What’s new in JMeter 2.13?

Apache Software Foundation has released a new version of JMeter ‘Version 2.13’.

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Tech Stories You Should Read - Week 13, 2015

New Azure Backup and Recovery Services launched by Microsoft

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Connected Cars: The Future of Automobile?

It is an exciting time for the automobile industry. While the industry had been relatively passive for a long time, the industry is seeing a lot of digital transformation from companies such as Google and Tesla with driverless cars. While that may be an experiment for the distant future, more near-term opportunities are being created by Internet of Things (IoT) powered connected cars.

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Why Joomla! is my Favourite CMS?

My passion for Joomla! drove me towards the first blog about this technology. There are tons of material available on technical topics online and I wanted to contribute something meaningful. In the current dynamic business ecosystem, as a PHP developer I have had opportunities to work with many CMS and frameworks. Then I thought, in all these years, which has been my most preferred CMS? And the answer was – Joomla!

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How Pareto chart helps in continuous process improvement?

The Pareto chart is a test reporting tool. The Pareto chart graphically shows where significant problems and causes are in a process. Pareto Chart is one of the most effective tools for management and can use to identify steps needed for setting priorities. This way, the management can find out the severity and causes of the problems and can prioritize tasks, risks, activities and causes.

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Risk Management – A proactive approach in Project/Process Management

Risk Management is going to be a mandatory requirement for all ISO standards. Until now, risk management was a requirement of CMMI Level III and above, and ISO 27001. In ISO 9001:2008, risk management is not a standard requirement. But with the upcoming edition of ISO 9001 in the year 2015, risk-based thinking will be an approach of the standard. This is a more proactive approach. The organization and its functions have to act proactively and identify risks and issues in all their projects/processes.

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D!Conomy: The coming future

“By the end of the decade, everyone will be connected.”
- Eric Schmidt

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A memorable CeBIT 2015 for e-Zest

It was a great five days for e-Zest at CeBIT 2015 held at Hannover, Germany from March 16-20. Making its presence felt for the eighth time in the largest IT trade show on the planet, e-Zest focused on digital transformation offerings for businesses.

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Technology News Roundup - Week 12, 2015

Cloud Computing Forecasts for 2015

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Internet of Things gets the eyeballs at CeBIT 2015

While Edward Snowden’s talk yesterday might have been the top headline for CeBIT 2015 participants, Internet of Things (IoT) has garnered the most amount of interest. Computing and communication between connected devices are conjuring up some real interesting use cases at CeBIT 2015.

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CeBIT Day 3: Of Snowden, Cloud and Big Data

Today, the big buzz was all about Edward Snowden’s live remote interview. The world’s most famous whistleblower’s work had led to a worldwide debate on privacy and put a spotlight on government intelligence sleuths. Snowden’s interview at an IT trade show is a little surprising, nevertheless we will take it.

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Two words underline CeBIT 2015: Digital Transformation

It would not be wrong to say that CeBIT 2015 is an important chapter in the evolution of digital transformation. While earlier no one was really sure of what digital transformation entails, CeBIT 2015 has managed to clear the air on this trend.

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Innovation: The Invention Phase

“An idea can change the world”

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Enterprise Mobility a key talking point at CeBIT 2015, Day 1

Businesses understand the important role enterprise mobility plays in the digital transformation mix. At the first day of CeBIT 2015 in Germany, one of the largest IT trade shows, a key focus area was enterprise mobility.

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Tech stories you must read in Week 11, 2015

Google vs AWS cloud war just got more interesting

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Grey Areas in IoT

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)? It is a scenario where objects, persons or even animals are provided with a unique id which helps them transmit data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interactions. In the IoT ecosystem, any man-made object or humans can be assigned an IP address with an ability to transfer data over the network. IPv6’s huge increase in address space has been the foundation stone for the development of IoT.

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e-Zest will showcase its Big Data prowess at CeBIT Hannover 2015

e-Zest, a globat IT services company specialized in bringing digital transformation with new-age technologies, is going to present its Big Data capabilities at CeBIT 2015 happening at Hannover, Germany during 16th to 20th March.

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Enabling Digital Transformation through process excellence

By digitizing operations and standardizing processes globally, organizations can become more responsive to changes in the marketplace and agile.

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ResearchKit will Digitally Transform Medical research

Apple’s March 9 ‘Spring Forward’ event has excited the fans with Apple Watch and the beautiful new slim MacBook announcement. But the most important announcement of the day had to be about the ResearchKit – a tool which will lead the digital transformation of the healthcare research industry.

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Celebrating Women’s Day 2015 with Zest

e-Zest recognizes the importance of the International Women’s Day. It’s a way to celebrate women's social, economic and political achievements while stressing on the need for greater equality. e-Zest celebrated the Women’s Day as part of its constant endeavour towards a diverse workforce.

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Tech Stories making the rounds in Week 10, 2015

Cloud Computing ideal for startups

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Colors of Life at e-Zest

It’s raining colors at e-Zest. The festival of Holi saw different colors of e-Zest team members, quite literally this time! The celebrations began as early as yesterday evening as team members brought out different shades of gulaal (coloured powder used in Holi) and smeared it liberally upon each other. Work and fun continued today morning with e-Zestians celebrating Holi in full fervour.

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e-Zest will exhibit its Enterprise Mobility competency at CeBIT 2015

e-Zest, a global digital innovation partner company , will showcase its enterprise mobility capabilities at CeBIT 2015. CeBIT is the world’s biggest Business IT and ICT event and will be held from March 16-20, 2015 at Hannover, Germany.

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The Benefits of using ViewerJS

In our projects, one of the ad-hoc requirements that come in quite often is to display PDF files on a website. This sounds pretty easy in today’s web world with built-in PDF viewers in browsers with features such as ‘Zoom’, ‘Save’ and ‘Print’ which helps users save a file present on the server to his client side machine. From a developer perspective, it works well since HTML 5 tags allow us to open the PDF file directly on the browser (or even a small part in the browser).

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How to install S3cmd and command to use s3cmd

s3cmd is a command line utility used for creating s3 buckets, uploading, retrieving and managing data to Amazon s3 storage. Let’s see how to use install s3cmd and manage s3 buckets via command line in easy steps.

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e-Zest exhibiting cutting-edge cloud solutions in CeBIT 2015

e-Zest, a global digital innovation partner company, will be showcasing its cloud computing competency at CeBIT 2015, which is being held at Hannover Germany during 16th to 20th March. e-Zest cloud services and solutions are aimed at bringing much required robust and scalable foundation for digital transformation initiatives within organizations.

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EHRs quickly becoming Indispensable in Medicine

EHRs (Electronic Health Records) were introduced to reduce the paper work of physicians and nurses and help them to concentrate more on their practice. But EHRs really saving time of doctors? More importantly, how many physicians are really using EHR?

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Why you should use Sitecore CMS?

Content management system (CMS) is one of the most important and popular systems in the web world. CMS provides the facility of adding, editing, deleting, organizing and publishing content from a central interface. While these are traditional features, the new CMS’ boast of more features such SEO, e-commerce, social forums, document management, media management and the likes on various devices.

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A Fun Day at Garudmachi

The last day of February turned out to be a memorable one for e-Zestians as they descended to Garudmachi - High Places located about 75 kms away from Pune. The place, thanks to its awesome weather, lush green forests and fresh air, offered e-Zest team members an opportunity to unwind and spend some time away from their workstations.

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