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Role of Artificial Intelligence in Martech

Nidhi Thakkar Feb 22, 2017

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Years ago, artificial intelligence (AI) was just a notion meant to nurture and grow in future. But if we look at it now, artificial intelligence is leading the technological world. It is considered as the backbone of innovation and digital transformation. Truly, artificial intelligence is here to make our lives easier and productive.

Coming to marketing technology, artificial intelligence has also become a hot topic in the marketplace. Enterprises are experimenting marketing with multiple cutting edge technologies such as big data, machine learning, bots and of course artificial intelligence. No doubt, these technologies are revolutionizing marketing paradigm. There is no harm is saying, we are entering into a phase, where technology is helping brands to connect with their audience in a better manner.

Surely, marketers do add a lot of efforts in their brand promotions to fulfill the need for particular product or service which includes advertisements, creative contents and beyond. But, the coming wave of artificial intelligence is entirely transforming the way marketers promote their brand.

So what is the role of artificial intelligence in marketing?

Artificial intelligence comprises of multiple concepts in terms of marketing having various functions. It is a blend of machine learning technology with marketing automation to create optimized marketing campaigns, which as a result enriches data collections and analysis. Hence, artificial intelligence eases the campaign duration and content distribution.

With AI, a marketer can be assured that each of their customer from the database will receive exact and relevant information and so the chances of receiving a response are higher. AI decodes data science into prevailing execution which is excellent.

So do you want to figure which customer is looking for a discount and offer it to them instead of sending discount email to every customer? Looking to get a higher ROI on your email campaigns? All of this can be done by artificial intelligence automatically. With behavioral information and algorithms AI can figure out the best time to send an email to the customer without any hiccup.

Isn’t it great, AI doing everything and saving your time in fidgeting with thousands of customer profiles to find the customer who is engaging with your site for discount? Other things which can be leveraged with AI are predictive lead scoring, content recommendations and email acquisition.

Vital aspect to consider here is, technology development is not going to stop and those who fail to embrace it are always going to stay behind the line. However, for most of the enterprises, AI is still in the beta phase, but there are a lot of streamlined processes and workflows out there to benefit in customer interaction and satisfaction.

Welcome to the future of martech with artificial intelligence!

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