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Salesforce Einstein – Bringing the power of AI to CRM

Nidhi Thakkar Aug 31, 2017

Salesforce Einstein Salesforce Artifiical Intelligence


Salesforce is one of the best Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms. Almost every business is leveraging Salesforce CRM technology to connect with their customers and improvise their business processes. This platform not only simplifies the customer interaction but also enables businesses to grow and succeed. Based on cloud technology, Salesforce CRM is cost effective with low maintenance and can be accessed from any location using any devices.

Artificial intelligence and Salesforce CRM

Today, people in the world are connected to each other, thanks to the era of digitization. Right from a short phone call to an e-commerce transaction, everything is getting converted into data. Another popular technology known as IoT is also enabling data generation through objects like cars, wearables and beyond.

One can leverage these data to increase their sales funnel and also fine tune their marketing activities in order to provide better experience to their customers. But how is this possible? This can be done with the help of Artificial intelligence.

Salesforce Einstein built using artificial intelligence is the first CRM leveraging the power of AI. It is a technology that has a human-like thinking ability which helps in delivering a smarter customer relationship management. The Salesforce Einstein enables the businesses to determine insights, envisage possibilities, recommend actions and automate tasks to simplify their operations.

Every customer today expects a personalized experience and Salesforce Einstein helps to do that. Remember, customers provide access to their data because they seek good experience. Using the data, businesses must provide smart and fast personalized experience to their customers across every touchpoint.

In coming years, artificial intelligence is going to rule the world. Thus with Salesforce Einstein, businesses can leverage AI and improve their end-user experience.

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