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Technology news around the world - Week 09, 2019

Corporate Mar 08, 2019

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Demystifying the multi-cloud strategy: The key steps organizations need to take today

The cloud industry is moving at lightning speed, with enterprise adoption of multi-cloud becoming increasingly mainstream due to the need for faster digital transformation. Gartner predicts that 90% of organisations will adopt hybrid infrastructure management capabilities by 2020.

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MWC 2019 recap: Innovations in the enterprise

MWC 2019 has wrapped up in Barcelona. Here is a summary of what happened during the largest mobile expo of the year.

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Automakers take the onramp to machine learning strategies

Automaker experiments with vehicle tech offer established businesses lessons for managing machine learning and DevOps influences on products and operations.

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New SharePoint CSOM version released for SharePoint Online – February 2019

We are happy to announce the availability of new SharePoint Client-Side Object Model (CSOM) version targeted for the Office 365 or more specifically for SharePoint and Project Online. This was a really small maintenance release with minimal updates on the CSOM API surface.

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Beyond the basics: How specialty retailers can stand out in the omnichannel age?

Specialty retailers must emphasize what sets apart their products and brands. By having their online and mobile assets work in concert with their stores, they can enhance their unique experiences and build customer loyalty. Here are four ways to do that.

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The world around us has changed significantly in the last two years and is now more connected and digital than ever before. These ...

By Corporate Feb 17, 2022

We are excited to announce that e-Zest has been featured as an 'Emerging & Expansive' player in the ER&D Service Ratings 2021 and ...

By Corporate Nov 23, 2021

Earlier this year, e-Zest hosted a webinar on 'Improving Organizational Productivity via AI-driven Collaborative Process ...

By Corporate May 20, 2021

The road to startup success has always been a tough one, and many will tell you the risks involved in taking a new idea to ...

By Corporate Jan 07, 2021

We are extremely excited! e-Zest has been featured as an 'Emerging and Expansive' player in the ER&D overall segment, while also ...

By Corporate Nov 26, 2020

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