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Why Salesforce is considered as best CRM by the businesses?

Nidhi Thakkar Jan 05, 2017

Customer Relationship Management SaaS Salesforce CRM

Are you in some sort of business and you have to interact and connect with lots of people? Is it true, a lot of bustle is happening around you? You work hard to convert your prospects into customers and later provide support, right? Carrying out above mentioned activities can be difficult, if you do not have an appropriate system to track and manage all those customer interactions.

Earlier, businesses used to maintain and track all the customer information into journals and ledgers, which later on was maintained in software systems, after computers were introduced. With continuous evolution and innovation, CRM systems came into picture. So what exactly is a CRM? CRM (Customer relationship management) is a type of software which combines customer information and other related documents into a single software system wherein businesses can have immediate access to it. In other words, CRM is used to mainly track the emails, calls, or any other sales related information for respective customers.

After many years, a new CRM was introduced based on cloud computing technology known as Salesforce. This CRM was launched in order to eradicate the need of investing into complex on-premise servers and other heavy software programs. Salesforce was based on the idea of SaaS (Software as a Service) where everything is hosted on a common server and is accessed securely using the web browser.

Previously, hosting data on the cloud server was not considered as a positive idea. Businesses were skeptical about the security of data. Now however, Salesforce is considered as one of the best CRM in the world. Salesforce is just not limited to CRM instead; it is a marketing service, provides integration with different applications along with business analytics in a consolidated cloud application. 

Here are some detailed reasons why businesses consider Salesforce as a CRM –

  • Improved data management and quality – Data management is considered as an important entity of CRM. Salesforce is designed in such a way that it easily manages this crucial service by providing businesses simple and accessible options to enter the customer data and manage them thoroughly.
  • Easy customer support and service – Salesforce provides an easy and viable option to businesses for improving their customer service and support options. It offers a seamless application which has an improved efficiency with effective automation techniques in order to refine the customer interactions.
  • New customer acquisition – If the business is looking to grow, then it is vital for them to increase their customer base. With Salesforce it is truly possible. Salesforce enables businesses to generate reports and gather data about their existing customers which can in return help them to strategize their marketing and sales strategy in order to attract more customers.
  • Mobility to business - As Salesforce is a cloud based CRM software, it integrates with various kind of applications and runs on any browser and can be accessed on mobile devices through an app. Furthermore, Salesforce is an easy to use application which can be accessed from anywhere. This mobility can save lot of time and energy and as a result it can improve the productivity of the staff.

Irrespective of the industry, businesses are already leveraging or planning on to leverage the benefits of Salesforce. Hope the above explanation was enough for you to convince, why Salesforce is such an important tool for the business who are aspiring to climb the success ladder.

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