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SharePoint solutions with integration of Big Data Analytics

Sneha Jan 10, 2018

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In the current technology landscape and evolution, SharePoint development and Big Data are getting merged with massive amount of data giving rise to more scalable and effective development of SharePoint solutions.
SharePoint application development for business

For businesses seeking solutions for SharePoint, there are many service providers to choose from - vendors that could meet different customer requirements.

To improve experience at every customer touch point, most departments and staff need to coordinate, share insights and communicate to imbibe long-term relationship with its customers. Adopting SharePoint within an enterprise therefore has been a common challenge for the IT department and this is where big data analytics plays a critical role.

Developing SharePoint solutions with Big Data Analytics

The staggering growth of data analytics is commonplace today. People and companies accumulate massive amount of data every moment. Nevertheless, collecting data is just the tip of the iceberg. Most software industry analysts fail to see how the growth of the platform and the SharePoint coding language mirrors data growth. For those who are living in SharePoint environment (like SharePoint experts) data explosion, data sink and content sprawl are familiar terms for typical deployments of the platform.

Soon, people would realize the importance of next generation analytics offering of SharePoint built on the big data platform.

This blog will give you enough insights on why this matter.

As statistics indicate, there are many companies that plan strategies according to data analytics which brings value and innovation to business. Studies done on various sectors therefore reveal how data analytics is here to stay. Gathering and analyzing data is not a new phenomenon. Take for instance, the example of pharmaceuticals where data concerns the health effects of prescription medicines and clinical trials that go with any particular medication that are listed. The future of companies depends on the way in which they would capture data, gather information regarding products, consumer choices, services and buyers. There is still a big chunk of information that is not digitalized yet. There isn’t a dearth in the demand for high-end data analysis and statistics, the need for digitizing data would only grow in the years to come. Yet, bridging the gap between profit margins and big data is both a hurdle and an opportunity. It takes a very keen eye and insight to identify key areas in data analytics and transform it into a profit-making idea. There is a huge percent of organizations still hoping to see data analytics as a game changer providing them with a competitive advantage within three years of implementation. There also is a significant number of organizations who believe that those that are not using Big Data and not integrating it into their SharePoint collaboration platform would risk losing their market share.

SharePoint development is just a single aspect through which data analytics provide an impact. Big data is significantly changing and contributing to stability and profit-making in organizations. There is no doubt that analyzing and interpreting data and gaining from its benefits would only help organizations gain much, in years to come.

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