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ResearchKit will Digitally Transform Medical research

Corporate Mar 10, 2015

Healthcare Technology

Apple’s March 9 ‘Spring Forward’ event has excited the fans with Apple Watch and the beautiful new slim MacBook announcement. But the most important announcement of the day had to be about the ResearchKit – a tool which will lead the digital transformation of the healthcare research industry.

DigitalTransformation in healthcare

Slated to be released next month, it can be aptly defined as a software framework which will allow healthcare practitioners to get medical data directly from iPhone users. The technology major claims that it will help contribute to medical research for diseases such as Parkinson’s, diabetes and asthma.

The company has developed ResearchKit after applying its learnings from HealthKit. Doctors can collect data from specially designed apps every second in real-time. Apple hopes that the findings will help the healthcare companies discover new treatments and revolutionize modern medicine.

Privacy will be an important aspect in this area. Apple has tackled this by giving users control of the data they wish to share. Apple will never see all of this data.

If it becomes a hit, the company would have found a great new way to increase the sales of their iPhones and Apple Watch devices. The first set of apps will track data for conditions such as asthma, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, breast cancer and cardiovascular ailments.

ResearchKit will be available as an open-source project.

Check out this video to know more about ResearchKit:

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