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Technology stories you cannot miss – Week 12, 2017

Corporate Mar 24, 2017

Microsoft SharePoint Predictive analytics Big Data Enterprise Mobility Cloud Virtual Summit 2017

What’s next for SaaS and smartphones? 

We are on the verge of digitization where everybody around is rapidly embracing digital technologies and transforming the way work is performed. This transformation is profoundly influencing businesses and if they fail to comprehend its importance, they might stay behind the competition.

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IoT and predictive analysis to drive enterprise mobility 

In today’s modern world, agility and flexibility are important aspects for business growth and thus, businesses must adopt these methodology to revolutionize their working environment. Hence, to cope with modern world, businesses are looking to build comprehensive enterprise mobility solutions.  

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Ways to secure big data environment

According to industry experts, there will be an immense growth in big data and business analytics by 2020. With the expected growth, it would be highly essential to protect sensitive data simultaneously. Therefore, there are few things that are critical and must be considered as priority while managing big data.

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What’s the buzz about SharePoint Virtual Summit?

Technology giant Microsoft recently announced SharePoint virtual summit to be held on 16 May 2017. This free online event is all geared up to discuss on how to incorporate SharePoint efficiently and leverage OneDrive and Office 365 for collaboration within the workplace.

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