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Top global technology trends to watch this week - Week 27, 2019

Corporate Jul 12, 2019

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7 reasons why business needs to move to cloud?

Data breaches is happening at multiple levels and increased volume of data brings increased risk of data breaches. According to the Identity Theft Resource Center 446 million records containing sensitive consumer data were exposed in data breaches in 2018, a 126 percent increase over the previous year. Migrating to cloud can mitigate the risk of data braches.

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BYOD: 5 best practices for enterprises

Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies are becoming prevalent in the business world. It is seen that employees using their own devices have increased productivity at workplace. BYOD policy is crucial but your enterprise still needs to keep device management in mind. To keep your enterprise secure, productive, and operational while leveraging personal employee devices, the management plan of BYOD should address ways.

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How stream processing and data analytics can bring smart city projects to life?

There is a significant buzz around smart cities and some exciting technology projects coming to fruition as more and more governments take serious steps towards modernizing their infrastructure to cope with increased population in megacities around the world.

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News improvements coming soon to SharePoint online

Enhancements coming to SharePoint Online users this month will add greater control over how News articles appear in SharePoint sites.

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The limitless possibilities of digital commerce: from technology to experience

Digital Commerce — Is it a technology or a business process? Some of us would have said ‘yes’ to both a couple of years back. Today many would take a pause to think before they answer.

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