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Why Salesforce is the best tool for driving customer engagement?

Nidhi Thakkar Jun 12, 2017

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How customer engagement has evolved?

With the emergence of digital ecosystems, both customer expectations and communication channels have drastically evolved. This advancement has transformed the way modern enterprises drive customer engagement which includes email, websites, social media marketing and beyond.
How enterprises can thrive in this dynamic environment?

To sustain in this ever-changing digital world, enterprises must make sure their workforce is collaborated and are able to perform internal and external communication flawlessly. To do this, enterprises can leverage Salesforce Customer Success platform that can provide all types of customer engagement solutions.

What is Salesforce Customer Success Platform?

It is a cloud-based CRM platform developed by Salesforce to facilitate the users with sales, marketing, collaboration, communication, business analytics and intelligence and much more. These features are available for both Salesforce and third party applications that are incorporated with Salesforce.

If you are planning to improve customer satisfaction with Salesforce Customer Success platform then here are few things you need to bear in mind.

  • Leveraging Salesforce in the digitization: With the advent of social media, customers tend to post thousands of messages on social media through tweets, pictures, videos, reviews and comments. These messages can be congregated in a common repository and be used to generate meaningful information, which is very difficult if it had to be done manually. These generated insights can help enterprises in targeting relevant customers. How do we generate these insights? With Salesforce Automation, it is a simple process to gather information and later utilize it for targeted and contextual interactions to understand the customer buying habits.
    Furthermore, with Salesforce Automation enterprises can accelerate their distribution process through various campaigns across multiple channels. These messages can be tracked in through campaign performance, mode of distribution and the individual recipient. This as a result provides a consolidated data on the campaign performance.
  • Posting relevant content to increase the conversion rate: Generating content is lot easier than determining which content is increasing the conversion rate on the site. Thus, taking help of the CRM systems can enable the enterprises in understanding which type of content is relevant and will work better on particular channels. If enterprises are able to decode it then it will be much simpler for them to decide which content will bring in more conversions and will engage their customers.
    With Salesforce CRM, the marketing and sales teams can analyze the content types, formats and even the channels where the content can be shared.
  • Lead conversion with Salesforce: With time, the number of leads and potential customer keep increasing as the business grows. For enterprises, managing those leads can be tiresome and thus the Automation platform can be valuable. The Marketing Automation platform when integrated with Salesforce can aid the marketers to manage the leads prior forwarding it to the Sales team. They can also access the lead scoring information to understand which lead is worth nurturing. The insights gathered from lead score, social signals, demographics etc. can be incorporated into Salesforce to decide what planned strategies are essential for nurturing the leads and the channels best-suited for customer engagement.
  • Driving customer engagement with relevant channels: Social media has totally transformed the customer engagement model. Today, customers can actively share all product, services and business feedback online. To provide an excellent customer experience, enterprises must take measures and improve their traditional methodologies. They must determine where customers are spending more time on social media, emails etc. In addition, they must develop a sincere interest in customers and their business goals which might help them in their purchase decision. With the Salesforce platform enterprises can handle all the interactions of customers and provide a resolution to their problems.
  • Customer engagement with digital devices: Today, everybody around the corner is leveraging smartphones to access the content on the go. This has forced enterprises to generate mobile-friendly content and websites for customer interaction. Here, Salesforce can help in generating powerful location-aware apps. With Salesforce, customers can receive attractive store offers, keep tab on upcoming events and can know their car parking location using a single app.
To sum up, customer engagement must be the top priority for enterprises. Also, having a right customer engagement strategy and communication channels to promote your business can help in building the brand value. So, have you started the integration with Salesforce platform?

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