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Technology news around the world - Week 42, 2018

Tech digest e-Zest
10 trends will impact the future of Digital Commerce

Innovations in customer experience, business models and technology will transform digital commerce in the next few years. Read these 10 hot trends that will impact the future of digital commerce.

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Tech Stories Handpicked for you- Week 41, 2018

Tech digest week 41
Blockchain Hackathon

e-Zest is organizing a blockchain hackathon tomorrow. Here's their take on how to make the most of your event.

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News Organizations get cloud credit worth $100,000

With a wide range of tools, Cloud technology can be tailored to each news organization's unique needs.

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Tech stories handpicked for you- Week 39, 2018

e-Zest-Tech digest
e-Commerce and the race for voice search

Smart speakers are presenting new opportunities for voice search. Since the market is still fresh, this is the right time to strike with the nail. Those who act now, and venture into voice search will benefit most.

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Topics: Cloud Enterprise Mobility Blockchain eCommerce Big data

The 4 Keys Factors to Consider for E-Commerce Success

In the first blog of the three-part series, we looked into why a cloud-based architecture is an ideal choice for customer-centric businesses like e-commerce. In this blog, we shall delve deeper into the four key concerns of CXOs for achieving e-commerce success.

How can you accomplish your edge? How can you be the one company that offers your audience an excellent online e-commerce experience than your competitors? One way is to get the framework right. That’s where cloud steps in. You can’t ignore cloud if you want to rule the marketplace regardless of the type of business and industry you serve.
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Tech Stories Making the Rounds- Week 38, 2018

Tech digest e-Zest
Combining Blockchain with other technologies

The Blockchain can seemingly accomplish the impossible by providing solutions to long-standing cyber-security and efficiency issues. But it is best utilized when combined with other technologies and tools such as AI and IoT.

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Topics: Blockchain Digital Commerce Cloud Enterprise Mobility Big data

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