Tech stories handpicked for you - Week 13, 2017

Upcoming trends in personal cloud technology

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Role of digital commerce in enterprise digital transformation

Today, enterprises are experiencing huge competition and therefore, they must stop scrutinizing digital technologies and alter themselves into a digital business. They should now realize that it is high time to experiment with digital which might prevent business growth if not undertaken now.
Regardless of economic growth, digital continues to flourish and is opening new doors for digital commerce industry. To leverage benefits of this momentum, enterprises need to concentrate on how to transform their businesses to digital businesses. This change is vital because, digital is impacting every aspect of business and is driving development of enterprises by attracting rare skills and investments unlike the usual.

With dawn of internet and mobile, digital commerce is becoming widely accepted approach. Increasing customer demands are compelling enterprises to innovate their selling methods and provide a seamless buying experience. Digitization has dynamically substituted various communication channels with rise of social media platforms. Now, users prefer shopping on social media platforms such as Facebook instead of hopping to other sites. At the same time, enterprises are also leveraging these platforms to target large number of audiences in short span of time. If enterprises follow a right approach, it is extremely simple to go digital.

Digital commerce is a blessing in disguise to both enterprises as well as customers. Customers can get any item to their doorstep with a single click and enterprises can reach wide number of audiences without spending much on marketing and promotion. Earlier, the concept of digital commerce was only limited to a startup trying to set foot into the retail space. But now, online wallets, mobile wallets and QR codes have taken digital commerce to another level.

Digital commerce plays a key role in enterprise digital transformation. It holds the potential to bring in a techno-economic innovation by leveraging various business models. For enterprises, it can provide a platform to innovate business process and improve customer relationship.
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What Watson and Einstein can do together?

The most prominent leaders of the industry, IBM and Salesforce have collaborated together to encourage artificial intelligence platform. The ideology behind partnership is to provide access to IBM’s Watson information using Salesforce customer platform to blend Einstein’s customer relationship data with Watson. This includes information such as weather, healthcare, financial services and retail. The alliance of IBM Watson and Salesforce Einstein can enable organizations to strategize more specifically in terms of targeting customers.  

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SharePoint hybrid’s contribution towards digital transformation

Very few cloud service providers offer “hybrid “integration services; Office 365 and Azure are one of them. They are well-experienced and have expertise to offer hybrid integration with existing IT environment. This implies that organizations seeking hybrid integration services can get their integration done without intruding the current environment and infrastructure.

If enterprises plan to opt for hybrid environment, they can yield best benefits such as enormous productivity options from cloud, while still having complete access to existing on-premise business applications. Office 365 enables the enterprises to collaborate and operate using a hybrid model beyond the utilities of traditional network.

Furthermore, by utilizing SharePoint Online one can augment the existing SharePoint functionality with cloud capable services. From Azure perspective, deploying a hybrid model can help in swiftly reaching the market for business solutions as Azure provides rapid provisioning of core server platform functionality in order to back the solutions.

SharePoint hybrid is an augmented service topology which provides on-premise SharePoint and integrated Office 365 collaboration services such as SharePoint Online, Yammer and OneDrive for business. As Office 365 restricts custom application installation, enterprises can utilize Azure to host servers and custom applications, wherein Azure is available from IaaS and PaaS tier to host these particular applications.

Truly, SharePoint online proffers intuitive and real-time document collaboration within cloud, including SharePoint site hosting, record management, data interfacing from a distant source and user profile management. 

Pursuing the hybrid approach can be a quite new facet for few enterprises and hence they must proceed at their own pace. For enterprises that are experienced in cloud migration, a hybrid environment can provide a steady and controlled migration. Usually, enterprises consider the hybrid migration to fulfil the ever changing business dynamics and to manage the collaboration of workforce.
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Comparison of enterprise digital commerce platform

With the advent of internet, digital commerce is gaining a lot of momentum wherein everyday new ventures are emerging. This has eventually, enlarged the digital commerce market and created a global competitive environment. With competition on the rise, digital commerce enterprises are maneuvering and innovating their digital commerce platforms to fulfill their customer requirement.
Mobile devices have practically transformed our lives. They are used in nearly every aspect right from sending emails, messages or social media posting. With these increasing popularity of mobile, digital commerce enterprises are exclusively focusing on providing an excellent mobile shopping experience to customers. If your digital commerce enterprise is not mobilizing the shopping experience, you might want to rethink upon your strategy.

Social commerce is another emerging trend making waves. According to industry experts, enterprises who have incorporated social commerce paradigm with their platform are successful in gaining a new customer base from various social networks. Social commerce enables customers to shop directly using the chosen social media platform instead of separately buying from the website.
Hence it is evident that in coming days mobile and social commerce are going to drive the digital commerce industry.

This modern business is encouraging a lot of non-technical entrepreneurs to start with their own digital commerce platform. Below, I have provided comparison of 5 digital commerce platform that are going to stay for a while and are most effective in the coming year.

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Algorithmic Content Creation

Content creation has always been of the touchier subjects for organizations that are flexing up to enter into an endeavor of training themselves. What is the best approach to do it? Numerous papers, articles, thought-leadership-content and other attractive sounding content has been created on the art of creating content. The mild circularity of the statement aside, the arguments are far from being decisive. The age-group, cultural preferences, skill-levels, target purpose are various parameters that are weighed, rationed and endlessly debated about before not arriving to any concrete conclusion.

The best of Instruction Designers of course know how to tailor their courses well enough to optimally fit over the largest group that you would want to train. But even that best case scenario is tough to achieve. With the growth of skill mobility, you have all the aforementioned variables fluidly change within a single learning group. The result? For one training session on say, the HR policy of the organization, even if you restrict the participants to interaction designers only, you may still have multiple age-groups, radically different cultural preferences and different specialties. The result? If your training speaks about the life insurance perks but not the attractive restaurant coupons, the younger age-group may mysteriously fall sick for the next few sessions. It is in fact a headache to create content that fits well with everyone and achieves the elusive purpose of disseminating knowledge.

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Angular 4 is here!

By skipping the Angular 3 version, Google surprised everyone with the announcement of Angular 4, a latest advancement to mobile and desktop development JavaScript framework. This announcement evidenced, Google is more focused on improving the features of Angular rather than just increasing version numbers.

During the NG-BE 2016 Angular Conference held at Belgium, Igor Minar the Angular Team Lead at Google, already introduced Angular 4 version and demonstrated the schedule of future Angular version releases. At the conference he stated, Google will shift to Angular version 4 from the version 2, to associate the version 4 router with the upgrade.

Coming to what’s new in Angular 4, the most salient feature, it is slimmer and faster as compared to the previous versions. It is meant for the applications heavily dependent on animations where the core animation functions are transferred to a discrete package which can now be used separately. Considering this change, developers could easily look for the documentation and leverage the autocompletion.

In addition, the Ahead of Time (AoT) compilation is the major feature introduced in Angular 4 version. While in AoT mode, templates are compiled at runtime during the build and the JavaScript code is generated. AoT mode enables faster application to execution by generating extremely less amount of code, which as a result improves application performance irrespective of its size.
The entire framework is modified with TypeScript, a typed superset of JavaScript in which the Angular 4 version uses TypeScript 2.1. The new version of TypeScript offers amazing features to comply with the modern web ecosystem.

Also, a source map will be generated for the error cases within a template to facilitate relevant context considering the original template. Because of the downward compatibility, the Angular team disabled the TypeScripts strictNullchecks setting with the current release, as they need to work more on this particular feature.

Yes, by introducing the Angular 4 version, Google has taken a step towards the future. So have you already started planning your Angular 4 migration?
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Importance of implementing Key Account Management (KAM) practices in an organization

Key Account Management (KAM) is systematic process of engaging and managing specific group of existing customers. It assists to define, understand and achieve a set of goals which mutually benefits organization and customers. The KAM process helps in engaging customers and nullify competition with respect to the customer account, where the ultimate goal is maximizing the revenue.

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Technology stories you cannot miss – Week 12, 2017

What’s next for SaaS and smartphones? 

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Salesforce: How AI will impact the workforce?

With recent announcement of Einstein, Salesforce revealed, how artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies will mutually enhance the functionality of their CRM platform. For all Salesforce products, Einstein offers array of features which includes insights, predictions, recommendations and automation.

Through Einstein, Salesforce is trying to break the entire stereotype ideology of applying same solution to every problem. According to Salesforce, humans alone will not be able to drive the economic growth, instead artificial intelligence and machine learning will prove to be the equal contributors. With AI and machine learning, Salesforce is preparing to infiltrate Salesforce products more intensely into customers business to enhance human decision making process.

Salesforce asserts if Einstein is as good as Salesforce then it might simplify marketing and sales efforts. With the help of automation, Einstein might replace repetitive tasks of humans and help them to focus effectively on important tasks. This era will be called as cognitive era, where AI will transform every major industry. 

According to Salesforce experts, any task performed by a human can be now automated using artificial intelligence. However, it is not that Einstein will replace humans entirely, instead there are lot of tasks which can be performed together using human and AI abilities.

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What’s the buzz about SharePoint Virtual Summit?

Technology giant Microsoft recently announced SharePoint virtual summit to be held on 16 May 2017. This free online event is all geared up to discuss on how to incorporate SharePoint efficiently and leverage OneDrive and Office 365 for collaboration within the workplace.

At this online event, Jeff Teper, Corporate Vice President at Microsoft will reveal new features of SharePoint and forthcoming innovations. Furthermore, Jeff will be joined by James Phillips and Chuck Friedman to talk about the collaboration notion between Office 365, Windows and Azure to improvise enterprise efficiency. The leading customers from the industry will enlighten audiences by explaining how these cutting-edge technologies have helped them to contribute to the world of digitization.

SharePoint virtual summit is an excellent opportunity for businesses to learn how to leverage SharePoint benefits and create a secured and connected workplace.

To register for this event click here, because it is highly recommended!

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Generate On/Off flip switch button with CSS3

Presently, generating flip switch button (on off) using CSS is very novel concept amongst designers. Therefore in this blog, I am going to explain how to design On/Off flip switch custom button using CSS3 transitions.

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Why we acquired SmarterMe?


Previous week e-Zest proudly announced the acquisition of SmarterMe, a personal assistant driven by an intelligent mobile platform that enables sales professionals to work smarter. Since an acquisition, our friends from the industry spread across the world are curious to know the reason behind this move.

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Technology news from around the globe - Week 11 2017

Cloud Security is stronger than ever

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Future of e-commerce

While modern customer is increasingly expecting to have the right product or service with just a few clicks, online brands are jostling to reach these millions of consumers who are just a click away.

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Digital commerce for dummies

The sheer growth of internet has given rise to digital commerce. Its popularity has forced industries, starting from hospitality to financial services to adopt digital strategies to attract and engage customers. Absolutely, digital commerce has paved the way for new discoveries across ecommerce, mobile and social media platform for customers.  

Also, like any other paradigm, digital commerce is evolving. With digital commerce, enterprises are able to promote their brand and strengthen their position in marketplace. They are also able to provide efficient services to their customers considering economical aspect. Truly, digital commerce is replacing traditional shopping methods by providing entire new buying experience to customers.  

If you are planning to create an online shopping website and not sure from where to start, not to worry about it. This blog will help you with steps of how to successfully launch an online shopping site. However, businesses usually are skeptical where to start while launching an online shopping site.

Initially, you would need a domain name for your site. If you are selling online, the domain name will act as your internet address which should be appropriate according to what you are trying to sell. In other words, you must ensure your domain name must reflect the search terms your customers look in their browsers. If you want to get an idea about what your customers are searching, a good way to find out is Google Trends. Google Trends provides you different keywords and phrases your customers look or search for. A relevant domain can be provided to you by some of the good hosting company depending upon your requirement.  

Secondly, you will require an ecommerce platform where you can choose between SaaS platform (Software as a Service) and installable ecommerce platform by paying monthly or annually. SaaS is recommended as a better option as compared to other ecommerce platform at this juncture.  

The next step would include, selecting an appropriate template for your ecommerce site, technically known as frontend. This means you would need to design your website using relevant images, content and products. For doing this a technical assistance is essential which you can do it in-house or consult a third party provider.

Same rule applies to backend of the application. Once frontend ready, you must focus on integrating your website with the payment gateway and other aspects like shipping and taxation. For this process also, you can contact a third party consultant and seek help with all integrations required for your site.  

Finally, your site is ready to go live. Once your site is live, you can test the same by entering domain name into the browser.
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Recommended practices for SharePoint migration

SharePoint has been quite popular technology amongst enterprises because of its functionality and delights. SharePoint is used for document management, customer extranets, reporting and importantly as a collaboration tool. However, with so many benefits offered by SharePoint, enterprises seek to constantly upgrade SharePoint with newer versions and get benefited from the latest functionality.

Upgrading or migrating to latest SharePoint version requires excellent strategy and careful planning. Any migration executed without proper analysis might jeopardize the execution process resulting into poor application performance. There are multiple approaches through which migration can be performed. Thus, enterprises must not restrict themselves to a particular approach and be open towards experimenting with various approaches.

Topics: SharePoint Migration Best Practices for SharePoint

Digital commerce challenges for 2017

With evolution of technology and internet, a significant rise has been observed in digital commerce industry. Though technology and internet are best thing ever happened, digital commerce businesses fail to utilize its benefits for business growth. As the internet is encouraging growth of digital commerce, lot of alleged businesses are on the edge owing to the growing competition. Hence it is must that they should rethink upon their business strategy.  

Similarly, with advent of digital devices such as smartphones and tablets, everybody around the corner is preferring online shopping and are snubbing cart items at the same time. This type of customer behavior has incurred a huge loss to the business owners. There can be many explanations such as your site is non-responsive, extra shipping cost or lack of personal assistance.

As many marketers are coming online with their offerings, there are lot of digital commerce businesses who are amateurs or completely naïve. Here are few digital commerce challenges that these businesses can face in 2017. It is vital to assess below mentioned challenges because if they fail to readdress their strategies, there is a high risk of business failure. 

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Managing agile development through Salesforce

Enterprises usually seek innovation and flexibility while developing software projects. In addition, they continuously look for improving productivity of developers and engineers. However, to fulfil these requirements, enterprises are moving towards the adoption of agile methodology.  

To cope with changing technology trends, Salesforce swapped its development approach from waterfall to agile, having the same agenda of improving productivity of team. With agile, Salesforce was able to increase productivity by 38% and the development cycle duration was reduced comparatively.  

Thus to foster collaboration and increase efficiency, Salesforce connected tools to each other along with organization. Salesforce developed a fresh new tool built on to promote agile development and manage scrum, QA and testing using a single visual interface known as GUS (Grand Unified System).  

GUS known as Salesforce Agile Accelerator can help development teams to -

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Tech stories handpicked for you - Week 10, 2017


Watch out for cloud security at every step of SAP migration

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When should you plan to use new SharePoint Framework?

SharePoint Framework is the latest buzzword making waves in the technology sector. It is mainly known for its client-side development features providing easy integration with SharePoint data and its support for open source tools. It can also be used with modern web development technologies to build applications that are mobile-ready. In addition, SharePoint Framework is designed to support SharePoint on-premises and SharePoint online. 

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Role of Analytics in Martech

It is vital to get robust measurements of results or else analyzing and articulating business performance will be far out of reach. To measure these results, it is mandatory to have accurate data. If there are various marketing initiatives executing on different platforms then analyzed data from these platforms can help you to enhance your marketing strategies.

Analytics is not only limited to site performance, reports and metrics but it is beyond that. It is fine to know how the websites are performing. However, relying upon web analytics is not enough. Considering past few years, marketing analytics is one of the hottest buzzwords amongst marketers because of its advantages.

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Migration from Adobe Flex to HTML5

Adobe Flex/Flash is a sinking technology, and due to its technical limitations many Flex application owners are now moving towards HTML5. Now the question arises, how do we migrate an application built on Flex to HTML5 and what steps do we need to follow?

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Managing your learning objects for more effective e-Learning

Learning Objects (LOs) are units of e-Learning content that can stand on their own and deliver a certain portion of knowledge independently. LOs are intended to be granular and reusable. This granularity often allows you to play with a LO as if it is a brick in a bigger knowledge structure. Or perhaps, another way to understand them is to say that a LO is one dish in a huge buffet dinner. The one dish can also be eaten independently and would satisfy some hunger.

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Technology news from around the globe - Week 9 2017


Digitization, a prime consideration in cloud-first world

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Installation of SVN

Subversion is software which help developers to work together and to maintain complete work history. Developers can modify, add and delete files/folders from subversion. Developers can commit changes to repository which will create new revisions in repository reflecting modified changes.

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SEO Best Practices

Search engine optimization (SEO) is usually a bunch of rules followed by website owners to improve site rankings in search engines and also used to optimize the websites for search engines.
In today’s world everything is getting digital, where smartphones, tablets, laptops are vital for current generation. Shopping, banking, marketing, bookings are happening through a single click. Thus, everybody wants to be a part of this digital world which is making our life easier.

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e-Zest acquires SmarterMe - an intelligent personal assistant for sales people

e-Zest Solutions ( – Digital Transformation leader announces the acquisition of SmarterMe, a personal assistant for sales powered by an intelligent mobile platform that is enabling sales people at small businesses to Fortune 500 enterprises to work smarter.

SmarterMe is built grounds up keeping individual users in mind unlike most enterprise software, to improve their productivity by making personalized recommendation based on integration and analysis of email, calendar, customer relationship management systems (e.g., document storage systems (e.g. Box), social media (e.g. LinkedIn) and location date. Features such as one tap logging of calls into CRM, by knowing the full context, allow busy sales professional take back time to sell.

SmarterMe humanizes the enterprise workflow of the individual sales person by replicating a real life personal assistant into the flow of their work – through an intuitive mobile app – that not only increases the productivity of the individual sales representative but also helps enterprises get most out of their CRM and cloud investments.smarterme-pressrelease.jpg

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