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Tech Digest – Week 08, 2013

Corporate Feb 22, 2013

business intelligence analytics Enterprise Resource Planning IaaS Customer Relationship Management Collaboration Infrastructure-as-a-Service cloud computing mobile apps Technology Application Programming Interface

Gartner predicts infrastructure services will accelerate Cloud Computing growth

There is an increment in the level of spending on services related to infrastructure including IaaS (Infrastructure as a service) because of cloud computing gaining greater acceptance across enterprises. The priority of enterprises is how to get cloud platforms incorporated with legacy systems to make use of the years of data they have accumulated. From legacy Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, integrating legacy systems of record to cloud-based platforms will accelerate through 2016.

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Business intelligence software growing as CIOs continue to see benefits

As per the research of Gartner, the software revenue from worldwide business intelligence (BI) would reach $13.8 billion in 2013, 7% up on 2012. Another noteworthy point was that BI and analytics have become the fourth largest application software segment as BI is being prioritized by CIOs to help them make decisions.

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Mobile App API as a future ranking factor in mobile search results

An article stated that Google will be moving Application Programming Interface (API) instead of mobile websites in the future. APIs permit software, both websites and mobile apps to provide integration based on functions allowed by the API. Websites and mobile apps use APIs predominantly to share content including photos and videos from one site to another.

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All together now: cloud collaboration, social and docs

In today’s new enterprise application scenario, collaboration is the business activity which is most transformed by cloud. The outcomes has revolutionized to a greater extent than those by previous technology based advancements in global teamwork, such as the telephone, air travel and satellite communications. The web is the first medium that provides a unified platform for every form of collaboration, whether real-time or asynchronous, by voice, video, document sharing, messaging and so on, and letting people select the best combination of channels for the task in hand.

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