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Salesforce considerations for CIOs

Nidhi Thakkar Jan 24, 2017

Salesforce Salesforce for CIOs

Salesforce has been a real boon to businesses. Also, over the years Salesforce has improved and have taken the concept of CRM to another level. In the business world, Salesforce is considered as special by CIOs because it blends well with business applications, offers tools with application exchange and has a user-friendly interface.

There is no surprise, CIOs are positively considering and implementing Salesforce for the betterment of business. But are they aware of the key considerations? Usually CIOs focus on bigger picture while implementing Salesforce for their business. They put a lot of emphasis on revenue generation, sales opportunities and support. But they fail to consider the granular aspects that are equally important to drive the success of Salesforce application.

This blog explains the considerations that CIOs must think upon while implementing Salesforce.

  • Gain knowledge of Salesforce and plan accordingly – Before buying Salesforce, CIOs must be aware of its features, advantages and its impact on the business. There are multiple features available in Salesforce but only few might match your business functions. Also, once you are familiar with application, a proper planning before its implementation is essential to avoid glitches after deployment. If you end up with a product which does not fit according to your business needs then the project might be of no use.  

  • Make sure your data is sorted – If CIOs are looking to integrate Salesforce with another system or upgrading it, they must make sure the data is sorted and is not redundant. This implies that all records, tables and databases must be reliable and not be duplicated. Furthermore, CIOs before moving ahead with integration must define a complete new data model. If any glitches are present in the data or its model then it might result in poor functionality.

  • Focus on user training While purchasing Salesforce application, CIOs focus is limited only to revenue generation, maintenance or support they need to provide their customers. However, providing efficient training to sales staff or users of application, should also be considered as an important entity. If your staff is not trained on how to use the application then there is no point to invest heavily in a CRM application.  

  • Ensure hassle free implementation Have you ever heard about ‘simplicity is the best sophistication.’ This applies to Salesforce implementation too. Keep your application implementation simple and avoid stuffing too much functionalities that might confuse the users. Salesforce platform is just to ease the work of sales staff and support them.  

  • Utilize experience resources Connecting with Salesforce groups and individuals on social media can enable you to run your Salesforce application smoothly. Utilizing the experience of others to understand the depths of Salesforce can aid in better understanding of implementation. All the doubts regarding the application can be addressed and can drive the decision making for successful application. 

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