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Tech Stories Handpicked for you- Week 40, 2018

e-Zest tech digest

Blockchain Hackathon in Pune

e-Zest in association with Fresco Capital is organizing an all-Blockchain 24-hours hackathon in Pune on October 13th.  Here's why you should attend.

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Tech stories handpicked for you- Week 37, 2018

Tech digest week 37
Deploying Blockchain

According to Gartner 82% of use cases for blockchain were in the financial industry in 2017, but 2018 has seen a broadening out of use cases, with only 46% related to financial services. Other big verticals where blockchain experimentation is going on include transportation, retail, utilities, manufacturing, insurance, healthcare, and government.

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The boost in e-Commerce packaging industry

The increasing online shopping, particularly in emerging regional markets, and availability of various products have boosted the overall e-commerce market, which, in turn, has pushed the demand for retail e-commerce packaging.

Topics: Blockchain Big Data trends BYOD cyber security Digital commerce strategies Cloud Computing Cloud Computing in Education

Tech Stories Handpicked for you- Week 12, 2018

Technology e-Zest

Making hybrid work for your enterprise

With continuous addition of virtualization, visibility, analytics, automation and agility, with required quality per tenant, service or application workload type we should be able to interconnect as many enterprise businesses and CSPs as possible. The article makes it clear that the hybrid IT cloud strategy is here to stay, noting that enterprises that include public CSPs as well as private clouds for their own mission-critical workloads, will gain the highest benefits.

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Topics: Cloud Computing Cloud Enterprise Mobility Big data Enterprise Collaboration

Technology stories that are worth - Week 46, 2017

tech digest  week 46.jpg

Cloud computing predictions for 2018 

Topics: Cloud Computing Industry Cloud Computing Enterprise Mobility BI and Big Data Enterprise Collaboration

Technology stories that are worth - Week 45, 2017

tech digest  week 45.jpg

Salesforce plans to use Google cloud for its core services  

Topics: Cloud Computing Enterprise Mobility BI and Big Data Enterprise Collaboration

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