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Tracking images on social media with Salesforce AI

There are various tools available on internet that help in analyzing social media mentions for brands on social media. But do you know that searching product related images such as logos and banners online is now possible with Salesforce’s artificial intelligence based platform - Einstein.
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Points to remember by businesses while implementing Salesforce

Salesforce is for every business. Whether you are selling clothes, cars or pizza, Salesforce is required by every segment of the workforce. Over the years, Salesforce has managed to influence both businesses and technology groups because Salesforce has accomplished something which no company was able to achieve during the commencement of cloud computing.

Businesses love the idea of Salesforce, as it’s a powerful ecosystem having best CRM features. Salesforce provides a great control over the application, processes and data. It is also an excellent reporting and analytics tool that accelerates project implementation and help businesses to track project whereabouts. For administrators, Salesforce is a blessing, as it allows them to develop full-fledged applications without any technical experience.

Developers and technology enthusiasts like Salesforce as it provides a bunch of outstanding functionalities important for any enterprise application. Salesforce offers excellent ability for security, emails, authentication and collaboration.

Implementing Salesforce can help businesses to sell in a better manner. While implementing, stakeholders must be aware of technicalities and must make sure that the implementation is executed strategically.
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Why Salesforce is considered as best CRM by the businesses?

Are you in some sort of business and you have to interact and connect with lots of people? Is it true, a lot of bustle is happening around you? You work hard to convert your prospects into customers and later provide support, right? Carrying out above mentioned activities can be difficult, if you do not have an appropriate system to track and manage all those customer interactions.

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