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Salesforce Einstein celebrates its first birthday with several new capabilities

Sneha Oct 06, 2017

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In the last blog, we read how Salesforce Einstein delivers AI across the Salesforce platform and is leading the way in applying AI to advanced analytics.  

Salesforce Einstein, Microsoft's artificial intelligence platform launched around a year back turns one. As it celebrates its first birthday, let's take a look at its first-year performance and at a couple of enhancements getting added as a birthday surprise. 

As I wrote in the last blog, Einstein is a set of artificial intelligence technologies that work across the entire Salesforce platform in an attempt to add a smart layer wherever possible.   

To mark its first birthday, the company has added three new capabilities. The first one is Einstein Forecasting - a tool that uses data mining and machine learning to analyze Salesforce CRM to make predictions about future sales performance and generate reports. This eliminates the need for separate set of forecasting tools or spreadsheets to generate information. 

The second one is opportunity scoring, a tool for sales management and sales pipeline. It takes advantage of data mining and machine learning to surface the biggest deals most likely to close in the pipeline. 

Finally, a new feature designed particularly for sales staff, which helps manage their inbox by prioritizing the most important emails - a smart email assistant, that uses natural language processing to find the emails that matter most. It also offers a best action or suggested response to give a head start on conquering email tasks reducing time spent on this task significantly.  

The approach of AI here is not to replace workers, but about enhancing the employee and making their lives easier and tasks efficient. Employees spend so much time in sales, marketing and customer service functions on administrative front. So, the goal here is to lessen the time spent and help them do it more efficiently in less time.  

Salesforce has added an intelligence layer with a goal of automating administrative tasks, such as prioritizing important emails, entering information automatically from different sources such as online or news that could have an impact on the sale. For customer service or marketing, it could be adding smarts that takes care of the tasks like locating pictures related to an event or subject. 

Whatever the task Salesforce Einstein tries to reduce the friction and put the tool to work for the user, rather than the reverse. At best, manual data entry would be reduced or eliminated, and the software would work for the employee and not otherwise.  

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