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Tech stories handpicked for you- Week 37, 2018

Corporate Sep 14, 2018

BYOD Big Data trends Cloud Computing in Education cyber security Blockchain Digital commerce strategies Cloud Computing

Deploying Blockchain

According to Gartner 82% of use cases for blockchain were in the financial industry in 2017, but 2018 has seen a broadening out of use cases, with only 46% related to financial services. Other big verticals where blockchain experimentation is going on include transportation, retail, utilities, manufacturing, insurance, healthcare, and government.

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The boost in e-Commerce packaging industry

The increasing online shopping, particularly in emerging regional markets, and availability of various products have boosted the overall e-commerce market, which, in turn, has pushed the demand for retail e-commerce packaging.

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The Cloud and Education

The education sphere has begun to move more quickly toward the cloud, drawn in by promises of expanded teaching capabilities and more affordable, streamlined network management. Higher education particularly can expect great benefits if they adopt the cloud.

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Be Cyber-secure
Most enterprises today are concerned about the vulnerabilities of their cybersecurity plan and are constantly making efforts to mitigate threats as far as possible especially since companies cannot entirely control the devices their employees use or bring to work.

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Fine-tuning your Big Data storage strategy
Taking a commodity approach to storage doesn't address the key storage issues that come with big data. With unstructured big data now comprising 80% of corporate data, and with data overall continuing to double worldwide every two years, it becomes a challenge to store and manage all of this data.

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