing

With all the anxiety surrounding the pandemic, adjusting to this new quarantine lifestyle can take a toll on our mental health. The following apps can help you de-stress and be more mindful:

Relax Melodies Calm Govida Headspace
Relax Melodies Calm GoVida Headspace
iOS & Android iOS & Android iOS & Android iOS & Android

Relax Melodies: Relax Melodies has a huge library of dulcet sounds and music designed to help relieve tension and get restful sleep.

Calm: An app that aids you in relaxation and sleep with the help of guided meditations, soothing music and audio stories.

GoVida: GoVida helps incentivize and create positive wellbeing habits through live yoga and pilates classes, calming and resilience building meditations plus rewards-orientated steps tracking.

Headspace: Headspace offers hundreds of tailored mindfulness sessions for different needs, including ways to manage stress and anxiety.

  • Online Education

With most educational institutions shut during this pandemic, many learning hours are being lost. Learning apps like the ones below are helping students continue learning from home, through interactive video tutorials, study material handouts and interactive quizzes:

edx-2 khan academy-1 udemy-1 coursera-1
edX Khan Academy Udemy Coursera
iOS & Android iOS & Android iOS & Android iOS & Android

edX: The app offers over 2000 courses and certifications from top universities of the world in various fields such as computer science, linguistics, business studies etc. Features such as video tutorials,

Khan Academy: An interactive online learning platform that makes learning easy through video tutorials, along with the added features of progress tracking and multilingual options.

Udemy: A learning app offering courses covering a vast range of fields, right from technology to business to art, that you can learn at your own pace, with the support of expert instructors and peers.   

Coursera: Coursera offers numerous courses, specializations and degrees from top universities that you can learn from online to build your skills and portfolio.

  • Home delivery

Various apps let you order groceries and other essential supplies and get them delivered right to your doorstep. This eliminates the need for you to step out to the stores, thus making it safer and convenient. (Do check availability of their services in your area).

sainsburys-1 ASDA-1 deliveroo-1
Sainsbury's Groceries Asda Deliveroo
iOS & Android iOS & Android iOS & Android

Sainsbury’s Groceries: The app offers a convenient and affordable way to buy groceries and other essentials and have them delivered to your doorstep.

Asda: Asda offers grocery shopping on the go, wherein you can conveniently create shopping lists, discover recipes, and get groceries delivered to you.

Deliveroo: With this app, you can order food from restaurants near you and have it delivered to your home.

  • Workout apps

If you’re wondering how you can stay indoors and still be able to workout or get some regular exercise, here are a few apps that can help you workout right from home:

Daily Yoga sworkit Home Workout
Daily Yoga Sworkit Home Workout
iOS & Android iOS & Android  iOS & Android

Daily Yoga:The perfect app for those who are wanting to start yoga, with a full library of beginner classes, progress trackers and chat features.

Sworkit: An integrated fitness platform that allows you to customize and play personalized video workouts tailored to what you are looking for.

Home Workout: Includes daily work out routines for fitness and muscle building. The routines are designed by experts and need no equipment.

  • Hobbies

This quarantine period is a great opportunity to rekindle a hobby or learn a new one that we didn’t have time to do before. Several apps online can help you pursue this hobby through tutorials, ideas and inspirations:

Pinterest Duolingo Kitchen Stories
Pinterest Duolingo Kitchen Stories
iOS & Android iOS & Android iOS & Android

Pinterest: This is the one-stop repository of – ideas. Find images, blogs and tutorials on any interest, be it recipes, home improvement, art, styling, etc.

Duolingo: An app that simplifies language-learning with more than 94 courses for over 23 languages. It’s a simple and fun way to learn a new language.

Kitchen Stories: It’s an app for baking and healthy cooking, with several appetizing recipes coupled with pictures and easy-to-follow guidelines.

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