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Managing agile development through Salesforce

Mandar Thosar Mar 13, 2017

Agile Methodology Salesforce

Enterprises usually seek innovation and flexibility while developing software projects. In addition, they continuously look for improving productivity of developers and engineers. However, to fulfil these requirements, enterprises are moving towards the adoption of agile methodology.  

To cope with changing technology trends, Salesforce swapped its development approach from waterfall to agile, having the same agenda of improving productivity of team. With agile, Salesforce was able to increase productivity by 38% and the development cycle duration was reduced comparatively.  

Thus to foster collaboration and increase efficiency, Salesforce connected tools to each other along with organization. Salesforce developed a fresh new tool built on Force.com to promote agile development and manage scrum, QA and testing using a single visual interface known as GUS (Grand Unified System).  

GUS known as Salesforce Agile Accelerator can help development teams to -

  • Track all requirements of business, measure project progress and make sure the project is delivered within deadline.
  • It has a set of drag and drop tools to manage backlogs sprints and user stories.
  • It allows the team to collaborate with other departmental teams using Chatter where business needs are directly proportional to development efforts.

Salesforce Agile Accelerator enables the users and developers to collaborate depending upon the requirement, share latest whereabouts with other departments and provides them access to release the project delivery schedule without any geographical constraint. The information hosted on Salesforce Agile Accelerator is secured and is automatically integrated with other Salesforce apps such as Sales Cloud and Service Cloud. This is possible because, Salesforce Agile Accelerator runs on Salesforce 1 Mobile App, which can be used to update work information from any location using any device within the Salesforce paradigm.

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