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Role of Analytics in Martech

Nidhi Thakkar Mar 09, 2017

analytics Martech Marketing Technology

It is vital to get robust measurements of results or else analyzing and articulating business performance will be far out of reach. To measure these results, it is mandatory to have accurate data. If there are various marketing initiatives executing on different platforms then analyzed data from these platforms can help you to enhance your marketing strategies.

Analytics is not only limited to site performance, reports and metrics but it is beyond that. It is fine to know how the websites are performing. However, relying upon web analytics is not enough. Considering past few years, marketing analytics is one of the hottest buzzwords amongst marketers because of its advantages.

What is marketing analytics?

Marketing analytics is measuring the ROI of your marketing efforts by monitoring and studying metrics data. Analytics is also helpful in discovering opportunities that require improvement. It can be accomplished by gathering data from all marketing channels and measuring performances of the same.

Why it is important? 

You might have a lot on your plate. You are creating awareness campaigns, doing follow-ups and nurturing your leads. Besides, you are providing lot of leads to sales people, but is it practically enough? The answer is ‘No’. It is equally important to track performance of your campaigns. Let us have a look on how marketing analytics can help: 

  • Contemplate current market scenarios
  • Discover campaign performance
  • Envisage upcoming trends
  • Understand the ROI of on-going campaign
  • Anticipate the outcomes of campaigns

In addition, marketing analytics provides integrations across various marketing channels. It enables you to understand how prospects and leads are interacting with your campaigns along with various intelligent data. But whatever data you gather from analytics, it is essential to utilize it efficiently. Analytics is not just about sending emails to your superiors, instead it is about improvement. In conclusion, the key to successful marketing initiative is effective analytics.

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