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Technology News Roundup - Week 12, 2015

Corporate Mar 21, 2015

Cloud Computing Forecasts for 2015 Use of Animation in developing Mobile Applications Big Data in the automobile sector cloud computing Technology Enterprise Mobility Enterprise Collaboration

Cloud Computing Forecasts for 2015

A study has revealed that Global SaaS revenues will touch $106B in 2016, an increase of over 21% over current spending levels. A Goldman Sachs study has stated that spending towards cloud infrastructure and platforms will grow at a 30$ CAGR till 2018. All the studies agree on one comon point - Cloud adoption is accelerating across businesses globally.

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Big Data in the automobile sector

Big Data could trigger a widespread digital transformation across the automobile industry. Till now, customer data and feedback was the domain of dealers and importers. In the future, automobile companies can directly have access to customer and vehicle data. This would lead to highly optimized products and better customer service experience. Big Data would help companies target customers individually.

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Smart use of Animation in developing Mobile Applications

Everyone knows how different objects work in real life. If software applications worked in a similar fashion, it would enable users to understand the application better. Confidentiality, integrity and availability (CIA) approach should always be kept in mind while designing any application. The other important factors are simplicity, responsiveness and attractiveness. Out of the millions applications available on App stores only few applications became successful.

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Social Collaboration within Enterprises

Social Collaboration is disrupting communication within organizations. A growing number of firms now want to be identified as 'Enterprise 2.0' and are using tools such as Wikis, blogs and internal social networks to encourage information sharing. However, very few are tapping the full potential of collaboration. That's because companies are facing more emphasis on technology and tools and not enough on internal marketing. They need to see these technologies not as a tool but as mindset.

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