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What’s new in JMeter 2.13?

Kishore Bhamare Mar 31, 2015

Testing Technology

Apache Software Foundation has released a new version of JMeter ‘Version 2.13’.

Apache JMeter

Let’s take a quick look at some of the new features introduced in the newest version of JMeter:


  • Backend Listener: New Async BackendListener with Graphite implementation’ has been added. This will allow sending result data to a backend listener.
  • View results in Table and Tree: A new metric called ‘Connect Time’ has been added.
  • Aggregate Graph and Report: The listeners Aggregate Graph and Aggregate Report previously showed only the 90 percentile (historical behavior). Now, 95 percentile and 99 percentile have been added which are customizable.


  • HTTP Request: The CalDAV verbs (Calendar extensions to WebDAV) REPORT and MKCALENDAR have been added in the HTTP Request sampler.
  • JDBC Request: The Result Set can be got as an object. This allows to handle the results more easily after BeanShell, JSR223 scripts.


  • HTTP(S) Test Script Recorder: If your Test Plan does not contain a Recording Controller, a new warning message will appear if the HTTP(S) Test Script Recorder is configured to send the samples into a Recording Controller.
  • Distributed Testing: To allow better usage of Distributed Testing in the cloud, retry behavior has been added when starting test on servers.
  • Distributed Testing performance: Since JMeter 2.13, Stripping modes (StrippingBatch being the default mode) now also strip responses from SubResults improving consumed network bandwidth.

New documentation is added for:

  • Building a Webservice Test Plan
  • Help! My boss wants me to load test our application!
  • Best Practices

Last but not the least, there are some improvements along with fixing of earlier issues.

Nowadays, many clients want an open source tool and they are ready to spend on resources more than paid tools. For those of you who are into performance testing, JMeter is a great tool. And the newer JMeter 2.13 will only improve the experience.

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