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Importance of building a digital marketplace on cloud

Nidhi Thakkar Feb 06, 2017

Cloud digital marketplace

Considering current economic status, technology is vital to run a successful business. With propagation of technology, nearly everyone in tech industry have recognized blessings of it. Cloud is leading the technology growth, acting as a foundation for others technology to build on. Enterprises are jumping on cloud bandwagon because of its agility, flexibility and innumerous benefits it offers for business and technology. 

As per industry experts, cloud has a long way to go. Big giants like Amazon, Microsoft, Salesforce and Google are also majorly concentrating on cloud services. With rise of cloud on to digital marketplace, small as well as large businesses are also being swayed by it. In earlier times, enterprises used to invest heavily in infrastructure and softwares to gain a competitive advantage. Today, cloud is simplifying life of enterprises by providing necessary tools for their advancement, by enabling them to save their capital investment for building a digital marketplace.

From selling perspective, enterprises were highly dependent on direct sales and mouth publicity for their business growth earlier. Utilizing cloud for building digital marketplace can be a great way to generate more revenue and build relationship with customers in current scenario. With limited resources, enterprises can maximize their bottom line by integrating cloud in their digital marketplace. All enterprises primarily seek rapid scalable solutions that are better for their ever-changing business requirements. If retail enterprise CIOs are planning on to move to cloud, they should seek for digital marketplaces integrated with cloud. Digital marketplace that are cloud enabled provides great user experience helping them engage users effectively. 

But tricky part here is, enterprises must figure out which type of marketplace is suitable as per their dynamic business needs and provides hassle-free migration. Still, approaching an experienced consultant or implementation partner is recommended who can provide assistance for figuring out variations, quality and compatibility between cloud marketplaces.

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