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Salesforce Einstein delivers AI across the Salesforce platform

Sneha Oct 06, 2017

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In the tech community, there’s constant talks about how dramatically AI is going to change not just businesses, but the very way we'll live in general. Think about all the data the Internet of Things will generate giving rise to opportunities born from that data that will enable us to make better predictive decisions once we run that data through AI and machine learning systems.  

All of this is very exciting. But the most effective AI should be functionally invisible. It should not just work intensely but quietly in the background, crunching data as it arrives to help you make better decisions.  

Leading the way in applying AI to advanced analytics, Salesforce's AI product vision comes with a similar approach- that of embedding AI in its products at all levels which provides a ready framework so any user can assess when they really have an opportunity to apply AI to any business problem.  

Salesforce Einstein is the artificial intelligence technology platform developed for the Salesforce Customer Success Platform. The goal of Salesforce Einstein is to give sales and marketing teams more comprehensive and up-to-date views of customers and sales prospects.  

How does it work and why it matters?  

By combining the latest advances in predictive analytics, natural language processing, machine learning, deep learning and smart data discovery, Salesforce Einstein is at the launch point of applying AI to advanced analytics and deliver AI for everyone.  

With a set of best-in-class platform services Salesforce Einstein brings advanced AI capabilities into the core of its CRM Platform, making Salesforce the world’s smartest CRM.  

However, all this may sound great for the average salesperson, but it doesn’t answer the question of how Einstein can help them get through the day. To fix that, here is a real-world example of what Einstein can do.  

Being a VP of operations or sales for a leading firm, you would have solved many cases of shrinking margins making your executive team come back asking you for more help. They need more information and insights about customer accounts to predict the profitability of a segment of customers to devise the strategy for account-based marketing. 

Now imagine you could dig into your database to find the best customers, a segment who are potentially more profitable so more marketing efforts can be allocated.  

This is what Salesforce Einstein does for you. This should give you a picture what Einstein can do to shorten your sales cycle, get you to close sales faster and eliminate any wasted efforts.  

The data to arrive at the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) metric is located in a few different places. Bring all this data into Einstein Discovery that results in actionable insights for you to make your go-to marketing plan. This is just one scenario. 

The end goal for Einstein is to disappear into the daily life of a sales team. It will be able to find the most appropriate data from internal database and the web, to direct the sales team to plan actions so they won’t have to waste their valuable time entering updates to the CRM.  

Instead, they will spend more time connecting with prospects, solving cases and strengthening their buyer networks so they can get to close sales in less time. Salesforce Einstein bright idea is to get AI to make it real.

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