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Technology news around the world - Week 10, 2019

Corporate Mar 15, 2019

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Cloud computing: Why Microsoft's open source data plan is a big step forward

Microsoft's RTL contributions move the Open Compute Project from servers and racks to covering entire systems.

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Managing application development to unlock its full potential

The report investigates best practices in application development, drawing on the real-life experiences of those managing the process, and the importance of close alignment between development teams, the C-suite and the wider business.

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How stream processing and data analytics can bring smart city projects to life?

There is a significant buzz around smart cities and some exciting technology projects coming to fruition as more and more governments take serious steps towards modernizing their infrastructure to cope with increased population in megacities around the world.

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News improvements coming soon to SharePoint online

Enhancements coming to SharePoint Online users this month will add greater control over how News articles appear in SharePoint sites.

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A new opportunity for governments to remove barriers to global ecommerce

76 countries have agreed to negotiate new rules governing global ecommerce, creating an opportunity for governments to eliminate barriers that impede cross-border online shopping. Here are some key areas that should be addressed.

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The world around us has changed significantly in the last two years and is now more connected and digital than ever before. These ...

By Corporate Feb 17, 2022

We are excited to announce that e-Zest has been featured as an 'Emerging & Expansive' player in the ER&D Service Ratings 2021 and ...

By Corporate Nov 23, 2021

Earlier this year, e-Zest hosted a webinar on 'Improving Organizational Productivity via AI-driven Collaborative Process ...

By Corporate May 20, 2021

The road to startup success has always been a tough one, and many will tell you the risks involved in taking a new idea to ...

By Corporate Jan 07, 2021

We are extremely excited! e-Zest has been featured as an 'Emerging and Expansive' player in the ER&D overall segment, while also ...

By Corporate Nov 26, 2020

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