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Unleash the Potential of Generative AI Across Diverse Business Functions

Devendra Deshmukh Sep 20, 2023

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Technology is the driving force behind innovation and efficiency in the current business landscape, and Generative AI is emerging as a formidable catalyst for this transformation. The latest Generative AI technologies excel in automating business’s routine tasks like data organization and classification and their capacity to generate text, music, and digital art has captured public attention, prompting a wider array of individuals and organizations to contemplate their influence on the business world.

Generative AI has a wide range of practical applications not only in Sales, Marketing, and Customer Support - which are the most recognized areas - but also in various other facets of business operations such as Human Resources (HR), Procurement, Corporate Communications, etc. In the coming years, Generative AI is poised to become an integral component of every organization, owing to its growing applicability across various industries and business functions. According to reports, 10% of all global data will be generated by Generative AI by 2025.

This blog is a summary of where we are enabling our clients leverage the power of Gen AI internally across functions that have far-reaching impact and are fueling innovation and increased efficiency.

Human Resources: HR functions are undergoing a major transformation fueled by Generative AI. Generative AI can streamline the recruitment process, foster continuous professional growth among employees, and help in creating a healthy work environment. Resume screening and matching, once a time-intensive and error-prone task, is now expedited through Generative AI's ability to analyze resumes and match them with job requirements, ensuring the identification of top-tier candidates and saving HR professionals’ valuable time.
Generative AI can further assist HR in developing tailored training programs by analyzing the skills or skill gaps of individual employees and recommending specific training modules to enhance their performance. Additionally, AI-driven sentiment analysis can efficiently examine employee feedback and sentiment, helping HR teams identify issues early and take proactive steps to address employee concerns. This can help significantly improve the workplace environment and enhance employee satisfaction, thereby bolstering engagement and retention rates. We are revolutionizing a healthcare staffing platform by implementing Gen AI solutions to automate tasks such as cleaning up job descriptions from source VMSs, updating candidate profiles based on submittal notes, and efficiently shortlisting the best candidates for specific positions.

Research & Development: In the realm of research and development, Generative AI makes way for innovation. Its ability to analyze extensive datasets, analyze & recognize patterns, and extract insights is invaluable. For instance, in the pharmaceutical industry, it can simplify drug discovery and expedite the process by meticulously sifting through vast chemical databases, simulating molecular interactions, identifying potential drugs, and optimizing their characteristics for improved efficiency and reduced side effects.
Apart from this, R&D across industries benefits immensely from scientific simulations and modeling arising from AI's computational prowess. Researchers can simulate intricate phenomena, gaining profound insights into scientific processes that drive innovation forward. In fields like aerospace and climate science, Generative AI can perform complex simulations and modeling, helping researchers better understand and predict real-world phenomena. We transformed drug repurposing for a leading biopharma firm through our Intelligent Data Analytics platform that translates natural language queries into technical ones and delivers pertinent data through analytical dashboards, enhancing scientists' productivity while saving time and eliminating technical hurdles.

Legal & Compliance: Legal professionals spend a significant amount of time reviewing contracts. Generative AI can automate this process by analyzing contracts for key clauses, potential risks, and inconsistencies within extensive legal documents. This technology efficiently analyzes and summarizes legal documents, thereby saving a significant amount of time. This allows legal professionals to dedicate more time to strategic decision-making than spending time on manually summarizing documents. Additionally, Generative AI can continuously monitor regulatory changes and assess their impact on an organization's compliance status, providing early warnings and risk assessments to legal and compliance teams.

Procurement: In procurement, Generative AI aids in vendor evaluation and selection, predictive analysis & optimization, and automated contract management. By analyzing supplier data, Generative AI can recommend the best vendors based on factors like cost, quality, and reliability. It can evaluate vendors on factors like criteria like market conditions, historical performance, etc. to identify the most suitable vendor for a business. Additionally, this technology can predict procurement needs based on historical data and optimize inventory levels, ensuring that organizations have the right supplies at the right time while minimizing costs. Generative AI also facilitates automated contract creation, management, and renewal, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring compliance with contractual terms.

Corporate Communications: Generative AI redefines corporate communications by crafting impactful narratives. AI-generated press releases tailored to diverse audiences exemplify AI's role in crafting compelling and coherent content. Generative AI ensures efficient social media reputation management through its sentiment analysis capabilities, enabling proactive brand management and engagement with online audiences. It can monitor social media mentions and suggest appropriate responses to protect and enhance a company's brand image. Generative AI can also help corporate communications teams to curate relevant content for newsletters, websites, and social media channels, ensuring that the audience stays engaged and informed.

In a nutshell, Generative AI's influence spans across a myriad of business functions, redefining processes, enhancing decision-making, and ensuring growth. Generative AI is no longer just about creating creative content and images, it's about optimizing processes, fostering innovation, and enhancing efficiency across the board. It is currently showing versatility across 63 use cases spread across 16 different business functions, as identified by McKinsey. As we look ahead, it is evident that Generative AI is not just a passing trend but an integral part of the future of business operations. Therefore, businesses should invest in understanding and integrating Generative AI into their operations to deliver value to both their customers and employees.

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