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Nidhi Thakkar

Nidhi is a senior marketing professional at e-Zest. She is the person you go to if you want your ideas written out in a concise, non-greek-and-latin manner. When she isn’t churning out service pages or marketing material, you can find Nidhi shaking her leg to some peppy Zumba tune!

Recent Posts by Nidhi Thakkar:

Tracking images on social media with Salesforce AI

There are various tools available on internet that help in analyzing social media mentions for brands on social media. But do you know that searching product related images such as logos and banners online is now possible with Salesforce’s artificial intelligence based platform - Einstein.
Topics: Salesforce CRM Salesforce Einstein Artificial Intelligence Social Studio

Social commerce in e-Commerce

Though internet has been around since 1990, the rise of technology has accelerated in recent times with the proliferation of mobile devices. This trend has given rise to the era of online shopping on social media which as a result has sprouted a different type of purchasing behavior known as social commerce.
Topics: e-commerce Social Commerce Participatory Commerce

Salesforce Einstein – Bringing the power of AI to CRM

Salesforce is one of the best Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms. Almost every business is leveraging Salesforce CRM technology to connect with their customers and improvise their business processes. This platform not only simplifies the customer interaction but also enables businesses to grow and succeed. Based on cloud technology, Salesforce CRM is cost effective with low maintenance and can be accessed from any location using any devices.
Topics: Salesforce Artifiical Intelligence Salesforce Einstein

Best Salesforce tips to simplify the life of enterprises

Salesforce, a renowned customer relationship management software offers numerous features and capabilities that help enterprises to develop customer relationship and build loyalty among them. It also enhances their sales and manage their customer contacts effectively.

Though Salesforce provides enterprises with lots of benefits, managing the platform can be complex at times. However, below are few tips to help enterprises in effectively managing their Salesforce software.
Topics: Salesforce Salesforce for enterprises

A look into Salesforce IoT cloud

Topics: IoT Salesforce Cloud IoT cloud

Key payment trends enabling the digital commerce industry


Importance of payment in digital commerce

Payment is the fundamental need for any online transaction. Payment entails the exchange of monetary information, funds and services between various parties. In the context of digital commerce, it forms an embedded agreement encompassing goods delivery and services including post-sales support and all liabilities and risks.

Topics: Digital Commerce Payment Trends

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