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Technology news around the world - Week 15, 2019

Corporate Apr 19, 2019

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Why contextual commerce is retail's future now?

Contextual commerce involves the use of messenger bots driven by artificial intelligence to interact with consumers, either on a website or through a voice-activated device. While consumers are not buying in large numbers through these bots, they are getting questions answered and giving high marks to this way of obtaining information.

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Your move to the cloud should be a walk, not a run

Infrastructure teams face new challenges everyday to move faster and to speed delivery of infrastructure to developers and end users. The cloud can be a valuable tool to help IT support business innovation, but only if IT leaders set a careful strategy for cloud deployments and invest in the tools to help them effectively manage these services.

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7 Enterprise mobile security best practices

Enterprises progressively accept smartphones to boost employee productivity. Using personal devices and smartphones to connect to enterprise networks is huge security risk. Hackers might simply breach these devices and extract precious enterprise information. Here are seven mobile data security tips that each enterprise ought to follow.

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Big data analytics in the banking sector

Banking and the Financial Services Industry is a domain where the volume of data generated and handled is enormous. The BFSI industry will obtain a better grasp of its needs if it is aligned with the latest technologies like big data and the other global trends both internally into their operations and with customers. This will help the BFSI industry to provide improved services in a timely manner with optimized operational costs.

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