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Technology news around the world - Week 14, 2019

Corporate Apr 12, 2019

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Global e-commerce sales grow 18% in 2018

Global e-commerce grew at a faster clip last year - 18.0% - than online sales in the more saturated US market, which Internet Retailer expects to increase 15.3% from 2017. Consumers worldwide purchased $2.86 trillion on the web in 2018, up from $2.43 trillion the previous year, according to our early projections.

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How cloud computing will transform 2019?

Cloud computing has grown enormously over the past decade. After powering the growth and success of the small and medium enterprise, it is giving them the tools and technologies that are needed to compete head-on with the giants. Cloud is now a must-have technology for every enterprise, and it is no longer considered as a place to get some low-cost servers or storage. 2019 promises to be even bigger for cloud technologies.

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Common missteps on the path to enterprise mobility

In virtually every industry, mobility is helping organizations achieve key strategic goals. Yet, even as more organizations embrace and priorities a mobility strategy, many are falling short of their desired outcomes and goals. Learn about common missteps to avoid them.

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AWS launches Neo-AI, an open-source tool for tuning ML models

Amazon’s cloud computing unit today announced the launch of Neo-AI, a new open-source project. The new tool takes some of the technologies that the company developed and used for its SageMaker Neo machine learning service and brings them to the open-source ecosystem.

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2019 is the year to make the shift to a modern desktop

At the outset of 2019, we all have personal goals, but most of us also have professional goals for the year ahead. For those of us in IT, this is a time to think about how you deliver the modern, empowering workplace for your business in a cloud-connected world.

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